Space to Grow Holiday Retreat. June 2024.

Arillas Magouladon, Corfu 490 81, Greece

James Elphick
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10 reviews
Jun 27 - Jul 2, 2024
Group size: 5 - 8
Space to Grow Holiday Retreat. June 2024.
Arillas Magouladon, Corfu 490 81, Greece

James Elphick
  • Email address verified
10 reviews

Jun 27 - Jul 2, 2024
Group size: 5 - 8

About this trip

Find the qualities of a healthy and balanced life in the beauty of Corfu. June 27th to 2nd July.

With a small team of expert facilitators you will learn to access your vibrancy, purpose and balance again through a blend of deeply connected nature connection practices, breathwork, yoga and rejuvenating holiday experiences.

Within a small group of no more than eight you will find this a unique experience that differs widely from the pack em in style retreats.

Here you will have the chance to have the guidance to find an easier way to live in the world.

On the beautiful beaches and within the magical olive groves of Corfu you be guided back to your simple and pure nature so you can thrive in the world again.

You will be held in a structure that allows you to be led and unwound into the relaxed Greek way of life.

Here you can drop your worries, open your hearts and lift up your head.

Over the five days you start to feel at ease again, a feeling  that you may have forgotten.

You will go back with renewed energy and purpose helping you lead the life you really want to lead.

With limited spaces a deposit is required to confirm your spot.


Find yourself in a comfortable villa or in a carefully chosen apartment with either far reaching views of the green hills of Corfu or in walking distance of the beach.

The chosen villa/apartments will be hand selected dependent on number of guests.

You are guaranteed clean, comfortable simple Greek style accommodation in a peaceful area.

Choice of own double bedroom or shared room.

About me.

James Elphick.

Over the last twenty years I have helped people connect deeply with themselves. Coming from the world of Horticultural therapy I am convinced nature is our greatest teacher and healer.

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic disease and this gifted me the deeper layers of awareness of the body and mind. I have healed this through deep embodiment work in nature and living in my truth.

I studied Land Use at university level and I am a trained aura mediator and mindfulness for health coach. I have witnessed many people move through huge breakthroughs and shifts through 1.1 sessions and retreats. I have also attended lot's of retreats and received many years of coaching and therapy.

I live in Arillas in Corfu where I feel the land and Greek way of life suits my Soul.

Guest Teachers.

Christina Valeska will bring a relaxing Yoga from the heart session to you. She has over twenty years experience and is specialized in Yoga Therapy. In her classes you benefit from her experience and education in holistic medicine, Ayurveda, bodywork and energy work. Her intention is to meet every student where they are and to guide them into a deeper connection with their body and soul.

Corfu and Arillas.


This is how Homer described the Nature in Corfu around 2.800 years ago…“Here* are planted tall thriving trees – pears, pomegranates, apples with glistening fruit, sweet figs, rich olives. The fruit of all these never fails or flags all the year round, winter or summer; here the west wind is always breathing – some fruits it brings to birth, some to ripeness. Pear upon pear matures to fullness, apple on apple, grape-cluster on grape-cluster, fig on fig.

”*In Scheria/CorfuHomer, The Odyssey, Book VII, 800 BC

 The Emerald isle in the blue Ionian sea still holds this allure. This beautiful and magical island has captured so many hearts and souls and it’s easy to see why.

 You will be naturally under her spell!

Arillas. Your base and destination for relaxation. 

Nestled in the North West of the island surrounded by green hills and protected by offshore islands lies a jewel far removed from any loud tourist resort.

 A small town that attracts those who want to discover themselves in a deeper way. The whole area is bustling with positive energy and you will feel the warm welcome from all those that spend time here. The area has a beautiful coastline, fine sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters. It is a place to relax, have fun and be immersed in all the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

Testimonials for James and Space to Grow


There is something very comforting to feel a man’s gentle presence in communion with nature. James leads with a sense of connection derived not from a need to teach or prove something but from having walked his path and found his calling.

James, your guidance is so helpful and beautiful. Your voice is so soothing. Thank you for the reminder of rooted connection with self, community and all living beings. I really needed that. It helped me at a time of turbulent emotions.

James was incredibly professional yet accessible. His warmth and presence allowed a safety that was immediate. I recommend a 5 day retreat as the layers continued to peel until I met my essence. This was the most transformative spiritual experience I have ever had and I will continue to treasure it forever.  

What’s included

  • Breakfast.
    Meet together on a verandah for a beautifully presented and healthy Greek breakfast each morning.
  • Nature healing.
    Through deeply led practices you will find the peace and deeper allowance for all that you are. You will be led through quiet trails, magical olive groves and seascapes to find that connection.
  • Sacred site day trip.
    You will visit the magnificent AngeloKastro. an ancient site suffused with magical energies and powerful ley lines. We will explore the masculine and feminine energies within and without.
  • Yoga classes.
    You will have two morning sessions to stretch, open and enliven your whole system.
  • Somatic experiencing.
    Deep dive into the nature of your body.
  • Celebration evenings.
    We will celebrate your arrival with a feast and music and the same for all that you have found on the last night.
  • Arillas events.
    You will be invited to local events that may include concerts, dancing, drum circles and other alternative events in Arillas.
  • Greek Village trip.
    Explore the windy paths and traditional Greek houses and colours of this beautiful hillside village.
  • Boat trip to iconic bay.
    We catch the boat to the beautiful twin bay of Porto Timoni. There is a swimming challenge for those that want to participate once there!
  • Lazy Taverna Lunches
    What better way to enjoy delicious Greek food than with friends and looking over the Ionian sea.

What’s not included

  • Flights and transfers
    I can give information for transfers. Car hire or taxis are recommended for your spare time.
  • Dinners on days 2,3,4
    You will have the choice of some excellent tavernas and restaurants for dinners, with company, or self catering.
  • Travel Insurance.
    It is strongly recommended that you take out adequate travel insurance in case there are any unforeseen situations that may affect your trip.

Available Packages

Double bedroom

You will have your own room in a shared villa or apartment.  Price includes all retreat activities, breakfast and lunches, and two dinners.

Deposit: £748
Double occupancy room.
Deposit: £498

Available options

Extra Coaching session 1hr.

Find depth and insights to any challenges in your life with 1.1 transformational coaching from James. 


Day 1.
Welcoming you onto the island with food and song!


16:00  Check In with James.

Afternoon | Settle In & Relax . Book nature balancing session or post retreat activities. 

19:30 | Welcome Dinner at villa, music and getting to know your tribe.

Your Organizer

James Elphick
10 reviews
From a young child I have felt connected to Spirit and nature often found meditating under trees much to my parents bewilderment! Over the last twenty years I have helped people connect deeply with themselves, mainly through nature therapy and also through 1.1 sessions and retreats. I have worked within land therapy for many years with a wide range of people learning so much about the human condition and how it thrives and heals by being in nature. I love the warm nature of Greece and love witnessing the effect it has on people!


As I leave the ‘Space to Grow’ team this week I’m feeling deep gratitude. With an open heart I journeyed through the week of meditation, somatic healing, yoga and stunning nature walks. Feeling grounded and totally immersed in the moment as we shared, laughed, cried, sang and danced. I built deep, long lasting connections to all attending the retreat. ‘Space to Grow’ and Arillas in Corfu has a way of opening your heart, capturing your spirit and transforming your soul.
By Corrina A for Space to Grow Retreat. May 2024. on Jun 02, 2024
I booked this trip quite last minute, knowing I needed a break, a retreat and to be held in space by someone when I am usually the one holding the space. Having known James for many years I trusted him and knew he had a wealth of experience behind him that would no doubt shine through in the time we spent together and that I would feel safe and held within the container he created and he delivered with grace, kindness, empathy, humour and an un-confrontational, soft yet powerful masculinity. Each day offered a new experience logistically, physically, spiritually and emotionally. From connecting deeply with nature in the olive groves, exploring sacred sites, swimming in the clear turquoise waters found by hiking to hidden coves, to diving deeply into our inner world with breath work, somatic experiencing (led by Margit a beautiful and talented space holder, assisting James in providing a wonderful and full retreat experience), meditations and inner journeys. Absolutely transformational: the practices, support and guidance given allowed deep inner shifts and realisations, creating space for new personal growth. Whilst a new sisterhood was formed in the group of strangers brought together and sharing not only a stunning villa but inner truths, deep revelations, tears, laughter, delicious food and beautiful places. James has created an absolutely incredible retreat from the knowledge and experience of his own explorations of the island and the practices he uses. With allergies and food intolerances James went to great lengths to ensure I was catered for and this is not and easy task and I am eternally grateful for the care taken. The deepest love and gratitude for simply stunning experience. Thank you.
By Natashakingyoga for Space to Grow Retreat. May 2024. on May 31, 2024
I had been drawn to James and his online presence for a few years and when I saw he was offering retreats, a deep spark of resonance settled into my body. After having gone through many big courses and retreats involving big, cathartic processes, I was drawn to the gentle, embodied energy James brings and the thread of nature and softness he weaves through his offerings. I wanted to rest deeply into myself and have some space to listen to my Soul. I was also really wanting to be held in a space by a male facilitator. This is often so powerful for me as a woman who's still building trust and working on wounds around the masculine (inside and out). The retreat really exceeded what I expected and was looking for. The days were rich, but not too full. The food was incredible, creating this sense of abundance and nourishment. The practices we were guided through by James and Margit, brought both a depth and a gentleness, allowing a nurturing quality to be felt and a spaciousness to emerge from inside. I'm returning home having rediscovered a place within myself I had been overriding with so much doing and analysing. I feel reconnected to my body. My mind feels calmer. I feel more clear about my next steps. I feel re- rooted into trust and love for myself and life- elements that had been somehow wavering without me knowing. Corfu is a such a magical place for this all to take place. The people, the land and the ocean add immense value to the whole experience. It was really special sharing space with a group of women I didn't know. Being able to journey the 5 days alongside others who are also o the path of finding themselves, to witness and be witnessed, added a potent and profound element to what we all moved through. I also found space to be by myself when needed and to take time when I needed to reflect. I really do feel forever changed from this week of sheer yumminess and self connection. I cannot recommend these retreats enough. If you're feeling burnt out, heavy and unsure of how to meet the path you're on, or if you simply want a beautiful, gentle but alchemical space to be held in, outside of all the busyness of your day to day life.
By Meesh D for Space to Grow Retreat. May 2024. on May 30, 2024
This was a beautiful experience. James gently leads with joy, love, patience and grace. He knows when to approach and when to pull back and let you process what is happening. Margit adds another dimension with Somatic work that gives one lasting tools to explore what is happening within. The setting is not only breathtaking, but also has powerful healing energy. The opportunity to explore different aspects of the island offers a chance for one to explore different aspects of themselves. Being in the energy of the other participants is magical. We developed lasting bonds. Thank you so very much! Dana
By Dana H for Space to Grow Retreat. May 2024. on May 29, 2024
Arriving in Corfu and meeting the fellow guests was a good way to start a lovely holiday. Along the way, we all bonded, so by the end of the week we felt like a family, especially when we shared morning meditations and beautiful breakfasts prepared for us with love and care by Margit, James's co-host. James immediately helped us all to feel comfortable and along with magical Margit taught us how to release our inner child and to remember how to play and to be silly again. I think we all learnt to let go of a lot and to feel free. For me, I learnt to relax and reset my brain, after a stressful year. Through James's breathing and meditation techniques I learnt to be calm again, which was magical. Through Margits Somatic Healing we listened to our bodies and healed our nervous systems (to be followed up on for sure) Margit and James are a "natural' at what they do here. Calm, kind, funny and just lovely. I had a beautiful week with them. We visited a couple of other places and walked amongst the many Olive Tree Forests that cover the Island. It was beautiful. Many, many thanks to you both. Sending love. Jacqui ❤️
By Jacqueline B for Space to Grow Retreat. May 2024. on Oct 06, 2023
Ah Jacqui thank you for your big smile and heart and all that you brought to the retreat. Your wisdom shone through each day and it was a pleasure to witness you drop deeper into love with yourself 💓
By James Elphick on Oct 08, 2023
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