Simple Magic: A Soul-Stirring Adventure Retreat

      Playa Gigante - Nicaragua

      Room to Roam
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      34 reviews
      May 21 - 27, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 20
      Simple Magic: A Soul-Stirring Adventure Retreat
      Playa Gigante - Nicaragua

      Room to Roam
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      34 reviews

      May 21 - 27, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 20

      About this trip

      Come Home to Yourself. Through fun, movement, surfing, hiking, reiki, massage, horses, day trips, and exploring the simple life, this week long journey is a transformational adventure tempered with joy, stillness, peace, and heart-centered ceremony.

      Playa Gigante is a charming fishing village along the Emerald Coast of Southern Nicaragua. The community is without distraction. There’s no flash, no hustle, no bravado. And therein lies the beauty. The very secret to this life-changing, and life-affirming experience.  Connect to your inner wisdom within the stillness of a simpler way of life.  Be still or move in radiant and joyful ways to shake-up your energy, create new space, and remain flexible…body, mind, and spirit.

      Laugh and dance with the one-of-a-kind friendly staff while they shake up the best passionfruit margarita of your life.

      Surf the waves.

      Partake in group activities or lounge by yourself.

      No wrong. All right.

      Connect with those on a similar journey.

      Re-connect with yourself. 

      Who is this retreat for?

       This retreat is thoughtfully curated for those willing to push outside their boundaries. Those people who want to brave more, and dare more. Someone in search of a powerful internal shift. A soul level shift.

      The last few years have been challenging and confusing at best…and though things can often appear normal on the outside; many of us don't feel as peacefully aligned on the inside.  With all the trappings of a good life we still seek purpose, connection, calm, and joy.

      The stillness and simplicity of Nicaragua grants us the opportunity to quiet the noise and re-connect with ourselves. It grants us the privilege of re-igniting, re-inspiring, and re-aligning our lives in accordance to what truly brings us peace and joy.

      Our Space/Hotel

      Equipped with a sparkling pool, WiFi, and A/C, you’ll be able to enjoy comfortable accommodations without losing the rustic touch that makes Gigante unique. Experience yoga and movement in a tropical open space beneath a gorgeous grand palapa, and on a cliffside shala with an unobstructed ocean view.


      Breaks in the day are encouraged, so feel free to take a moment to relax in one of our day beds or hammock, and appreciate the cloudy blue skies, palm trees, and quiet. Gift yourself relaxation, stillness, and serenity.


      We have a full-service restaurant + bar to prepare meals and beverages during this retreat. Enjoy fresh, locally-sourced ingredients with delicious options for all dietary needs and preferences.  Experience delicious tropical fruits, fresh caught fish, local produce, and a thoughtfully crafted menu to keep you satisfied.

      The Community of El Gigante

       A colorful fishing village off the beaten path, El Gigante is located just over an hour north of San Juan Del Sur on Nicaragua's beautiful Pacific Coast. The town is aptly named “big foot” when translated from Spanish to describe the gentle green foothills that meet the ocean with such ease. 

      A town filled with untouched beaches, roaming farm animals, and dirt pathways; you’ll quickly remember the importance of slowing down and embracing living simply.  

      The lifestyle and culture here very much embodies the phrase “Take it Easy”.

      Take a breath.

      Quiet your mind.

      Just be

      Cat Stahl

       Cat Stahl is a certified Pilates, Lagree + fitness instructor who teaches at  Infinity Fitness Studios,  a premier fitness + Pilates studio in Reno, NV.

      I am a fun-loving, high energy, and free-spirited person. Being in nature and of nature (hiking, biking, camping, walking, paddling, etc), fitness training, and exercise are my saving grace.

      I am a journalist by education (for years I made my living writing on fashion, beauty, shopping, and lifestyle for both newspapers and magazines).  

      I am an artist and paint large scale florals, hearts, and feminine buddhas with golden halo’s.  

      Pilates and Lagree challenges me to bring my best, and be my best. It reminds me to slow down, center, focus, be attentive, of intention, and breathe.  

      My classes go with the flow but we work hard. Nothing is cast in stone, I read my audience and navigate accordingly. I am very adaptable.  

      I love exercise that makes us think, reach, stretch, and strive. I love the transformation (mentally and physical) that comes with the advent of a dedicated, consistent practice.  

      I love when someone thinks they can’t, and then realizes they can.  

      I love possibility, and potential. I see it in every thing, and in every body.

      What’s included

      • Boutique Hotel Stay
        6 nights in our 4-Star Beachside Boutique Hotel with a pool, grand palapa wellness space, A/C, hot water, Wifi
      • Food + Drink
        Unlimited food, fresh juice, refreshments from our onsite restaurant. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.
      • Airport Shuttle
        Roundtrip Airport Shuttle to get you safely + seamlessly between airport + hotel. Choose to fly between Managua (MGA) or Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR).
      • Daily Movement
        Moving our bodies creates space physically, mentally, and energetically. Allow your body's natural flow and wisdom to shine, releasing old patterns and resistance that have been holding you back.
      • Cliffside Hike + Yoga
        Spectacular panoramic ocean views atop Giant's Foot, followed by a private beach hang and yoga in the cliffside ocean shala.
      • Day Trip to Ometepe
        Take the ferry across Lake Nicaragua to experience a butterfly sanctuary, lakefront lunch, and swimming/playing in volcanic spring water at Ojo de Agua.
      • Daily Surf Opportunities
        Our home break is less than a 10 min walk from the hotel, and tons of nearby breaks accessible by car or boat. We have on-site surf coaches and guides to support you, regardless of experience.
      • Sunset Reggae Night
        Enjoy tropical curry with reggae vibes at Monkey of the best views overlooking Gigante + the ocean!
      • Local Pizza Night
        Another favorite local spot, El Pozo, with delicious wood-fired brick oven pizza and a lively hangout spot.
      • International airfare
        We will help you choose the best flight to get to us, however the airfare is not included in the price of your retreat.
      • Travel Insurance
        *Required* For your convenience, we offer Travelex Insurance Services protection plans. Enter Agency Location # 28-0102 in the blue box.
      • Alcoholic Drinks
        Full Service Bar Onsite with Fresh Craft Cocktail Creations and Ice Cold Beer
      • Extra Activities
        We work with our trusted partners for the extras like : day trip excursions, horseback riding, extra boat trips for surf/fishing, massages, salsa lessons, moto rentals, whatever you want to do!
      • Optional Gratuity
        If you loved your service + stay with us, feel free to leave a tip to be shared evenly amongst all of our awesome staff.

      Available Packages

      Shared Room + Bath (double occupancy)
      14 left

       Our shared rooms are equipped with either a queen size bed or two twins, a side table/desk, built in dresser, blackout shades, hot water shower, and refreshing A/C.   

      Deposit: $500
      Private Room + Bath
      6 left

      Our shared rooms are equipped with a queen size bed, a side table/desk, built in dresser, blackout shades, hot water shower, and refreshing A/C.  

      Deposit: $500

      Available options

      Your Organizer

      Room to Roam
      34 reviews
      Room to Roam is an all-inclusive retreat service provider that streamlines the retreat leading process and connects people to amazing experiences off the beaten path. Currently with locations in Southern Nicaragua + Northern Costa Rica.


      This was the trip of a lifetime. Great yoga, great friends, fun things to do. The staff and facility at Room to Roam was the best: friendly, clean, relaxing.
      By Melissa S for Sacred Roots in Paradise : Revitalize, Reconnect, Explore on 13 Dec, 2022
      It was a wonderful trip! Everyone involved was incredibly kind and welcoming. The food was always amazing and always smoothly accommodated for my gluten intolerance. The activities were all phenomenal from ziplining in the jungle canopy, to seeing natural waterfalls, to learning to surf (something I never imagined I'd be able to do), to hiking up Giant's Foot for a great view of the area, to the inspired environments for yoga, to one of the best massages of my life. I highly recommend to to anyone considering it!
      By David A for Sacred Roots in Paradise : Revitalize, Reconnect, Explore on 06 Dec, 2022
      We had a great time in Costa Rica with Meagan and Bernie. Our location was beautifully designed, with awesome showers and an easy walk to the ocean. We enjoyed a morning workout followed by great food. I highly recommend the acai bowl! The location accommodated food allergies, including gluten, dairy, and nightshades. We are very impressed by Room to Roam's coordination and choice of location. This was our second trip with Room to Roam, and we really enjoyed it! Our favorite adventures were seeing Poza Los Coyotes and the Guanacaste coffee tour.
      By elizabeth g for Relax + Enjoy with Meagan + Bernie from Infinity Fitness on 26 Oct, 2022
      We had a really great adventure in Costa Rica with Meagan and Bernie. The beaches were the best I've been to. So uncrowded and could walk forever. So many friendly people. The weather was great, with spectacular downpours, occasionally, and lasting a very short time. Unforgettable!
      By Randi W for Relax + Enjoy with Meagan + Bernie from Infinity Fitness on 18 Oct, 2022
      Greatest vacation in a long time. Excellent organization, staff and food. Loved it! Highly recommend!
      By Megan Violet H for The Circle of Women: Healing, Connection, + Rejuvenation on 04 Oct, 2022
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      I can’t say enough about my wonderful experience with Kate, Ashley, Lorenzo and the whole staff at Room to Roam! This trip was truly magical. I was a little nervous to travel for the first time since COVID. Kate took such great care ushering me in to Nicaragua. I was very stressed at home prior to leaving and Kate kept taking things off my plate as I prepared to leave. Upon arrival we were greeted so warmly by the staff. I was instantly relaxed. Marco’s truly does make the BEST passion fruit margarita on the planet! My intention was surf and boy did I fall back in love with surfing, but I am really walking away with so much more- a complete reboot for my body, mind and soul! I’ll be back again soon! PS the food is out of the this world! Every single meal…. Mouth watering!
      By Meredith P on 03 Jun, 2022