Senegal 2023

      Dakar, Senegal

      Haitian Nomad
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      252 reviews
      May 1 - 8, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 15
      Senegal 2023
      Dakar, Senegal

      Haitian Nomad
      • Facebook verified
      252 reviews

      May 1 - 8, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 15

      About this trip

      This pilgrimage back to the last door some of our ancestors crossed on the motherland, is a very special journey which will be filled with emotions, laughs & memories.  As much as we'd love to bring everyone on this epic experience, we KNOW that traveling to some parts of the world where some of the basic necessities we enjoy at home are luxuries, is NOT for everyone!  In the words of Anthony Bourdain "Senegal, an African nation which is over 90% Muslim, serve as both rebuke and example. It is a country that proudly elected as their first president after independence, a Christian—because they felt, in their best judgment, that regardless of his faith, he was the best person for the job.

      It is a country that defies stereotypes and expectations at every turn.

      Emerging from French colonial times as a functioning multicultural, multilingual, extraordinarily tolerant society.

      It has managed to avoid coups, tribal wars, dictatorships and most of the ills that have afflicted so many of its neighbors and remains an absolutely enchanting place to visit, with delicious food, absolutely extraordinarily beautiful music, and a relatively free and easy attitude towards intermarriage, mixed-race and inter-tribal relationships, and foreign visitors.

      It has a powerful and proud tradition of hospitality that endures to this day. Senegal is one of the best arguments for travel I can think of. The more we see of the world, the more we actually meet who we are talking about—take a walk, however briefly, in their shoes, the more we see how other people live, find ourselves—as so often and so inevitably happens—as recipients of random acts of hospitality and kindness from total strangers—then the better we shall be. And the happier we will be. Knowledge of, or exposure to, the “other” is not a contaminant—it enriches us. It makes—or should make us—more humble. Senegal. It’s someplace that everyone, given the chance, should go."


      Who is this trip for?

      You enjoy the finest things in life, you like a mix of exploring and relaxation, massages/spas, fine cuisine and you like discovering new places and have an open mind when it comes to new cultures.

      This trip is NOT for you if:

      -If you cannot get used to unexpected changes, stepping outside of your comfort zone in countries where american/western standards aren't always available.

      -You tend to complain a lot and don't have patience.

      -You only eat American food and have a very strict particular diet

      -You have issues adjusting to last minute changes or curveballs.

      Airfare Assistance option

      Airfare Assistance option: When you purchase the Airfare assistance option, we monitor flight prices on your behalf and also use our insider airfare discounts to help you get the best flight possible; we'll send you the best flights we find and recommend.

      Covid 19 [Vaccine Required]

      ALL Haitian Nomad trips require all guests to be fully vaccinated against Covid19. Failure to be vaccinated by trip's departure date will result in cancellation of your booking and all payments will be forfeited.    

      Book with confidence : If for any reason we are forced to cancel a trip due to Covid19 restrictions or lock down, you will always be offered a full refund or future trip credit.

      What if I get Covid19 and can no longer attend? -You will have to contact your travel insurance and submit a claim to get reimbursed through them if your policy covers Covid19.    
      What if I am scared to travel due to Covid19? -Fear of travel is never covered under any insurance plans--unless you have a cancel for any reason policy. No refunds or credits are issued in this case.

      Travel insurance

      We require everyone to carry travel insurance on all Haitian Nomad trips. This protects you in case of emergency or in case you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.     

      You will NOT be able to get any refund or credits from Haitian Nomad should you need to cancel 90 days or less before departure and would need to refer to your travel insurance. Initial deposits are non-refundable after 24hours of booking. 


      Please visit to check all travel requirements and make sure you have all required documentations. Haitian Nomad will not be responsible for last minute cancellation related to documents and no refunds or credits will be issued.


      Please be aware that by attending this trip, you grant Haitian Nomad LLC, its sponsors, its successors, assigns and licensees permission to utilize your name, image, likeness, acts, poses, plays, appearance, movements, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or during the trip (regardless of whether before, during, or after trip) for any purpose, in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorization from, or compensation to, you or anyone acting on your behalf.

      What’s included

      • Airport transfers
        Round Trip airport transfers at specific times
      • Transportation
        Comfortable transportation to all included excursions
      • Accommodations
        Single or Double Accommodations
      • All tours
      • All entrance fees
      • All guides
        (Tipping extra and REQUIRED)
      • ALL MEALS
        Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Daily (unless noted otherwise on itinerary)
      • Extra meals
        (besides your 3 daily meals)
      • Payment Processing fees
      • Alcoholic beverages
      • Tips
        about $20-25/day collected on day 1
      • Airfare (flights)
        airfare to/from DSS airport
      • Personal items
      • Visas
        If any needed
      • Covid19 testing
        covid tests
      • Quarantine (if required)
        If you test positive for Covid19, you will be responsible for any incurred charges which should be billed to your travel insurance

      Available Packages

      Double Occupancy Room

      -Enjoy a room with 2 beds (twin or Double) on a shared basis.
      -if booking with a friend or as a couple, please book 2 participants into this category. (and mention if you want 2 beds or 1 king) 

      Deposit: $750
      Single Occupancy Room

      Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own room all to yourself during the entire trip. (king or double bed based on availability)

      Deposit: $750

      Available options


      Arrive DSS airport

      ARRIVAL Date: MAY 2nd (airport code DSS) We strongly suggest booking the Delta direct flight from NY, JFK 

      Your Organizer

      Haitian Nomad
      252 reviews
      Welcome to Haitian Nomad, a premier travel company dedicated to curating and hosting unforgettable cultural experiences around the globe. At Haitian Nomad, we believe that travel is not just about visiting new places, but about immersing oneself in the richness of diverse cultures, forging connections, and creating lifelong memories. Our mission is to provide you with meticulously designed itineraries that go beyond the tourist trail, offering authentic and immersive experiences that showcase the true essence of each destination.


      This was my first trip with Haitian Nomad and it definitely will not be my last. This trip was amazing Richard took care of every detail. Our guide Ramez was always enthusiastic and passionate about teaching us everything about Eygpt. The accommodations were top notch. Our group had the most amazing vibes, everyone was so nice and helpful. 10/10 I would highly recommend this trip.
      By Christie S for Egypt 2023: LUXE edition on Nov 22, 2023
      Mauritius owes me nothing! This trip was very well-curated. What a beautiful country, located east of Madagascar, sitting on the Indian Ocean. Beautiful people, amazing food, and beaches with clear turquoise water to die for. Saizaid, our tour guide, gave us a rich history of Mauritius. He was very personable, leaving you wanting to learn more about Mauritius. Thank you for discovering this gem and allowing us to see Maurtius through your lens!
      By Michelle F for Mauritius Luxe 2023 on Nov 22, 2023
      Amazing trip! they completely raised the bar! some hesitant just book!
      By Tesha E for Egypt 2023: LUXE edition on Nov 21, 2023
      It was an amazing trip that was planned to perfection. The people, accommodations, sites, and logistics were all top tier and well executed. I would travel with Haitian Nomad again without hesitation.
      By Logan G for Egypt 2023: LUXE edition on Nov 20, 2023
      This was my first trip with Haitian Nomad, and Egypt was a dream destination of mine, and i can’t even put into words how amazing this trip was, everything was organized, services was excellent, we experienced VIP Tours, the only thing that had to do was show up.. I am now looking forward to booking another amazing trip with Haitian Nomad..
      By Elizabeth C for Egypt 2023: LUXE edition on Nov 20, 2023
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      I traveled to the Maldives with Haitian Nomad and it was an experience I will never forget. I will be purchasing the membership! I am looking forward to traveling in the future with this group. Their trips are just my style! Thank you❤️
      By Phinon B on 12 Feb, 2023
      This was my first trip with Haitian Nomad and I must say " It was AMAZING!!!" I have enjoyed every excursions! My focus was the experiences. The History sites were impressive, the Temples, The surprised dinner, the hot air balloon, the Nubians village I can go on and on... Haitian Nomad team is very well organized, you can tell they did everything possible to make sure we had a wonderful time! ***Highly recommended!!! Richard, Toi, and Rames! Thank you! And Well done! 👏 💝🥰
      By Johanne M on 09 Dec, 2022
      I traveled to Egypt this month with Toi and Ramez. This trip was overwhelming it far exceeded my expectations. I want to travel with you all again. I felt safe I was comfortable, and they covered all bases. This trip was amazing. Thank you I can't wait to go on the next adventure.
      By Lalescia H on 30 Nov, 2022
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