Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Outdoor Yoga Retreats
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35 reviews
Feb 15 - 22, 2020
Group size: 1 - 25
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Outdoor Yoga Retreats
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35 reviews

Feb 15 - 22, 2020
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Bali is dreamy.. lush.. other worldly.. it's all true. Bali is a healing sanctuary. The people and the way they care for each other, guests, the land, and the spirit. It's for a sure a place where you can come and rest your woes and reawaken your senses to majestic living. 

This retreat is a time for you to slow your roll.. to live in the present, be wonderfully pampered with delicious meals, transformative yoga and incredible landscapes. 

low down, feel supported by earth, community, and plenty of time. from busy to spacious - from identifying with all the roles we play in the world to reconnecting with the inner most self. When there is the opportunity 

A day in the life of retreating @ soulshine

You'll wake up to.. beautiful fruit, gorgeous views and a light breakfast. We'll meditate each morning and then practice up in the sky on an open-air pavilion, while listening to the birds and sounds of nature, surrounded by green 360 degrees. (green is so healing for the eyes and soul!) 

Morning meditation + yoga. 

7am - Quiet, deeply calming early morning meditations (20-30 min practice) to tune into your quiet, innermost self. Before the rational mind has time to jump in you will access that still, intuitive place. 

Option after meditation for coffee, tea, breakfast.

8:30am - invigorating, all-levels yoga practices. Begin your day feeling grounded and empowered in your body, mind and heart. Everyday classes will be different, and will weave in strength, stretching, yoga therapeutics, chanting, and creative movement. 

Following yoga is a perfect time for journaling.. so I will offer a prompt each day and you can partake. Of course this is optional. It is all optional really.. you can do whatever you need to do, the entire time you are here :)

The rest of the day.. will offer lots of time to enjoy a great lunch, hang by the pool, or explore around Ubud. Just walking around the town, seeing temples and markets is beautiful.  There will also be options for afternoon cultural exploration - a guided temple tour, visit to sacred water temple, or scooter around to see endless fields of rice paddies.

Late afternoon - workshops including breathwork, yoga philosophy or asana (movement). 

  • Breathwork is a very powerful, clarifying practice I’ve stepped into offering this year and it has been so rewarding to offer, and students have had powerful breakthrough moments with this practice. We’ll have at least 2 afternoon breathwork sessions on retreat.
  • Yoga philosophy - we’ll have one afternoon class where I will share an overview of the Bhagavad Gita, and how this is a deeply practical and resourceful spiritual text at the heart of yoga. This is a much loved offering! Possibly more afternoons of yoga philosophy.
  • Yoga asana workshop- at least 1 afternoon of breaking down an advanced movement posture like backbends or inversions.
  • Restorative yoga at night - most evenings restorative yoga will be offered around 9pm. This is a deeply nourishing practice that helps to prepare you for deep sleep, and is much loved on retreats.

Evenings will be lovely dinners by the pool, great conversation, and relaxation. There is plenty of space to spread out, take time on your own, or hang with the group.

I will leave you with this.. Bali is where I came in 2014 to "do some yoga" and see what this buzz was all about. I had no intention of becoming a "yoga teacher" or really no idea what would come of it, but I knew my current life situation was not going in a positive direction.  I spent 3 weeks Bali and the people, the temples, the richness of spiritual life and kindness and BEAUTY! (it is just SO beautiful everywhere) helped me remember I was not broken. I am part of the human family on this wild journey that is sometimes scary, mysterious, and amazing. But I did come to remember my place in it all, and that my health and happiness is vital if I want to contribute to the world in a sincere way. It was a super powerful trip for me, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this majestic space with you, especially at Soulshine!!  This will be my first time back to Bali since (I have been hosting retreats in Hawaii the last several years) and just so excited to be back. I pour my heart and soul into supporting students through the practice, hands on assists, and offering all I can through workshops, hanging out, and facilitating amazing people coming together. 

Also worth noting - I've kept this retreat to just 20 spots because I want to keep it intimate! It will likely sell out at some point as many past retreaters are excited to go to Bali together, so if you're interested,  sign up sooner than later :)

Please note: the deposit for your room is non-refundable.  Final payment is due 1 month before trip begins, and the trip is non-refundable from there. I run small, high-impact retreats and simply need to ensure I am supported to make what I do possible. Travel insurance is available to you if that's helpful. Thank you for understanding and for your support in making these dream moments come to life and for the gift of allowing me to serve and support you in thriving.

What’s included

  • 7 nights stay
    Luxury accommodation at Soulshine!
  • Travel to/from Hotel
    Roundtrip Airport Shuttle Service
  • 6 Dinners @ Soulshine
    Healthy, Local, Beautiful meals at hotel. Vegan, Vegetarian + Pescatarian options available.
  • Daily Morning Yoga
    Grounding, strong, and nourishing daily practice. Will include working with the subtle body.
  • Daily Restorative Yoga
    At 4:30pm and 8:30pm, alternating days.
  • Daily Breakfast
    Fruit + nourishing breakfast offerings
  • 3 workshops (minimum!)
    Yoga philosophy, Inversions, and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Daily Dinner
    Vegetarian, delicious dinners!
  • Lunch
    Enjoy lunch at the cafe or in town.

Available Packages

Soul Room // Shared

Soul rooms are ashram dorm style with a private rain shower and bathroom located just outside the room.  Each room is air-conditioned with built in wardrobes and desks for two people. Perfect for sharing with a travel buddy or choose the king bed option for couples. 

I space open in shared room available for a female!

Deposit: $500
Soul Room // Single

Soul rooms are ashram dorm style with a private rain shower and bathroom located just outside the room.  Each room is air-conditioned with built in wardrobes and desks for two people. Perfect for sharing with a travel buddy or choose the king bed option for couples. 

Deposit: $500
Sound of Sunshine Room // Single

The room where Michael wrote the song 'Sound of Sunshine' boasts picture window views of the jungle canopy and a tree house feeling. The decor is a mix of custom carved tribal furniture and modern decor.  Play your favorite tunes on the Marshall speakers and make your own dance party! 

2 twin beds // 2800 shared

1 king bed // 3200

If you'd like to book this room as a double, please reach out to me so I can adjust the pricing. 

thank you!

Deposit: $500
Michael Franti Room // Single

The grand and very much soulful suite is everything you need to regenerate during your dreamy vacation. It's decor is a mix of custom carved tribal furniture and modern decor. On the console you'll find interesting reads, antique artifacts and a Marshall speaker waiting to play your favorite tunes. The very generous and bright bathroom has a rain shower that cools you of after an awarding yoga class.

1 King Bed

Deposit: $1,000
Bob Marley Room // Single

Feel the vibes in this spacious room with a king bed and seating area with a love sofa. The decor is a mix of custom carved tribal furniture and modern decor. Listen to your favorite tunes on the Marshall speakers and enjoy the temple views from your own private balcony. 

1 King Bed

Deposit: $1,000

Your Organizer

Outdoor Yoga Retreats
35 reviews
I draw on the contemplative traditions of reiki, meditation, yoga, nutrition, positive psychology and integrative wellness to address the entire human experience - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I teach a steady, strong and spirited vinyasa class. Classes are thoughtfully designed to the seasons and time of day. You can expect to chant, sweat, feel your heart come alive and learn new elements of yoga philosophy in each class. I also love teaching restorative yoga and yoga nidra in late afternoons and evenings on retreat.


This was such a delightful weekend away. A chance to make new friends in the open air while moving my body all day, everyday, for three days straight. The venue Julie selected for this retreat was so unique--we all stayed in yurts, glamping tents, shipping containers, a water tower, a mobile home, and, of course, a house. And they were all incredibly comfortable. My favorite non-yoga part of the weekend was showering in the open air looking out over the forest and cold plunging in cast iron bath tubs under the trees to cool off after our last yoga session before departing. Julie does such a wonderful job shaping the weekend but providing enough flexibility to let things evolve organically. I walked away with a group of wonderful new gal pals after this weekend!
By Libby M for Soulful Weekend Nature Camp for Women! on Jun 20, 2023
Julie’s yoga retreats bring people of all ages together to share, practice, eat amazing food and relax. I particularly enjoy Julie’s knowledge of yoga and meditative practice. I recommend nourishing yourself with this skilled and nurturing practitioner. DR
By Dianne R for Soulful Weekend Nature Camp for Women! on Jun 13, 2023
This retreat was an oasis weekend getaway. The location was my favorite part, with rustic "glamping" accommodation in the forest near the Yuba River. The flow of the weekend was so organic between connecting with like minded women, attending an invigorating yoga session, eating yummy food, and relaxing by the river. Julie did a fabulous job organizing this from before the retreat even started, up until when we said our goodbyes the last day. I just wish the retreat were longer! A great weekend to recharge, relax and renew in nature.
By Dana K for Soulful Weekend Nature Camp for Women! on Jun 12, 2023
Such an amazing and nourishing experience! If you get the chance to attend a retreat with Julie, take it!
By Chelsea G for Soulful Weekend Nature Camp for Women! on Jun 08, 2023
Julie and Kirin facilitated a fabulous week at Blue Osa and I feel unbelievably grateful for the safe and inviting space they created in a very magical part of the world. I didn't know a single other participant taking the trip and found that there were many other women in my shoes who joined the retreat. There was an incredible age range and women who had a wide variety of job types and life experiences to share. We all got along so so well and Julie and Kirin did an incredible job teaching yoga classes to match student's needs as well as opportunities to connect and be held in a safe and supportive environment. Our time together went far beyond yoga classes. Dance and barre classes were offered and beautiful, heartfelt and tender chants were sung together at the yoga shala with a harmonium and those songs filled my soul in a powerful way. I would love to attend another retreat with Julie in the future!!
By Marina v for Soulful Yoga Retreat from Women on Feb 27, 2023
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Julieanne and Kirin's retreats are the perfect blend of soul food style movement, downtempo relaxation time in a gorgeous environment, friendship, delicious healthy food and fun. I can not provide a higher endorsement for a trip with these women and feel so lucky to have experienced multiple yoga vacations. Honestly, the most relaxing, deeply nourishing and low stress trips of my life. If you are reading this.....just book the damn trip. You will not be disappointed.
By Chelsea B on 21 Feb, 2023
I recently returned from an incredible 7 day retreat at the wonderful Blue Osa in Costa Rica, hosted by Julie and Kirin. The community formed in a week amongst 15 women, ranging in age from 23-73, without expectation, and trusting something was there for all of us, was truly magical and something I have never experienced. Julie and Kirin created a safe space for us to share our grief, tender spots, goals and vulnerability. This retreat was long overdue for me, as a mom of two young girls, it truly was one of the best experiences of my life. The retreat gave me the space to be held in nature, by new friends, through delicious healthy meals and most importantly fill my cup first so I can give back to my family and those around me. Julie and Kirin are authentic, loving and inspiring in their own unique way, it was truly a gift to be able to practice alongside them and a group of beautiful women. I highly recommend any retreat with Julie and Kirin as it will change your life forever!
By Kirsten F on 08 Feb, 2023
Since returning from Kauai, I have felt a sense of retreat throughout my days. Peace and serenity weave through my day, easing the stress from work and everyday tasks. I am motivated and inspired to continue what I have learned on the retreat and bring it into my daily life. This retreat showed me what it was like to take care of myself and ultimately how that will help me to take care of those around me. From eating healthy meals, to practicing yoga regularly, to calming my mind and practicing kind observations. A huge thank you to Julie for her care and support during the retreat. It was a treat being able to spend this time with her guiding our group. She was prepared and had lots of information and goodies to share, yet was flexible and open to changing the itinerary based on the needs of the group and the weather. Her knowledge of yoga, the island, cooking, and many other great things kept us inspired and in awe. I would recommend a retreat with Julie to anyone with a curious mind, an open heart, and anyone who wants to truly relax and retreat in a healthy and rejuvenating way.
By Hannah E on 30 Sep, 2018
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