Spring Rejuvenation in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Apr 15 - 20, 2018
Group size: 6-9
Spring Rejuvenation in Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Apr 15 - 20, 2018
Group size: 6-9

About this trip

Just so you can allow yourself to be spontaneous with your adventures, I searched and found this charming, cozy, urban spot in Barcelona “Yoga Weeks” to host my next Mediterranean retreat. Adventure is refreshing! Join me in this gorgeous city for a spiritual adventure this spring!

While immersing yourself in transformational yoga and meditation practice, you will also get to enhance your knowledge about the latest scientific researches on nutrition that will help you evaluate your dietary habits. Each morning we will begin our day with practicing energizing and strengthening asana practice with a twist that will boost your metabolism, then will explore the Spanish culture all day, return to our beautiful venue to restore energy and take a contemplative intermission in the evenings before we get back out to join the vibrant city again.

The focus of our practice will be to enhance the quality of life. When we clean up what is on the way of our advancement as an individual a new path opens up to the field of possibilities that extends beyond our desires. I developed “Contemplative Intermission” to help you help yourself in reaching this field of possibilities for enhancement. Taking a Contemplative Intermission everyday, you will be able to see yourself clearly, understand the dynamics of your life, your intentions, and your actions better. Together we will work on increasing our level of consciousness on mind, body, and emotions.

During this retreat you will be encouraged to go beyond your expectations and surprise yourself, and experience what it means to do your best.

Additional Information

Getting There

Yoga Weeks-Barcelona is located in the metro area. Follow this LINK to see your options of transportation.

Practice Space

Rooftop and indoor spaces will be 2 options available to us during our stay. Imagine yourself moving your body gracefully and strongly like a Flamenco dancer at the rooftop while the Mediterranean breeze moves through you.

Additional Information

Yoga Weeks offers both an indoor and a rooftop space for us to practice which we will be free to choose from. Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities I’ve visited. Besides from its rich culture, art, and amazing hospitality, dining is wonderful and cost is surprisingly affordable-especially if you are coming from NYC. For dinner I will have a list of places for us to taste wholesome food that will enrich your journey on the culinary side. Usually a dinner with an appetizer, main dish, and a drink cost ranges between 16-35E per person. Dinner on your first night is included, after that we will get to experience a different taste at a different restaurant each day.

Barcelona offers great beaches in the metro are as well as beautiful Mediterranean beaches outside the city. The beaches within walking distance from Yoga Weeks are; Barceloneta Beach, Bogatell Beach.

If you would like to explore beaches  within 20-40 min train ride from nearby Plaza Catalunya station; Sitges beach & town, Badalona, Ocata, Vilassar de Mar, Arenys de Mar, and San Pol de Mar are also your options.


Barcelona is a big city, yet manageable by foot or bike and has great public transportation. Yoga Weeks is excellently located to stroll to many beautiful spots in Barcelona. Some areas & modernistic sites to visit are;

  • Beautiful alleys and secret spots of the Gothic neighbourhood
  • The cool and chic cafes and shops in Born Area
  • The old and funky area of Barceloneta
  • The modernistic sites such as: Casa Batlló, La Pedrera or the amazing Sagrada familia and Parc Guell.
  • Montjuic gardens walk

Please ask me about other exciting paths this journey can take you such as visiting Girona, discovering Gaudi’s architecture etc.. There is so much you can explore here!

What’s included

  • Accomodation
    5 nights at Yoga Weeks
  • Yoga, Meditation Classes
    One morning and one evening practice each day
  • Breakfast
    Daily, satvic nourisment
  • Guided City Tour
    Discover the city and stories
  • Welcome Dinner
    Vegetarian Food
  • Spa/Hamam
    90 mins thermal baths
  • Gift Bag
  • Transportation

Available Packages

Early-bird Single Occupancy

Available until Feb 8th
Triple Occupancy

Available until Apr 11th
Double Occupancy

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Early-bird Single Occupancy
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Your Organizer

Olgu Merandy
Just as her homeland of Turkey has acted as a bridge between the people and lands of Europe and Asia for millennia, Olgu Merandy’s teaching forges connections between a multitude of movement modalities and practical teachings to create an experience that holistically engages the mind, body, and spirit.  Her classes are spaces for exploration and play, openings for self-discovery and transformation that encourage practitioners to find their inner strength and the boundless joy of being! Olgu is a Registered Yoga Teacher (1000+ hrs in study) currently based in New York. She is also a certified Pilates teacher and personal trainer, teaching alignment based sustainable movement practices. To find out more about her visit: www.olguyoga.com