Spring Women's Retreat: Restore, Reset, and Re-Focus

32303 Timber Creek Road Drexel, Mo. 64742-8350

tina sprinkle
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2 reviews
Mar 7 - 10, 2019
Group size: 1 - 8
Spring Women's Retreat: Restore, Reset, and Re-Focus
32303 Timber Creek Road Drexel, Mo. 64742-8350

tina sprinkle
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2 reviews

Deposit: $349
Mar 7 - 10, 2019
Group size: 1 - 8

About this trip

Join us for a unique opportunity to reset, renew, and restore your energy, focus and metabolism at our Spring Women’s Retreat.

This retreat will afford you the quiet, focus and support to learn specific tools for creating the life you want; the life you desire; the life you deserve.  The theme of this all about energy: how to create it, how to sustain it and how to focus it.  

Learn simple techniques to manage your sleep, stress, food and movement to heal your sluggish metabolism.  

As women, we face some unique challenges:  

* Hormone balance and metabolism

* Balancing self care with caring for others

* Managing stress, anxiety or mood disorders

* Feeling confident and free in our bodies. 

This retreat is your opportunity to get the rest you need,  the insight and education you are seeking and the support to implement what you learn moving forward.

Although it feels like it’s a world away, Timber Creek Retreat House is conveniently located just one hour south of Kansas City.  So come, let go of all your daily worries, fears and distractions and be cared for, supported and nurtured. 

This is a luxury experience with nothing left to chance:  

* Luxury accommodations

* Healthy Gourmet Meals and snacks

* Yoga Puncture (Yoga followed by acupuncture)

* Guided Meditation

* Nature Hikes

* Optional Massage, Facials and Glutathione injections

You will feel at home the moment you walk in the front door.  

Questions?  Please email tina@pilates1901.com today!

What’s included

  • Private Room
    Luxury Private Accommodations
  • Healthy & Delicious Meal
    Gluten free, Dairy free and Sugar free
  • Yoga Puncture
    Movement followed by Acupuncture
  • Retreat Gift Bag
    To Pamper and Soothe You
  • Workshops & Breakouts
    Complete Workshop Series
  • Guided Meditation
    Time to be still and present.
  • Glutathione Injections
    The best antioxidant treatment for skin, antiaging, immune system and more. Buy 2 get one Free $60
  • Turbo Vitamin B Shot
    Energy Boost with Vitamin B and more. $10 each
  • Vampire Facial
    Save $350 on this exclusive offer to experience the benefits of dermal needling for your facial fitness. Half off - Just $350.
  • Thermiva
    Vaginal Renewal Laser Treatment $200 off 3 Sessions -$800
  • Brightening Facial Peel
    Medical grade peel Just $125
  • Supplement Consultation
    Thirty minute Consult with Dr Alicia Johnson re Personal Supplementation Protocol $125
  • Postural Analysis
    Posture Matters. Get your personalized postural assessment and guidelines on better body balance and function with Certified Trainer Tina Sprinkle $75

Available Packages

Private Room
Available until Feb 15, 2019only 1 left

Enjoy the beauty and solitude of your Retreat in your Deluxe Private Room.   Your registration covers private room, all workshop events, and all meals.


The Breakdown:  Private room $190 per night (+ $299 workshop fee) 

Deposit: $349
Semi Private Room
Available until Feb 01, 2019Sold Out

Share your Retreat Experience with your BFF!  Your semi- private room includes all the beauty and pampering of a private room, but by sharing, your retreat fees are discounted. 

Your registration covers semi-private accommodations, all workshop events, and all meals.

The Breakdown:  Semi Private room $140 per night per person  (+ $299 workshop fee per person).

Deposit: $300

Available options

(3) Glutathione Antioxidant Injections8 left
Add a Turbo Vitamin B Shot
Thermi Face Treatment ($100 off)4 left
Vampire Facial (Half Price)only 3 left
Brightening Mild Facial Peel6 left
30 Min Supplement Consultation 8 left
45 Min Postural Analysis5 left
Deposit: $349

Private Room
Past Trip


Thursday, March 7, 2019
Welcome to Your Retreat

The focus is on TRANSITION to your peaceful and grounded retreat.  The drive is only one hour away from the city but you will feel transported to another world as you drive the country roads south to Timber Creek Retreat House.  Prepare to be spoiled and love it. 


3 - 5 pm       Guests arrive and are welcomed to their rooms

530 pm         Bell rings for Evening Meditation

600 pm         Dinner is served 

715-915 pm   Welcome Ceremony (please bring a sacred or favorite object with you)

Your Organizer

tina sprinkle
2 reviews
Tina Sprinkle has been a health and wellness leader for over 35 years. In addition to owning several small businesses, Tina serves as the health and fitness guru for KCLIVE, on KSHB TV in Kansas City. Tina created T School to inspire and help others create their best and healthiest lives. Using the power of clean eating, smart movement, mindful practice and grounding in nature. Tina offers T School as on online program, in person in KC and on Retreats around the world. More info: www.tschoolonline.com


My experience was “remarkable”! As a first time attendee, I didn’t know what to expect. However, trusting Tina Sprinkle, I was open to something new. The long weekend exceeded my expectations, not just based on any one thing, it was the combination of a well-planned event with carefully placed meditations, fitness, interactive sessions and alone time. Location: Timber Creek Retreat – secluded, tranquil and beautifully designed to embrace self-discovery, meditation and spiritual renewal. (Thank you Tom and Beth) Rooms: spacious, clean with incredibly comfortable beds and pillows. Meals: superbly prepared by our chef, Patty; healthy and nutritious with a combination of delectable flavors that leaves you waiting for the next meal. (Thank you Patty, Terri and Karlene) Most importantly, I gained a new sisterhood of women, across generations, I had never before and can’t wait to see them again. (Thank you Tina and Alicia) Franciene Gill
Incredible experience! Great people, great food, great place! Great time for reflection, renewing, relaxing--just what I needed :) Thank you Tina, Alicia, Tom, Beth, & Patty!!!