Sedona Hiking & Yoga

      Sedona, AZ 86336, USA

      Walker Wellness Retreats
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      33 reviews
      Duration: 5 days
      Group size: 8 - 12
      Sedona Hiking & Yoga
      Sedona, AZ 86336, USA

      Walker Wellness Retreats
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      33 reviews

      Duration: 5 days
      Group size: 8 - 12

      About this trip

      Join Walker Wellness Retreats as we host an incredible four-night/five-day hiking and yoga retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona! 

      **Discover Sedona's Splendor:**

      Embark on a journey to one of America's most beautiful places, where the breathtaking landscape is a masterpiece of nature. Sedona's charm is unparalleled, and this retreat is your ticket to experiencing its awe-inspiring beauty.

      **Perfect Timing:**

      Spring is the ideal time to explore Sedona. Immerse yourself in the beauty of spring, with blue sunny skies and temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to 80s. Nature's canvas comes alive this season, providing the perfect backdrop for your adventure.

      **Holistic Wellness Experience:**

      You can expand your understanding of self-care during this luxurious yoga and hiking retreat. Each day is a canvas for self-discovery, featuring invigorating yoga sessions, delectable meals, curated excursions listed on the itinerary, and accommodations for four nights/five days. 

      **Trailblazing Adventures:**

      Embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure through self-guided daily hiking opportunities. Traverse scenic trails that lead to awe-inspiring vistas, and let the serenity of nature be your guide. Connect with fellow retreat-goers, forming bonds that will last a lifetime.

      **All-Inclusive Bliss:**

      This all-inclusive retreat is designed to provide you with everything you need for a transformative experience. Every detail is crafted to ensure your well-being, from daily yoga sessions to mouthwatering meals.

      Take advantage of this opportunity to recharge in the heart of Sedona's beauty. Join Walker Wellness Retreats on a journey of self-discovery, new friendships, and holistic well-being. Secure your spot now for an unforgettable retreat!


      Each wellness retreat features a private onsite yoga instructor who offers multiple classes during your stay. All classes are optional, so you can choose what you feel is right. 

      Start your day with sunrise yoga, embracing gentle flows and breathwork to set a serene tone. As the sun sets, join our evening class for restorative poses and guided meditation, releasing the day's tensions. 

      Our seasoned instructors tailor each session to all levels, providing personalized guidance for every participant's journey. Practice yoga amidst Sedona's scenic vistas, allowing the beauty of nature to enhance your mind-body connection. Join us in cultivating balance, strength, and inner peace during this transformative wellness retreat.

      Packing List for Sedona

      Welcome to Sedona's vibrant spring, the busiest season for visitors, and it's no wonder why. Anticipate average temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to 80s Fahrenheit, creating an idyllic atmosphere for outdoor pursuits like hiking, jeep tours, and exploring Uptown Sedona. Here's what to bring to make the most of your experience:

      **Wardrobe Essentials:**

      - Light layers such as long pants (or shorts for flexibility)

      - Long-sleeved T-shirts for sun protection

      - Light sweaters and jackets for chilly evenings


      - Close-toed shoes suitable for town walks, hiking, and outdoor activities like horseback riding

      - Hiking Boots or Shoes with Good Tread

      - Hiking socks

      - Flip flops or sandals for the hot tub

      **Yoga Attire:**

      -Yoga pants or leggings for ease of movement

      -Moisture-wicking, comfortable tops or long-sleeved shirts

      -Supportive sports bras for women

      -Comfortable tank tops or T-shirts

      -Lightweight, breathable layers for morning and evening sessions

      **Adaptability is Key:**

      - As temperatures rise during the day, be prepared to shed layers for comfort.

      - Don't forget to layer up again as the evening unfolds, treating you to Sedona's spectacular sunset behind the iconic red rocks.

      **Other things to bring**

      -A Day Pack or Backpack for hiking.



      -Lotion and lip balm -it's very dry in Sedona

      -First Aid Kit

      -Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

      -1 or 2 dressy outfits for dinner (optional)

      -Bathing Suit


      Explore the enchanting landscapes surrounding Sedona through a network of diverse hiking trails, offering a perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty. 

      Discover trails suitable for all levels, from leisurely walks to challenging climbs. The red rock formations create a stunning backdrop as you traverse the winding paths, each unveiling unique geological wonders. Capture breathtaking panoramic views, encounter vibrant flora, and witness the serene beauty of Sedona's renowned vortex sites. 

      Whether you seek a peaceful stroll or an invigorating trek, Sedona's hiking trails provide an immersive experience into the heart of Arizona's awe-inspiring wilderness. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a journey where every step unveils the captivating allure of Sedona's outdoor wonders. 

      Everything on our itineraries is always completely optional based on your desire!

      Quality Food

      Our onsite chef is dedicated to crafting daily meals, prioritizing quality, flavor, and nourishment. Using a palette of healthy, natural ingredients, each dish is thoughtfully prepared to enhance your well-being. From energizing breakfasts to satisfying dinners, our chef curates a menu catering to your taste buds and your body's needs.

      Highlights of Our Culinary Experience:

      **Fresh and Wholesome Ingredients** 

      Expect a symphony of flavors derived from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our chef's commitment to quality ensures that every meal is a celebration of the region's finest produce.

      **Dietary Accommodations** 

      We understand that every guest has unique dietary preferences and requirements. Our chef is well-versed in accommodating special diets, whether vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or any other specific needs. Your culinary experience is tailored to suit your individual tastes and health goals.

      **Balanced and Nourishing** 

      Immerse yourself in a menu designed for holistic well-being. Each meal balances nutrition and indulgence, offering a satisfying dining experience that aligns with your retreat's focus on health and vitality.

      **Chef's Specialties** 

      Our chef takes pride in creating signature dishes that showcase the culinary artistry inspired by Sedona's vibrant surroundings. From delightful breakfast options to savory dinners, savor the creativity and passion infused into every bite.

      Elevate your retreat experience with meals that nourish the body and delight the senses. Our culinary offerings are a testament to our commitment to providing a holistic and unforgettable journey for your mind, body, and palate.

      Relaxation & Rejuvenation

      You deserve a little "me time." That's why each retreat has built-in leisure time so you can relax in the hot tub, journal, or take a nap. All activities are optional so that you can enjoy your retreat at your own pace.


      From the moment you arrive at the Phoenix Airport, our all-inclusive package ensures a seamless journey, with transportation provided to and from the airport, allowing you to focus solely on your relaxation and rejuvenation. 

      Delight your palate with a culinary journey featuring daily meals crafted by our onsite chef, incorporating fresh, natural ingredients and catering to various dietary preferences. Engage in invigorating hiking and yoga classes, embracing the transformative power of nature and mindful movement. 

      About the Retreat Home

      Our private retreat home is a stunning Monty Wilson-designed custom home inside a private gate, totaling 5000 square feet, in a secluded location with panoramic red rock views! 

      You'll have a magnificent view of the Twin Buttes and Chapel of the Holy Cross, with Mund's Mountain in the distance. This home is just a short distance from popular destinations such as the Chapel, Bell Rock, and Cathedral Rock. The dark and quiet surroundings at night provide fantastic viewing of the beautiful starry sky. 

      This home includes the following amenities:

      Private & shared bedrooms are available. Six bedrooms, ten beds, and five baths Gourmet kitchen Two washers and two dryers Huge entertainment area High-speed wireless internet Beautiful gas fireplace Outdoor gas grill Outdoor 6-person hot tub Great views from almost every room in the house Inside a private gate for maximum privacy and safety Outdoor seating and BBQ Grill on the main floor patio Beautiful views of both the sunrise and sunset

      Meet Your Hosts

      Shantel Reitz

      Shantel is the owner and founder of Core 7 Fitness, Misfit Mentoring, and Fueled Health. In addition to owning her own businesses, she is an Alignment Coach, International Speaker, certified experiential coach, NLP practitioner, and certified Fire Walking Instructor, as well as multiple fitness and yoga modalities. 

      With a diverse range of certifications and qualifications, Shantel is well-equipped to guide others on their journey towards healing their health and lives, personal growth, and transformation. Her grounded approach focuses on building a strong foundation, allowing individuals to feel confident and capable in their bodies.  

      Amber Tannenbaum

      Amber is a Denver-based chef and health coach, with a certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With an early career in hospitality, working for companies like the Walt Disney World Resort, and a continued career of over 15 years in corporate and special events, Amber comes with a broad skill set and passion to provide the highest level of guest service. 

      In addition to her integrative health coaching certification, Amber is also a Reiki practitioner, and is currently pursuing training and education in somatic wilderness therapy and herbalism. 

      Outside of work, Amber enjoys hiking with her husband and pup Sunny, traveling, gardening and reading, and of course cooking!  

      Payment & Cancellation Policy

      Questions about refunds or cancellations? Click here to view our payment and cancellation policy.

      The deadline to book a domestic retreat is 10 days before the retreat begins; however, some exceptions can be made based on availability. Use the waitlist option on the booking page, or message us directly to inquire about booking after the deadline has passed.

      What’s included

      • Accommodations
        5 days/4 nights in a luxurious retreat home in Sedona with options of private or shared rooms
      • Daily Yoga Classes
        Yoga classes led by a licensed yoga instructor
      • Healthy Meals & Snacks
        An abundance of healthy meals and snacks
      • Airport/Hotel Transfer
        Phonenix Airport or local hotel pick-up and drop-off
      • Transportation
        All transportation during the retreat
      • Excursions
        Excursions and activities as per the itinerary
      • Sound Bath Healing
        Sound bath sessions
      • Retreat Gift
        A gift for each guest

      What’s not included

      • Airfare
        Airfare to and from Phoenix
      • Additional Activities
        Suggested activities for free time
      • Additional Items
        Souvenirs, drinks, snacks, or other personal items
      • Alcoholic Beverages
        Any alcoholic beverages
      • Insurance
        Travel insurance and medical insurance (highly recommended)
      • Gratuity
        Staff gratuities (optional)

      Available Packages

      Master Bedroom - King (Double Occupancy)
      Available until 7 days before departure

      A luxurious king bedroom on the main floor of the main house.  This is an excellent option for 2 double occupancy guests traveling together who prefer a King bed. 

      Helpful hints: If you have two people who would like to share this room, select 2 Master Bedroom - King (Double Occupancy) packages. 

      Deposit: $674
      3rd Bedroom - King (Double Occupancy)

      A spacious king bedroom on the main floor of the main house. 

      Helpful hints: If you have two people who would like to share this room, select 2 3rd Bedroom - King (Double Occupancy) packages. 

      If you are a solo traveler and would like this room to yourself, select 1 3rd Bedroom - King (Solo Occupancy) package below.

      *Note - This bedroom shares a bathroom with the staff bedroom

      Deposit: $674
      3rd Bedroom - King (Solo Occupancy)
      Available until 5 days before departure

      A spacious king bedroom on the main floor of the main house.

      Helpful hints: If you have two people who would like to share this room, select 2 3rd Bedroom - King (Double Occupancy) packages above.


      If you are a solo traveler and would like this room to yourself, select 1 3rd Bedroom - King (Solo Occupancy) package.

      *Note - This bedroom shares a bathroom with the staff bedroom

      Deposit: $824
      4th Bedroom - Queen + 2 Singles (Triple)
      Available until 5 days before departure

      A large shared bedroom on the downstairs floor of the main house.  

      This room has a queen bed and 2 single trundle beds.  This room is an excellent option for 3 guests traveling together or a solo traveler looking for a shared accommodation.

      Deposit: $599
      5th Bedroom - King (Double Occupancy)
      Available until 5 days before departure

      A spacious king bedroom in the Casita away from the main house.  

      Helpful hints: If you have two people who would like to share this room, select 2 5th Bedroom - King (Double Occupancy) packages. 

      If you are a solo traveler and would like this room to yourself, select 1 5th Bedroom - King (Solo Occupancy) package below.

      Deposit: $674
      5th Bedroom - King (Solo Occupancy)
      Available until 5 days before departure

      A spacious king bedroom in the Casita away from the main house. 

      Helpful hints: If you have two people who would like to share this room, select 2 5th Bedroom - King (Double Occupancy) packages above.

      If you are a solo traveler and would like this room to yourself, select 1 5th Bedroom - King (Solo Occupancy) package.

      Deposit: $824
      6th Bedroom - 2 Queen (Double Occupancy)
      Available until 5 days before departure

      A double queen bedroom in the casita away from the main house. 

      This is an excellent option for 2 double-occupancy guests traveling together who prefer 2 queen beds, or a solo traveler looking for a shared accommodation.

      Deposit: $674


      Day 1
      Arrival & Retreat Orientation


      Our adventure will begin in Phoenix.  We'll have a group airport pickup around noon before departing for lunch in Old Town Scottsdale. 

      You will have an hour to explore the famous 5th Street shopping in Scottsdale. Since the retreat officially begins at the welcome orientation, lunch will be on your own this day. After lunch, we will make the approximately 2-hour scenic drive to the retreat home in Sedona. Plan to arrive there around 4:00 pm.

      We'll get settled upon arrival and begin our retreat with a welcome orientation, where we will review the daily retreat schedule and set expectations for the weekend. We'll finish the evening with a relaxing evening yoga session and group dinner. 

      Noon: Airport/Hotel Pickups - Scheduled pickup from the 44th PHX SkyTrain Station. Amy Walker will greet you in the parking lot as you exit the 44th Street Station.  If you're arriving early and staying at a hotel, we can also pick you up from there.

      12:30 pm:
      Lunch/Grocery Stop - We will make a stop to grab lunch and last-minute items for the trip. 

      6:00 pm: Welcome Orientation at the retreat home.

      6:30 pm: Evening Yoga

      7:30 pm: Group Dinner. After dinner, we will make a short drive to the Airport Mesa viewpoint to view the stunning sunset for those interested.

      Your Organizer

      Walker Wellness Retreats
      33 reviews
      Welcome to Walker Wellness Retreats! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We created Walker Wellness Retreats to share the positive impact travel can have with as many people as possible. Travel makes the world seem not so large. It opens your mind to new ways of thinking. Together we can use our diverse skills and experience of traveling the world to design and plan incredible adventures to bring like-minded travelers together to unique places around the globe!


      I really enjoyed the time in New Zealand. I was the youngest in the group, the only German and didn’t knew anyone from the group before the Trip but I always felt as a family member. Everyone was nice, open minded and heartwarming. Amy is such a nice person and motivated me a lot. We saw beautful places, had always good food and everything was taken care of. The choice of hotels was nice - all of them perfectly chosen. Yesterday I came back home - after a time of adventures with a lot of great memories and with new friends 🫶🏽
      By Lucia S for The Best of Both Islands: New Zealand on Feb 20, 2024
      As perfect a trip as I could have imagined! Amy and Brian were gracious and kind hosts...and Amy and her mom kept us well-fed! Chantel was an awesome yoga instructor--listened to us and catered classes to the needs of the group often based on our energy levels and physical challenges of the moment. She was also a supremely delightful traveling companion...driving us a total of nine hours in the van--back and forth to from SLC airport. A huge selling point for me was not having to arrange any transportation--bravo to Walker Wellness for creating a package that required extremely minimal extra out-of-pocket expenses. And the hiking, omg! Zion is deliriously beautiful and Bryce is downright Biblical in its majesty. The trip was also impeccably structured--a super challenging hike for the first full day and then a shorter hike that began later in the morning the following day with more time to rest in the afternoon.
      By John B for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Nov 01, 2023
      Wow! By far the trip to Zion was my best travel experience. The accommodations were very spacious, clean, and homey. Huge picture windows, a deck, hot tub, fire place, …The food was delicious and healthy. Amy is a great cook! The yoga was adjusted to what we needed prehike and post. It went beyond just yoga - there was sound healing, visualization, and more. Transportation to and from the parks made it easy for us. And did I mention the hikes? Stunning! Breath-taking! Fun! Lots of fond memories and I look forward to traveling with Brian and Amy again.
      By Kristen H for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Nov 01, 2023
      Great trip. Beautiful hiking.
      By Lisa S for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Oct 26, 2023
      This trip was beyond my expectations! It's rare to go on a trip where you only need to book a flight and after that every detail is handled for you. The accommodations were fantastic but the food was really the best part! I felt completely taken care of by the Walker Wellness Retreats team especially Shantel and Amber, who are delightful and talented people. I was able to relax, disconnect and get to know the wonderful group all while enjoying moving my body on the yoga mat and through breathtaking nature. Thank you to the whole crew at Walker Wellness Retreats for being so good at what you do!
      By Victoria S for Zion (Nectar Yoga) on Oct 24, 2023
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