Spiritual Yoga Retreat in Varanasi (IND)- 04th to 10th Feb 2019

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Feb 4 - 10, 2019
Group size: 4 - 11
Spiritual Yoga Retreat in Varanasi (IND)- 04th to 10th Feb 2019
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Feb 4 - 10, 2019
Group size: 4 - 11

About this trip

 The time is approaching for this year to end and another one to begin. This is the opportunity for us to contemplate on our life event of this year and to carry forward the learning into the next phase. Lets take one more step towards understanding ourselves and realizing our destiny.  

We invite you to join us for 6 nights and 7 days (starting from 04th Feb: 1:00 PM till 10th Feb: 11:00 AM) for an spiritual yoga retreat in the glorious city of bells. 

The Host -The Trip is hosted by our experienced  and practicing Yoga Teacher Nidhi Thakur. She has been practicing yoga for more than 5 years and holds an Yoga Alliance International accreditation. She teaches yoga to all age groups and she finds herself really fortunate to bring a difference in her practitioner's lives. She believes that Yoga needs to be applied into one's every aspect of life in order to understand its true objective.

Retreat Specifics-

*Begin your day with a traditional hatha yoga practice at dawn. 

*Workshops on practicing various cleansing techniques (part of Shatkriyas) such as Neti, Dhauti, kapalbhati, Shankh Prakshalan and Tratak. 

*Workshops on Pranayams such as Nadishodhan (Alternate nostril breathing), Ujjayi (the victorious breath), Bhramri (the humming bee breath) etc.

*Daily Awareness practice to improve mind and body coordination.

*Dynamic Mediation

*Every evening restorative Yoga practice for better sleep.

*Open sessions to speak your heart out and listen to one another to improve the community bonding and to learn to look at life from various perspectives. without the feeling of judgement. 

Guided Trips- Apart from daily yoga workshops the retreat includes guided tour to all the popular places in and around Varanasi. There will be a day trip to Sarnath wherein we will visit Chaukhandi Stupa, Ashoka Pillar, Thai Temple, Tibetan temple, Deer Park etc. Since Varanasi is known for its Ghats, we will be visiting all the Ghats to experience the very soul of the city. One of our organizer is Varanasi local hence there will always be assurance of travelling through correct routes, eating at safe places, visiting to all the popular attraction. 

Food- Although we respect everyone's food choices but we would only be offering vegetarian food which is prepared by our in-house nutritionist. We will be offering various traditional delicacies such as kachori (puri stuffed with lentils) served with potato gravy, gud sharbat (traditional jaggery juice) with roasted chana, roasted millet, malaiyo, traditional beetle leaves etc. 

Important note- The retreat begins on 04th Feb and ends on 10th feb with check in being at 01:00 PM and checkout being at 11:00 AM. We suggest you to plan your travel accordingly.  We will make arrangements to welcome you at the airport and also to see you off but to make these arrangements we request you to share your travel details at least one week prior to the retreat. 

What’s included

  • Beautiful Stay
    Shared room and Dorms in a stunning boutique hotel, which is very close to popular ghats such as Harishchandra ghat, Assi Ghat and Kedar Ghat .
  • Food
    Farm fresh vegetarian meals; includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Traditional evening snacks, Herbal Tea, Traditional sharbat and many other delicious food items.
  • Airport pick up/drop
    Pick up and drop from Lal Bhadur Shashtri (Varanasi) airport. (Please plan your travel in accordance with arriving on 10th Jan,also please share your travel details with us a week before the retreat)
  • Sightseeing
    A day trip to Sarnath, guided tour to all the glorious ghats, boat travel, prestigious Ganges Arti, the popular BHU university, perfume market, local cultural market, farm trip, cow farm trip etc.
  • Yoga workshops
    Daily practice of Traditional Hatha yoga, Dynamic meditation, Pranayama- nadishodhan, Bhramri, Ujjayi, Yogic Breath, Restorative yoga, Awareness Practice to improve mind and body coordination.
  • Reading and discussion
    For book lovers- Books can be borrowed from our extensive collection of Books on Yoga, history of India, culture of India, philosophy etc.
  • Air fare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Shopping
  • Individual sightseeing

Available Packages

Double Sharing
Available until January 28, 20196 left

Couple sharing in deluxe shared room. 

Deposit: $330
Private bed in dorm
Available until January 28, 20196 left

Private bed in mixed dorm rooms. 

Deposit: $135


Daily schedule
Spiritual Yoga Retreat In Varanasi (IND)- 04th-10th feb 2019

06:00 AM- Good Morning.
06:30-08:00 AM- Yoga session.
08:30 AM- Breakfast.
09:30- 11:00- Meditation and pranayama practice.
13:00-14:00- Lunch.
14:00- 19:00- Scheduled trips in and around Varanasi.
20:00- Dinner.
21:00- Restorative yoga session, group discussion, jamming.
22:00- Good Night. 

Who’s Going

Your Organizer

LeoflexPro operates under the compliance of Indian Govt. We offer various fitness solutions to promote community health. The team has been actively engaged in helping community in staying fit and active. We really enjoy the company of different cultured people as it gives a chance to understand different mind sets, thought processes, ways of looking at life etc. In order to truly feel this uplifting experience, we suggest people to join with an open to learn mindset. We personally believe that when you start looking at things the way they are rather than adding your own expectations, Life's most complicated things start to appear as simple as they really are. We welcome you all to utilize as many opportunities as you can, to learn under the shed of spiritual environment and to spread the knowledge, experience, positivity and the happiness to the surrounding.