Spain Yoga (Yoga Simple and Sacred)

      Valencia, Spain

      Walker Wellness Retreats
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      33 reviews
      Apr 20 - 28, 2024
      Group size: 14 - 16
      Spain Yoga (Yoga Simple and Sacred)
      Valencia, Spain

      Walker Wellness Retreats
      • Email address verified
      33 reviews

      Apr 20 - 28, 2024
      Group size: 14 - 16

      About this trip

      Come join Gloria Drayer of Yoga Simple & Sacred and Walker Wellness Retreats as we explore spectacular Spain! This all-inclusive retreat strikes the perfect balance between sightseeing, exploration, culture, relaxation, and rejuvenation. This retreat also provides you with a mix of urban and countryside so you can experience both aspects of Spain.

      Enjoy 8 nights/9 days in beautiful accommodations in different towns, including Barcelona ( 2 nights at a hotel), Valencia ( 5 nights at the retreat center), and Madrid ( 1 night at a hotel). You won't want to miss it!

      Please note that everything is completely optional. The itinerary is subject to change due to weather and any other unforeseen circumstances. This retreat is a little more active as we will be moving from place to place as we cover a lot of land but we hope to provide you with a nice mixture between relaxation and excursions. Please also note that the retreat officially starts on the first day at the welcome dinner and ends after breakfast on the last day.

      Meet Your Yoga Guide

      Gloria Drayer is known for the intuition, empathy, and compassion she brings with her role as a certified Kripalu yoga instructor. She focuses her students on the present moment and encourages them to accept themselves as they are. Everyone is encouraged to work at their comfort level and make the progress they can in a non-competitive environment. She offers weekly yoga classes for all levels. Local yoga retreats and workshops covering many areas, including specialty workshops on meaningful life-altering topics such as grief and weight loss, are held throughout the year. Gloria also leads small, intimate groups on international yoga adventures annually.

      Teaching yoga since 1995, she challenges her students to go to their edge – breath by breath gently. She has lived and taught at Kripalu, the country’s most prominent yoga and holistic health center in Massachusetts, and currently holds a 500-hour certification with Kripalu and Yoga Alliance. She’s studied the Sri Krishnamacharya tradition in India, and her teacher in New Mexico in this tradition is Sonia Nelson. Gloria is the author of Yoga and Grief: A Compassionate Journey Toward Healing. She is also a certified Shiatsu practitioner.

      Packing List

      Important Documentation:

      Travel insurance details (including emergency contact information) Passport Copy of passport (both in physical and digital form) COVID-19 vaccination records Trip itinerary (including accommodation and transportation details)

      Helpful Tip: Make two copies of your passport, travel insurance papers, and other important travel documents. Diversify your copies by storing them electronically on your computer/smartphone and separating them in your money belt, carry-on bag, and checked luggage. Keep your vaccination records with your passport.


      Debit card (with a four-digit PIN) Credit card Petty cash (in euros, ~100) Cross-body bag or travel purse (to avoid theft when out walking around)

      Helpful Tip: You can withdraw euros from ATMs, and it's usually the most convenient way to get local currency. However, it's always a good idea to bring some petty cash just in case of an emergency. Be mindful of the denomination you carry as some shops and vendors may not accept large bills.


      Comfortable walking shoes (closed toe preferred) Slip-on shoes (such as sandals or flip-flops) Lightweight rain jacket or umbrella Scarf (for covering shoulders when entering religious sites or dressing up an outfit) Warm sweater or jacket (depending on the season) Swimwear (if traveling in the summer or visiting a beach destination) Hat and sunglasses Undergarments and socks Casual clothing (shorts, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, etc.) Athletic wear (yoga pants, sports bras, etc.) Laundry bag

      Helpful Tip: Pack for the season and be mindful of local customs and dress codes. Plan to do laundry or purchase clothes locally if you run out of outfits.


      Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss Shampoo and conditioner (travel-sized) Body wash or soap (travel-sized) Deodorant Razor and shaving cream Personal medications (in their original containers) Pain reliever (such as aspirin or ibuprofen) Anti-diarrhea medicine (such as Imodium or Pepto-Bismol) Motion sickness medicine (if prone to motion sickness) Sunblock (SPF 30 or higher) Insect repellent First aid kit (band-aids, antiseptic wipes, etc.) Towel (microfiber or quick-dry) Hand sanitizer Earplugs


      Smartphone and/or camera Charger and adapter (for European outlets) Portable charger (if planning to use devices extensively throughout the day) Headphones Waterproof phone case Power strip (if traveling with multiple devices) VPN software (if needed for internet security and accessing geo-restricted content)

      Additional Personal Items:

      Refillable water bottle Day pack or backpack (for carrying essentials during the day) Beach bag or tote (if visiting a beach destination) Dry bag (for storing wet clothes or electronics) Beach blanket (if visiting a beach destination) Book or e-reader Journal or notepad

      Always keep an eye on your belongings and be mindful of pickpockets and scams. Leave valuable items at home if possible or store them in a secure location such as a hotel safe. And don't forget to leave room in your luggage for souvenirs and gifts!

      Europe Travel Tips


      Take out Euros from an ATM. Conversion rates are about equal to the dollar. Be mindful that some ATMs charge a crazy conversion rate like 11-15%. Do not use these ATMs. Avoid taking money out of EuroNet ATMs as they charge a lot of conversion fees. Use the XE currency conversion app to show you the conversion rate when you buy something.  Don't pay in USD. They probably won't take it, and if they do, you won't get a good conversion. Always do the local currency, Euro, if a merchant asks if you want to process your card in USD or Euro. Cash is widely used, especially for small things like drinks. Keep small bills and coins for the bathroom. If you leave a tip anywhere, just round up. No need to tip out standard 20%. Make sure you use up all your coins before leaving Europe as you cannot exchange them back.

      Financial Safety:

      Be aware of your surroundings and avoid displaying large amounts of cash in public. Split up your cash, cards, and important documents into different places (e.g., some in a wallet, some in a money belt, and some in your luggage). Keep your wallet or purse close to your body and never leave it unattended. Use ATMs located in secure, well-lit areas and avoid those with suspicious-looking devices attached to them. Check your credit card and bank statements regularly for any unauthorized charges or transactions. Use credit cards for larger purchases as they offer better protection than debit cards. Use a travel credit card that offers benefits such as no foreign transaction fees and travel insurance. Notify your bank and credit card company of your travel plans to prevent them from flagging your purchases as suspicious and freezing your account. Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi to avoid identity theft and fraud. Use a virtual private network (VPN) and avoid accessing sensitive information (e.g., bank accounts) on public Wi-Fi networks.

      Personal Safety:

      Be aware of surroundings and stay alert. Avoid carrying valuables or expensive jewelry. Use a money belt or cross-body purse to keep important items secure. Avoid walking alone at night, especially in unlit areas. Keep wallet in a front pocket or money belt. Use a cross-body purse with a secure zipper or buckle. Be wary of strangers who approach. Stay alert in crowded places, such as train stations and tourist attractions. Register with embassy or consulate in case of emergency. Always keep emergency contact information with you. Learn basic phrases in local language, including how to ask for help.


      Make sure to validate your ticket before boarding. Use trusted ride-sharing apps or licensed taxis when taking a taxi. Official transportation services should be used at airports and train stations.

      Retreat Center - Lucia Yoga Retreats

      Delight in beach and yoga holidays in the province of Valencia on the Eastern Coast of Spain. Layered in history since its founding in the Roman era, this area captures attention with its tropical climate, soft sand beaches, and charming old town. From the historically rich city center with quaint Medieval Era streets to the impressively modern City of Arts and Sciences with the largest Aquarium in Europe, a visitor to Valencia city is dazzled by the variety of attractions.

      The Mediterranean Retreat Center is located 1 kilometer from the beach on the road near a small rural seaside town, outside of Valencia City. Practice yoga in the large shala with natural light and high ceilings. With four classes daily, learn from different teachers, experience different yoga styles for all levels, and have the opportunity to deepen your practice and escalate your health.

      Take pleasure in the open spaces and quiet spots to lounge in the garden patios, take a plunge in the dipping pool after spending time at the beach, and book time for a massage or to unwind in the on-site spa with a jacuzzi and dry sauna. Rooms have ensuite bathrooms, air conditioners, and heaters and there is WiFi in the central lounge area of the retreat center.

      A few optional services are available at an additional charge once you arrive at the retreat center:

      - Massage and spa (jacuzzi & sauna) sessions (cash only)

      - Souvenir and gift shop (cash only)

      - Drinks from the bar (credit card or cash)

      - Laundry services (15 Euros per 6-7 kg bag)

      To learn more and see photos, click here.

      Payment & Cancellation Policy

      In the event of trip cancellation before the 90-day deadline, $500 of the deposited amount is non-refundable as well as any airfare, train tickets or ferry tickets purchased as part of your trip package due to the strict cancellation policy by foreign carriers ( If applicable).

      Trip cancellations requested after the final payment deadlines listed above are non-refundable, and guests are encouraged to file a claim with their travel insurance for reimbursement. 

      In the unlikely event Walker Wellness Retreats cancels the retreat, guests will be provided a full 100% refund of their booking. 

      Lastly, we partner with several third-party booking platforms with separate deposit and cancellation policies. Please refer to their specific cancellation policies if booking through a third-party partner.

      Questions about refunds or cancellations? Click here to view our payment and cancellation policy.

      The deadline to book an international retreat is 30 days before the retreat begins; however, some exceptions can be made based on availability. Email us at to inquire about booking after the deadline has passed.

      What’s included

      • Accommodations
        8 nights in superior accommodations. 5 nights at the retreat center and 3 nights at centrally located hotels.
      • Meals
        All meals during the retreat (breakfast, lunch, & dinner)
      • Airport Transfers
        Pick-up at Barcelona airport (BCN) and drop-off at Madrid airport (MAD)
      • Train Tickets
        Barcelona to Valencia and Valencia to Madrid
      • Transportation
        All transportation during the retreat
      • Yoga
        Daily yoga classes while at the retreat center directed by Gloria Drayer
      • Private Guides
        Local private guides for all excursions
      • Valencia Day Trip
        Valencia city old town visit
      • City Tours
        Barcelona and Madrid city tours
      • Flamenco Show
        Traditional Spanish show with dinner
      • Guided Hike
        Transportation to / from Chulilla + guided hiking hanging bridges of Chulilla + Kayak initiation + Box lunch to go
      • Gratuity
        Gratuities for tour guides, restaurant staff, and drivers

      What’s not included

      • Airfare
        Airfare to Barcelona, Spain and from Madrid, Spain
      • Additional Items
        Souvenirs, drinks, snacks, additional excursions, or other personal items
      • Additional Gratuity
        Gratuities of a personal nature (hotel staff, spa services, etc.)
      • Alcoholic Beverages
        Any alcoholic drinks
      • Insurance
        Travel insurance and medical insurance (required)
      • Travel Fees
        Any travel-related fees (visas, passports, baggage, etc.)

      Available Packages

      All-Inclusive Double Occupancy
      Available until March 21, 2024only 2 left

      Double occupancy includes a private bedroom and private bathroom for 2 people.

      Helpful hints: If you have two people who would like to share a room, select 2 Double Occupancy packages. If you are traveling alone but want to be paired with another solo traveler, select 1 Double Occupancy package. If you are traveling alone and want your own room, select 1 Single Occupancy package below.

      Deposit: $999
      All-Inclusive Solo Occupancy
      Available until March 21, 2024only 2 left

      Solo occupancy includes a private bedroom and private bathroom for 1 person.

      Helpful hints: If you are traveling alone but want to share a room with another traveler, select 1 Double Occupancy package above. If you are booking for two people who would like to share a room, select 2 Double Occupancy packages above. 

      Deposit: $1,249
      Retreat Host - Refundable Deposit
      only 2 left
      Deposit: $0

      Available options


      Day 1 - April 20th, 2024
      Welcome to Barcelona!

      Welcome to Spain!  Amy Walker, Owner of Walker Wellness Retreats will greet you at the airport at 11 AM. Please look for the Yoga Simple and Sacred sign as you exit with your bags. We will then drive 30 minutes to the hotel and get you checked in. The rest of the day is yours to spend as you wish!

      Suggested Activity:

      La Rambla: TAKE A WALK ON 'LA RAMBLA' STREET: In Barcelona, a city of narrow, winding streets, the Rambla was the only space where everyone could stroll and spend their leisure time. And we mean everyone. Because of its central location, the Rambla became a meeting place for all the social classes. Gradually, leisure and cultural attractions found the perfect location on La Rambla. The convents disappeared, and florists and newsstands set up their premises here. Where La Rambla meets the sea, we find the Mirador de Colom, a unique opportunity to admire this unique, green artery of pedestrians from the air. 

      The retreat officially starts at the meet and greet at the hotel at 4:30 PM. The day is yours to spend it how you wish.

      4:30 PM: Meet in the lobby, ready for a meet and greet before yoga. It's a 15-minute walk to the yoga studio.

      5:00 PM- Yoga with Gloria at Yoga Ecuanime

      7:00 PM - Dinner and orientation at the hotel restaurant: ASPIC


      Hotel Sofia Barcelona.

      Plaça de Pius XII, 4, Barcelona, Spain, 08028

      +34 935 081 000

      Your Organizer

      Walker Wellness Retreats
      33 reviews
      Welcome to Walker Wellness Retreats! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We created Walker Wellness Retreats to share the positive impact travel can have with as many people as possible. Travel makes the world seem not so large. It opens your mind to new ways of thinking. Together we can use our diverse skills and experience of traveling the world to design and plan incredible adventures to bring like-minded travelers together to unique places around the globe!


      I really enjoyed the time in New Zealand. I was the youngest in the group, the only German and didn’t knew anyone from the group before the Trip but I always felt as a family member. Everyone was nice, open minded and heartwarming. Amy is such a nice person and motivated me a lot. We saw beautful places, had always good food and everything was taken care of. The choice of hotels was nice - all of them perfectly chosen. Yesterday I came back home - after a time of adventures with a lot of great memories and with new friends 🫶🏽
      By Lucia S for The Best of Both Islands: New Zealand on Feb 20, 2024
      As perfect a trip as I could have imagined! Amy and Brian were gracious and kind hosts...and Amy and her mom kept us well-fed! Chantel was an awesome yoga instructor--listened to us and catered classes to the needs of the group often based on our energy levels and physical challenges of the moment. She was also a supremely delightful traveling companion...driving us a total of nine hours in the van--back and forth to from SLC airport. A huge selling point for me was not having to arrange any transportation--bravo to Walker Wellness for creating a package that required extremely minimal extra out-of-pocket expenses. And the hiking, omg! Zion is deliriously beautiful and Bryce is downright Biblical in its majesty. The trip was also impeccably structured--a super challenging hike for the first full day and then a shorter hike that began later in the morning the following day with more time to rest in the afternoon.
      By John B for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Nov 01, 2023
      Wow! By far the trip to Zion was my best travel experience. The accommodations were very spacious, clean, and homey. Huge picture windows, a deck, hot tub, fire place, …The food was delicious and healthy. Amy is a great cook! The yoga was adjusted to what we needed prehike and post. It went beyond just yoga - there was sound healing, visualization, and more. Transportation to and from the parks made it easy for us. And did I mention the hikes? Stunning! Breath-taking! Fun! Lots of fond memories and I look forward to traveling with Brian and Amy again.
      By Kristen H for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Nov 01, 2023
      Great trip. Beautiful hiking.
      By Lisa S for Zion National Park Hiking & Yoga on Oct 26, 2023
      This trip was beyond my expectations! It's rare to go on a trip where you only need to book a flight and after that every detail is handled for you. The accommodations were fantastic but the food was really the best part! I felt completely taken care of by the Walker Wellness Retreats team especially Shantel and Amber, who are delightful and talented people. I was able to relax, disconnect and get to know the wonderful group all while enjoying moving my body on the yoga mat and through breathtaking nature. Thank you to the whole crew at Walker Wellness Retreats for being so good at what you do!
      By Victoria S for Zion (Nectar Yoga) on Oct 24, 2023
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