Sleep like you mean it!

Muir Beach, CA, United States

11 reviews
Jan 15, 2017
Group size: 15 - 20
Sleep like you mean it!
Muir Beach, CA, United States

11 reviews

Jan 15, 2017
Group size: 15 - 20

About this trip

Join us for the 3rd consecutive Muir Beach Daylong and kick off your New Year with such much needed REST!  Sleep is one of our most basic needs and it is extremely important to build a reservoir of deep quality rest for a healthy balanced life. 

This day is all about quality sleep and how to cultivate an appropriate night time routine for your lifestyle. We will begin with some very gentle yoga to move and stretch our bodies. Lizzy will then lull you into a deep meditative form of sleep known as Yoga Nidra as the fireplace crackles away and the ocean swells outside. To rouse you from you nap, Britt will teach you how to make some delicious evening treats, some with mildly sedative properties! Be ready for some nourishing, seasonal lunch followed by a walking meditation and PM focused self care workshop to round out the day. 

We want to emphasize that this workshop is ESPECIALLY appropriate for those with little (or zero!) yoga experience, the movement will be simple and very supportive for all bodies. All in all, we are passionate about getting those Z's and we can't wait to have an indulgently restful day with you. 

* Please note, these retreats have had waiting lists. If you cancel ahead of time and we are able to fill your spot we will provide a full refund. We cannot offer refunds for no-shows. 

What’s included

- Extended yoga practice and meditation

- Ayurvedic cooking class 

- Light hiking around Muir Beach

- Herbal teas, snacks and a delicious seasonal vegetarian lunch

- Closing circle and meditation

- A personalized morning routine

Cost is $145 per person and includes lunch, tea, snacks and materials

Retreat will go from 9AM-4PM

Not included

- bottled water

- overnight accomodation (this is a daylong retreat)

Before You Go

What to Bring...

* Your favorite mug for tea
* A reusable water bottle
* Yoga mat
* Layers to stay cozy and warm
* Blanket or scarf for meditation
* A pillow!

Your Organizer

Litt Wellness
11 reviews
We create environments that empower individuals to take easy steps toward healthier living. For more information please check out our website,


What a magical day! I felt welcomed instantly, and it was obvious how much love and thought was put into the retreat. Lizzy’s teaching style was approachable for all levels and sprinkled with beautiful inspiration throughout the practice. I look forward to going on her retreats again in the future!
By Marie N for Relax-a-thon, Yoga and Tea on 10 Apr, 2019
What a wonderful retreat! I left feeling completely blissed out yet filled with inspiration. Morning yoga was enough to get me energized and going, the tea ceremony was a wonderful mix of ritual and mindfulness, lunch was the bomb, meditation was thoughtful and serene, and yoga nidra was the perfect closure! Lizzy is a truly gifted leader and I will be attending her retreats and events for years to come!
By Mary A for Relax-a-thon, Yoga and Tea on 13 Feb, 2019
This day was extraordinary! The yoga to start was just enough to create heat, the tea ceremony very inspiring. The lunch healthy and delicious. The afternoon yoga nidra was something that I definitely want more of, and the ending session of thought provoking questions had me thinking about them way beyond the retreat. The whole atmosphere of the north coast also was very inspiring, even in the rain. I would HIGHLY recommend Litt Wellness retreats!!
By Sharon P for Relax-a-thon, Yoga and Tea on 11 Feb, 2019
This was so meaningful. The yoga was necessary and felt great. The cooking was delicious. I especially loved our worksheet and discussion. ?
By Sharon P for Hunker Down for the Holidays on 05 Nov, 2018
Britt and Lizzy are such a gift to this world, and they create such a gentle space to arrive to as you are - and then they gently guide you on a journey. I didn't exactly know what I wanted or needed out of the workshop, and within minutes, I found myself melting into the yoga mat and the space they created. I felt so comfortable and at ease, and found some powerful insights. My body and my spirit received much needed nourishment. I cannot wait for the next experience!
By Petra G for Hunker Down for the Holidays on 29 Oct, 2018
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