***TRIP CANCELLED*** Smooth Sailing in Life Cruise

Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship

Inside-Out Adventures
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Feb 6 - 10, 2017
Group size: 1-1
***TRIP CANCELLED*** Smooth Sailing in Life Cruise
Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship

Inside-Out Adventures
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Feb 6 - 10, 2017
Group size: 1-1

About this trip

Why just take a vacation when you can take a Life-Transforming Adventure?

You’re relaxing in a chair on your own private mid-ship balcony. Sitting next to you is someone you care deeply about. You’re sharing the breathtaking view of the open sea with clear blue skies as far as you can see. From the deep blue water you notice dolphins playfully jumping out of the ocean as if they are welcoming you to their home. Their sleek bodies glisten and shimmer in the warm sun as you enjoy a sip of your favorite drink, whether that be a fresh, hot cup of coffee or a frosty, sweet strawberry daiquiri.

As you set down your drink, you naturally take a deep breathe of the salty air. Gently inhaling and exhaling with your eyes closed, you bask in the feeling of the warm sun gently kissing your face. It feels as if the sun’s rays are shining through your skin and into your soul, filling you with a feeling of ease and comfort. You feel so relaxed that you can hear your own heart beat as the ocean breeze caresses your entire body. There is a clarity of mind like you’ve never experienced before. You greet this new day with the excitement and wonder of a wide-eyed child.

As you leave the ship for a day of exploration, you’re almost overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the tropical landscape. You are greeted by the kind and wonderful people who are welcoming you into their homeland. Upbeat island music helps boost your already fantastic mood! The smell of exotic culinary cuisines tickles your nose as you stroll along the quaint store fronts. The day is filled with new experiences as you snorkel above thousands of colorful fish, vibrant corral and majestic stingrays. Spend some time relaxing on the beach as you savor a cold, refreshing tropical drink. Paddle a kayak along a peaceful river, winding through a lush forest.

As the day on land comes to a close, you head back to the ship for an evening of stimulating conversation with some of the most peace-filled, down to Earth people you’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with. They speak of things that touch a special spot deep in your soul. Some of the things they say don’t really make much sense, yet they feel right and leave you with a feeling of pure joy. Suddenly the world around you looks more inviting and full of possibilities than before. Your evening ends with your choice of night-life activities, fine dining and warm conversation over drinks with friends you are just meeting for the first time. And that is just the first day!

We lovingly invite you on a life-changing adventure unlike any other you have experienced before. You get to enjoy four fabulous days of cruising, sandy beaches, snorkeling, shopping and endless fun, combined with four insightfully invigorating evenings of conversations with four of the most respected and world renowned 3 Principles facilitators in an intimate setting on board a magnificent Cruise Ship! This is an exclusive invitation designed for an intimate audience so we will be able to have personal one-on-one time with each of these speakers, who we are incredibly excited to have on this voyage! We hope that you will make time in your busy lives to join us on this once in a lifetime, unbelievably transformative experience! Laughter, joy, clarity of mind and the weightless feeling you get while floating on the ocean are available to each of us each and every day! Come find out how! We look forward to meeting you!

What’s included

Conference pricing

$300 per person

$550 per couple

Our fantastic lineup of 3 Principles practitioners includes:

Amy Johnson - psychologist, coach and author with a passion for helping others overcome habits and addictions.

Amy talks about the cruise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t6st-D6k_c

Amy’s Website: http://dramyjohnson.com/

Dicken Bettinger - psychologist, coach and author specializing in helping people be free of the limitations of their thinking and to live more fully in the now.

Dicken shares his vision for attendees https://youtu.be/1IuTOFVRFSI

Dicken’s Website: http://www.3principlesmentoring.com/

Jack Pransky - psychologist, coach and author with a concentration on children and families.

Jack's reasons for joining us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et0k7zgeVgs

Jack’s Website: http://insideoutunderstanding.com/

Mary Schiller - author and coach who focuses on dissolving stress and uncovering the natural joy of life to bring about more success and fulfillment.

Mary talks about the intellect https://youtu.be/KCfsx7T6INM

Mary’s Websites: http://maryschiller.com/ and http://thedailyprinciples.com/

Special Cruise Amenities Included With This Package:

* All-You-Can-Eat Options 
* 3 Day Specialty Dining Experience (Premium, fine dining restaurants on the ship require reservations) 
* Unlimited Beverage Package (Including Top Shelf Liquor) 
* $75 Ship Credit Per Cabin for Onboard Purchases (Spa/Massage/Casino/Souvenirs) 
* 10 Dining Options (Including 24 hour options) 
* 11 Bars and Lounges 
* Daily Room Service 
* Gratuity Free

Not included

Cost of rooms and airfare are not included so you can choose the options that best fit your needs.

Check room options and pricing by clicking here (DO NOT RESERVE ONLINE)

Deposit: $100 per person ($50 for the month of October)

Final Payment Due: 11/23/2016

You must call this number and reference our group number to receive our special group amenities.

GROUP AGENT: Danielle Alves

GROUP AGENT PHONE: 1(954)514-4381 Monday-Friday 10am-7pm ET

GROUP ID: A544798


Before You Go


Leaving Miami, Florida - First night intro session
Day 1
Our first night at sea will begin with an introductory session with all 4 presenters, beginning at 6pm. We'll cover what to expect for the remainder of the sessions and get to know our speakers a little better. Plenty of nightlife options following the session!

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