SHAMANEK: A Journey into your True Essence with Francesca Valarezo

New York, NY, USA

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58 reviews
Apr 5 - 26, 2023
Group size: 1 - 25
SHAMANEK: A Journey into your True Essence with Francesca Valarezo
New York, NY, USA

  • Email address verified
58 reviews

Apr 5 - 26, 2023
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip


Shamanek is an immersive virtual and in person experience created to help you connect to your inner wisdom, heal through past traumas and step fully into your power. Participants will gain a new understanding of energy balancing techniques and tools including: 

  • Reiki Level 1 
  • Shamanic Journeying and Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Self Soothing Techniques 
  • At Home Rituals 
  • Insightful Journaling Exercises 

Shamanek is a self discovery course created for the seeker who is ready to explore new depths of self healing through the use of ancient tools, rituals and practices.

“To heal is to reconnect to the life force that is always there alongside any difficult experience, while honoring the difficult experience” - Christina Pratt - shamanic teacher, healer & author.


- 2 in person meetings: 4/5 and 4/26 

- 2 zoom meetings - Recorded for you to access a month after the course is completed 

- Weekly meetings are a combination of lectures, healing techniques, and shamanic journeys/meditations.  

- 3 embodiment practices via zoom restorative yoga, breathwork, somatic healing self soothing techniques 

- PDFs included with in practical explanation on concepts and philosophy that they will learn throughout the course/month (students can access through the course’s portal)

- Sacred Ceremony Kit: A beautiful and sustainable kit curated by Francesca.

We will use it throughout the course to build our altar and cleanse our energy and space at home. Students will receive the kit the day of the Opening Ceremony.


All meetings will be recorded.


 - 4/5 in person at SKY TING YOGA 7pm-8:30pm 

Opening Ceremony Shamanic Journey 

INTRODUCTION: Shamanism, Reiki and Energetics

- 4/12 on Zoom 7pm-8:30pm 

Discovering your Sacred Space and Meeting your Spirit Guide

- 4/19 on Zoom 7pm-8:30pm 

Acknowledging and Reconnecting with the Inner Child

 - 4/26 in person at SKY TING YOGA 7pm-8:30pm 

Closing Ceremony Shamanic Journey

Removing Energy Blocks and Cutting Energetic Cords


3 embodiment short practices via zoom led by Francesca. We will meet on Thursdays 8-8:35AM for restorative yoga, breathwork, somatic healing self soothing techniques.


Shamanic Reiki is a form of energy healing. It is the merging of two of ancient healing modalities (Shamanism + Reiki) to create balance in our subtle body and deep trust in ourselves. It builds upon the principle of self reliance as we navigate our healing journey.

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spiritual practice that exists today. It is not a religion, it is a technique that relies on our connection to Great Nature. In Shamanism, we connect to the wisdom of the Great Spirit and Mother Nature to guide us through our awakening process. Shamanism is one of the most powerful tools we can use to awaken self love. 

Reiki works directly with our personal nature in the form of energy. It's simple, safe and easy. The word Reiki comes from Japan and is generally translated as “universal life force." Practicing Reiki means becoming a conduit or universal energy (breath, qi, or Ki), allowing it to flow through us promoting health, harmony, balance and wellbeing.


Francesca is a mentor and senior teacher at Sky Ting yoga with 10 years of teaching experience. She specializes in a holistic approach, incorporating her life experience and her in depth yoga, embodiment and energy healing training to create the perfect environment for self care and wellbeing. 

Growing up in Ecuador (a small country in South America) Francesca was exposed to her Amazonian and Andean indigenous ancestors and their wisdom. Spending time with indigenous and modern healers around the world, Francesca discovered the profound value of shamanism, plant spirit medicine, energy work, holistic healing and other time tested teachings and techniques used by indigenous healers. 

Her mission is to support your healing journey and a more conscious way of life for herself and her community. In this course, she shares personal and fascinating realizations she’s made and her own journey through depression, childhood trauma, and her calling to guide others to awaken and heal.


No experience is required. 

This is not a training program but an open level self discovery and self healing course. No previous experience is required. The course contains a mix of in person and weekly zoom meditation circles, as well as self-guided embodiment practices. 

Expect to dedicate about 2-3 hours per week for the information.


By taking this course,
I will shed light on the places in me that have been hurt, asleep or numb.
I will build awareness of what is limiting me,
so that I can release the energy that’s holding me back
and step into a new way of being.
I will tend to myself with kindness, gentleness, and ease.
I will create opportunities to practice self love, self care, and self respect,
so that I feel worthy of receiving
all of the love that life has to give me. 

Available Packages

General Tuition

Please email if you would like to apply for the scholarship. 

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58 reviews
SKY TING was created for anyone looking for tools and techniques to handle life more gracefully and see the magic in a long life lived. We offer a practice that refines our ability to stay connected, be well-adjusted, develop greater consciousness, discover radiance, use life to our own advantage, and ultimately experience more JOY! SKY TING YOGA is medley of lineages. All styles of yoga have something different to offer, and cross-pollinating yogic material allows us to create a method wholly new and unique, yet refined with rich substance and history. Our teachers are encouraged to blend the yoga material they practice, identify most with, and believe in, rather than sticking to the prescribed, generic curriculum. This ideology creates a passionate, responsive and nurturing learning experience for our students. Our goal is to make the practice safe and approachable for anyone, while keeping the magic of yoga alive. (212) 203-5786 INFO@SKYTINGYOGA.COM @SKYTINGYOGA


Skyting is a beautiful and well-kept studio. It was such a pleasure to meet Josie who is equal parts other-worldly and approachable, it was a joy to learn from her! The one thing I will say is that I could have done with less posture labs and more lecture/discussion around the theory.
By Devin R for TEN HOUR KATONAH YOGA®️ TRAINING on Jan 24, 2024
Had a wonderful time on this retreat. Jade accommodations were great and the food was amazing. The yoga was fabulous!
By Alison D for Costa Rica with Krissy and Beth on Jan 22, 2024
Complete joy in Costa Rica with Beth & Krissy!! Loved the yoga, everyone was so welcoming and all the meals were absolutely delicious!!
By Amanda S for Costa Rica with Krissy and Beth on Jan 18, 2024
An extremely thoughtful, useful guide to how to dwell in these deep winter weeks, welcoming them as they provide an opportunity to turn inward for light and possibility. Also a great practical guide for staying physically as well as mentally limber.
By Katherine J for WINTER WELLNESS on Jan 15, 2024
Best week of my life lol
By Andrew P for Costa Rica with Krissy and Beth on Jan 14, 2024
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