Space & Grace- Creating Spaciousness in an Overly Scheduled Life

Guanacaste Province, Nosara, Costa Rica

Kymberlie Berrien
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Nov 7 - 14, 2020
Group size: 1 - 15
Space & Grace- Creating Spaciousness in an Overly Scheduled Life
Guanacaste Province, Nosara, Costa Rica

Kymberlie Berrien
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Nov 7 - 14, 2020
Group size: 1 - 15

About this trip

 I  began 2019 with the understanding that I  needed to create space and grace in my life.  I have a career and a business that I love.  I am one of the lucky few I think who can say they really love coming to work each day.  I am also blessed with a wonderful husband and 2 children.  I have a very full life.   With the demands of work and family, there just never seemed to be any space for me.  I always felt rushed, stretched and tired.   Always tired.  There didn't seem to be enough time to do the things I knew I needed to do (like cooking healthy meals and exercising) let alone things I wanted to do (time out with friends, hobbies).  I realized that unless I made an intentinal decision to carve out space to have what I needed , it would never happen.  I also realized I needed to extend a little grace to myself.  I was really good at giving that to other people but not so easily to myself.  I needed to realize that it's OK to ask for what I need and to not be the "perfect" mother (whatever that means).  I needed to learn that it was ok to make myself a priority.  

The more I began to speak about this journey I was on, the more it seemed to resonate with people.  The women in my life began to tell me "Yes!  I need this in my life too!"    So if this resonates with you and you'd like to learn how to create more Space & Grace in your life, please join me this November for our retreat.  During this workshop  we will explore what goes into creating this in your life.  You'll leave with a personalized action plan that you can put in place immediately.   We'll also  have daily instruction on Thai Yoga Massage.  This is a partnered massage that is done fully clothed on a yoga mat.  This practice will be the embodiment piece.  I believe that true wisdom comes not from the brain, but from the heart and gut.  This practice will help you get in a deeper sync with your body.  There will also be time set aside meditation,  mindfullness and yoga.   


Infused with simple elegance and just a short walk down from the main house, the six sizable, guest rooms can accommodate up to 3 people per room. All rooms have ceiling fans, large windows and doors, as well as plenty of overhead ventilation for optimal airflow. All rooms have private baths with large unique and luxurious indoor/outdoor showers, and patios and decks that command stellar views of the mountains and valleys.


  • Private baths with large, luxurious indoor/outdoor showers
  • Fine Linens
  • US style on-demand heaters for reliable, safe, environmentally-friendly hot water
  • Handcrafted Costa Rican hardwood furniture, made by local artisans
  • 3 Full Vegetarian Meals a day
  • All Day Coffee/Tea and Fruit
  • A Closet-full of Yoga Mats & Props
  • Daily housekeeping

What’s included

  • Accomadations
    7 days accomadations at the AHKi retreat center
  • Meals
    3 vegetarian meals per day. Organic where possible. Gluten and dairy free available.
  • Private Resort
    There will be no other guests outside of our retreat
  • Transportation
    Round trip transportation to and from the airport (Liberia). Also transportation to the beach and excursions.
  • swimming pool
    Salt water pool overlooking the jungle
  • Wifi
  • Airfare
    recommended to fly into Liberia
  • Optional excursions
    snorkling, horseback riding, a jungle hike just to name a few
  • alcoholic beverages
    these are available for an additional purchase
  • Spa Services
    The resort has an onsite spa. These services are additional and paid directly to the resort

Available Packages

Early Paid in Full Registration
Sold Out

$100 discount if paid in full by March 31st

Triple Occupancy

Up to 3 participants per room.  If you'd like to invite someone to be your roommate, please email with your names.  

Deposit: $200
Double Occupancy
only 3 left
Deposit: $200
Single Occupancy
only 1 left
Deposit: $200


Space & Grace Retreat
Sample Day

7 am - Morning Mindfullness and Meditation

8 am - Breakfast

9 am - 12 pm - Theme exploration, Thai Yoga Massage Instruction.

12 pm - lunch

1 pm - 6 pm - Free time, excursions, journaling and reflections

6 pm - Dinner

7pm - 8 pm - Evening Yoga

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