Southern Iceland Adventure: Northern Lights Edition

      Reykjavík, Iceland

      40 reviews
      Sep 24 - 30, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 2
      Southern Iceland Adventure: Northern Lights Edition
      Reykjavík, Iceland

      40 reviews

      Sep 24 - 30, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 2

      About this trip

      Check off this bucket list destination! Iceland is home to waterfalls, volcanoes, snorkeling between two continents, glacier hiking, and more! This 7 day/6 night experience is designed for the adventurer at heart.

      Please see here for all the details including itinerary, trip inclusions, exclusions and more!

      This spot is the final one available on this trip. You will be snuggling up on your own comfy sofa bed in a bedroom shared with one other queen bed.

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      Women Who Explore
      40 reviews
      From the beginning, our mission has been to create a safe space for all voices, all bodies, all skill levels, all journeys. We bring together women who share a passion for adventure, and love for this planet. Our experiences inspire unforgettable memories where strangers become friends. We invite you to join us on an adventure to discover new skills and most importantly, yourself. We are WOMEN WHO EXPLORE.


      I had a great time visiting Rainbow Mountain.
      By Lopa S for Women Who Explore - Peru - Rainbow Mountain Trip Extension September on Oct 04, 2023
      Had a great time until I got altitude sickness. The hotel was lovely, Emilie the ambassador was fantastic. I didn’t get to participate in the actual trek.
      By Liz B for Women Who Explore - Machu Picchu 3.0 - Salkantay Trek - Peru on Sep 27, 2023
      Amazing experience! The hosts went above and beyond to make sure our getaway was the best it could be. I can't wait for my next trip with them!
      By Sarah G for Women Who Explore 2023 Ambassador Only Getaway on Sep 12, 2023
      Yellowstone was amazing. Made great new friends, and had a wonderful time. The only downside was I wasn't expecting so much additional work while traveling.
      By Brieana J for Women Who Explore - Discover the Secrets of Yellowstone on Sep 09, 2023
      Overall, I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful views and meeting great people. Here are some of the recommendations I have for future Yellowstone trips: -Laura and Shelby from Wilderness Inquiry were very kind and knowledgeable of camping/outdoors. I would have liked a little more organization though. I think most of the group was getting a little frustrated when we were unsure of what the plans were for the week, the trail options, and directions. I am pretty easy going and understanding but I did hear a lot of complaining. I try to make the best of everything so I tried to not let it affect my time. -I think it would be beneficial to partner with an organization that can tell us some of the history, maybe key info at each hiking location. I appreciated that they mentioned the tribes that have lived there but we didn’t really learn about the history or just small key info. It didn’t have to be a whole history lesson but just maybe a few key things. The kayaking tour was really cool because we got to see the gorgeous views from the water but also learned about the land, history, and future outlook. -I feel like we spent a lot of time driving and prepping/cleaning/drying meals. I think maybe having the whole first day to make sandwiches, bagels, prep some hot dogs or easy foods could have saved some time. I do appreciate hot meals but I think it took away time from talking by the campfire, getting to talk to others, getting to shower/get alone time, and taking longer and more hikes. The hikes on day 2 seemed a little rushed. Maybe the next camp site can be a little more central to the main areas where the hikes will be. -I think the trip marketing should mention that cooking, cleaning, etc is required. As well as the hike options. Maybe having 2 groups and two guides. One that is more experienced hikers and the other with beginner and intermediate. Also include the Wilderness inquiry group to learn more about it. -Related to above—I think the group hikes were sometimes choppy, some people stayed behind, some clustered in two groups, some people were kind of on their own. It would be nice to have two groups or so so that no one gets left behind if they’re at similar pace/stopping for pictures, etc. -I love that we got to see lots of main viewpoints and got to see bison, elk, different birds, wildlife -I enjoyed venturing with a smaller group at sunset as well. I think maybe having a day where we can kind of venture in partners or small groups would be cool. Or stay by the tents and relax. I would have liked to get up and do a sunrise hike or sunset when wildlife is out and about! -despite the rain and cold, I think the tents and equipment were pretty cozy. It would have been nice to get the info on how to inflate the sleeping pads but I understand it was a chaotic day with rain. -would recommend leaving the hotel sooner to head towards the Yellowstone campsite. -I know this is corny and no one likes them but some more ice breakers at the beginning would be nice to get to know everyone slowly but surely. -The WhatsApp communications were helpful but a little hard to sort through and go back to look at things. Maybe I just searched incorrectly but I kept having to scroll all the way to find info. Also maybe putting laundry, emergency info, tent mates info on two weeks before is helpful when planning what to pack etc. -Day 1 should be maybe the day the expectations and hikes are given to everyone so we know what to expect. -we were tired and busy with everything but we didn’t play any games lol friendly competition is always fun -I appreciate Women who explore for putting the trip together and Sarah for being a great host. This is my first experience traveling alone to camp with a group I don’t know and I am glad I took a chance! I wasn’t too sure if exactly what to expect but I enjoyed my time adventuring through Yellowstone and getting to meet new people & get inspired.
      By Monica U for Women Who Explore - Discover the Secrets of Yellowstone on Sep 03, 2023
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      Best decision I ever made! I felt like a crazy person when I first booked this trip because who books a trip to Mexico with 9 strangers?? This trip was everything I needed! I made 9 friends and came home filled with confidence knowing that once “scary” things were now in my comfort zone. I tell everyone I ever meet about WWE and will 1000% be booking another trip with them. Our tour guide was so kind and took care of all us and made us feel comfortable. The trip was so well organized and left plenty of room for us to explore on our own, or add new things to the itinerary. We learned so much about the local culture, cuisine, agriculture and more with our local guide who was a friend by the end of the trip, and all 10 of us were crying when it was time to say goodbye. If you are considering a trip with WWE, just do it. You’re going to have an incredible time.
      By Tara W on 21 Jul, 2023
      This is my 3rd trip with WWE and I plan to go on many more! Adventures are better than my imagination!
      By Sally O on 14 Jun, 2023
      I had an phenomenal experience with WWE on the Peruvian Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu in Spring 2023. I was unsure at first about travelling with such a large group, but it was amazing. I am grateful to have met so many other beautiful and strong women. I didn't ever feel outside of my comfort zone, only welcomed and encouraged to realize my own goals. I would do this again in the future for sure.
      By Karmen M on 31 May, 2023
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