Silk Road tours through Central Asia countries

  • Tajikistan
  • May 6 - 16, 2017
  • Trip Size: 3 - 17 people



Trip Length: 10 days;

Trip Rating: Gentle;

Price: depends on request and  size of group(here is included t just optional price per person);

Activities: Sightseeing, visit museums, hot springs, ancient sites and fortresses;

Details  of program on request;

Unique tour along Pamir Highway introduces you to one of the forbidden places of our planet. There are only two places in the world (Tibet and Andes) where car roads are laid through the mountains on above 4 000 m height. You will be able to see the high Pamir Mountains, rivers and lakes, famous Vakhan Valley, ruins of ancient fortresses Kaakhka, Yamchun, Ratm, take a bath in curative thermal springs, meet with local people – pamiris, which preserved their cultural and centuries-old traditions. The tour goes through three Central Asian republics: Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan  it is full of contrasts and exotics.

The itinerary: Dushanbe - Kalaykhumb - Khorog - Garm-Chashma - Ishkashim – Yamchun – Yamg - Lyangar – Bulung Kul – Yashil Kul- Alichur – Murgab – Karakul – Sary Tash-Osh - Batken-Isfara-Khodjent-Istaravshan-Dushanbe

What's Included

transfer from and to airport, car and driver expensess, guide services, 3 times meal, 2l water per person, payment for GBAO permit, national park, hot springs, museums fee's;

Not Included

cost of tickets from and to homeland, costs for alcohol and soft drinks, visa obtainings costs;

Before You Go

We have to together arrange your tickets via Somon Air company from your homeland to Frankfurt - Dushnabe and return flight tickets; Also arrange your Tajik visa. For this you should just visit Tajik Embassy in your country and apply for tajik visa, if possible with GBAO permit together;

Take all neccesary things for mountain trips;

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