Socotra Premiere: 8 days

Elite Socotra Tours
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Duration: 8 days
Group size: 8 - 15
Socotra Premiere: 8 days

Elite Socotra Tours
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Duration: 8 days
Group size: 8 - 15

About this trip

Join us on a trip of a lifetime to visit the floating pearl of the Indian Ocean. 

Experience an exotic place where nature and culture have long coexisted. 

An island which has remained relatively untouched,  unlike any place on earth, with tourists reserved to only the most adventurous world travelers. 


Until now those few tourists that were able to reach Socotra  were able to explore the beauty and incredible nature of the island only without any comforts of the modern world. 

Until now, a tour of Socotra as accepted for whatever was available without any expectation for more. 

Until now, tourists accepted low expectations of a rugged and wild experience of camping with no toilets or comforts as the cost they had to pay for being able to experience the natural beauty of the island.

Elite Socotra Tours is now proud to be offer the world its first tour with an upgraded, comfortable safe, and exotic experience with services and options available only to us.  

Others will camp every night in simple tents with crowded campsite and no proper sanitation, without running water or sanitary food   We will stay in a  new swanky hotel for 4 nights and camp in our private fixed beach with large, stand up tents, with toilets and kitchen facilities. 

We will travel in new SUV's, without fear of breakdowns and eat fresh food prepared with safety standards. 

As a further benefit, by raising the standards for tourists on the island we are also making it cleaner, safer, and preserving the ecology of the island for years to come.  

Booking Terms and Conditions

The 1050 USD is to purchase your plane tickets, visa and tour deposit

The flight tickets to Socotra from Abu Dhabi are non refundable 


What’s included

  • 4 nights hotel
    You will stay in the best brand new hotel on the island, just outside of Hadibo, with a twin sharing room, en suite toilets and AC
  • All meals on the island
    All of your meals and snacks are included
  • New SUV Transport
    Our SUV's are all new imported in the last year from UAE. They all have seatbelts, airbags and no broken windows and full recovery gear included. You will be safe in these cars.
  • 3 nights Camping
    Our camps are in private areas on the beach with stand up tents, full toilet and kitchen facilities
  • Beach Relaxing Tents
    On the beach events, you will have everything you need to be safe from the sun
  • Kayaks and boogie boards
    We have these availble on our beach days for everyone to use
  • Fishing Yacht Trip
    Exclusive Yacht fishing trip around the island
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
    Beach day in Delish is complete with all of the toys to enjoy the day in the water with!
  • Jet Ski in Delish
    What a better way to see the costline than by jetski, as you race the dolphins and see the turtles below the surface.
  • Professional Guides
    Our guides speak English, Arabic, and other langauges
  • Professional Drivers
    Our drivers are trained in UAE to safety standards and off road skills
  • Tips
    it is recommended that you tip your service providers at the end of each trip
  • Concierge in Abu Dhabi
    Upon arrival to UAE we will pick you up and take you to your hotel
  • Gyrocopter Ride
    Choose your own adventure day, choose to fly with the birds eye view over the island on a 1 hour ride ride to the mountain
  • Camel Trek
    Choose your own Adventure Day - a 3 hour camel trek across Nuged

Available Packages

Int'l arrivals: Elite Package Tour
Available until 30 days before departure

This package includes single room and single tent, 1 night in Abu Dhabi 5 star hotel overnight before you leave, and 1 night upon return before your onward journey.  This includes pickup from the airport and an early breakfast before you leave. 

Depending on your arrival timing, we will also include a short tour of Abu Dhabi to visit the Grand Mosque, Yas Island attractions, or the Al Hosn Fort.  The basic tour will be included in the price, and you can choose from additional options if you want to spend a few more days in the UAE. 

Deposit: $1,000
UAE Residents Elite Singles Package
Available until 30 days before departure

For residents who are already in the country, we have a special option for you that allows you to take advantage of getting to and from the airport on your own, but still has all of the elite package elements when you reach the island, including single hotel/single tent. 

All of the toys and options are included in this package and you will only need to prepare for. tips upon departure and maybe a few souvenirs! 

Deposit: $1,000
Int'l: Elite Couples Package (Discount)
Available until 30 days before departure

This includes all of the perks of the Elite Package tour, but as a couple sharing a room and the tents, you will get a 10% a discount on your package. 

The deposit amount is also smaller. 

Deposit: $1,500

Available options



Arrival to Socotra
Reach the island hike to Homhil Infiniti Pool

After arrival to the airport, we will change our clothes and prepare for a short 30 minute hike to reach our destination. We will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama view over the Arabian Sea. After our afternoon in Homhil,  we will return to our Chalet on the beach for a sunset dinner. 

Lunch:  Packed lunch at Homhil 

Diner and Overnight:  Chalet Sirina 

Your Organizer

Elite Socotra Tours
We are committed to raising the standards of tourism on the island