Sprititual Ecology In the World's First Analog Forest!

Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

rachel porquet-chanmugam
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Mar 9 - 15, 2020
Group size: 1 - 999
Sprititual Ecology In the World's First Analog Forest!
Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

rachel porquet-chanmugam
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Mar 9 - 15, 2020
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Awaken and Nurture your Creative connection to Nature,

Using yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art, music, forest bathing, educational walks, food and more.

What you will get out of it

 A deeper experience of nature, through lots of nature-based activities, tons of yoga, specific meditations and mindful connections with the natural surroundings, environmental workshops in Analog Forestry, organic farming, planting & landscaping, tips and rituals to grow back our lost deep link with Mother Earth & etc.

 A complete immersion in lush wilderness, surrounded by abundant biodiversity, which will quickly adjust your brainwaves to Alpha and bring about a long-lasting state of well-being;

 A daily balance of yoga, teachings, fun group work, nature activities, as well as relaxation times.

 An experience into finding and eating super nutritious forest garden foods, seasonal, homegrown and traditionally cooked on wood fire pits, with numerous species of plants you never heard of;

 A focus on real connections; with like-minded people, local communities, animals & plants, Earth’s positive healing energy, which will help you find peace by getting closer to your Dharma!

 And just pure relaxation with the sounds of thousands of birds, frogs, insects, mammals, leaves, etc.

The location

 Sitting on 20 acres of a once old degraded tea estate, about 300km from Colombo, Belipola Arboretum hosts the first man-made Analog Forest since 1983 - concept practiced now in more than 20 countries. 

An analog forest is similar to the ‘native forest’ in terms of structure and function, but it is a land shared with humans. Men and forests need each other and share mutual benefits so they can both survive and thrive. 

Belipola is a tropical heaven with a learning & research centre. But it is mainly a place where profound connection with nature can happen, where ecological ideas are practiced in an experimental and experiential manner, and where people can deeply rejuvenate in the thriving restored biodiversity.  

The food

 The three daily meals are cooked on site. They are simple, seasonal, organic and strictly vegetarian, using mostly Belipola’s ‘beyond organic’ forest products, which includes a number of rare, exotic superfoods and Sri Lankan seasonal fruits and vegetables you may never have heard of. 

Lunches are usually traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry’s, but Western options are also possible and there’s a wood fire oven for bread and pizza! 

All meals are served in a common dining facility that is designed in a traditional old-home style kitchen that may often smell of wood-fire. 

Tea and herbal teas available through the day. 

Carbon offsetting for your flight

Earth Restoration, a Sri Lankan project which meets all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, is partnering with us and Belipola on this retreat. 

Each participant’s fees for their stay will be converted into LifeForce™ Units - in a form of trees, which will be planted by you during our time together. The money collected will be used to pay local communities for 4 year to look after your Unit(s).  https://www.restore.earth/

Your Teacher and host

My name is Rachel and I'm a French Kundalini Yoga instructor. I have been living in Sri Lanka for the past 13 years with my husband and my half Sri Lankan son.

I'm cheerful and committed to bring about positive significant changes in people’s lives. I love nature and I'm eager to develop new ways of connecting with it.

I have recently committed to spend dedicated time with organizations working towards Nature’s restoration and environmental activism. 

But for this retreat, let the Earth and Nature be your teacher for this outer and inner journey!

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    6 nights - 7 days in shared rooms
  • 3 daily meals
  • yoga & other activities
    ull days of yoga, meditations, environmental teachings & workshops, indiv. and group activities
  • 1 educational tour
    Guided tour 2-3hrs, provided by Belipola local trained staff
  • 1 day workshop on AF
    Ananlog Forestry workshop
  • Optional activities
    forest baths, bird watching, guided walks in the jungle/forest, pristine river baths, nature walks, conservation & restoration casual talks, creative art, cooking demonstrations, etc.
  • Group airport transfer
    Shared van on fixed days (1st and last days)
  • Daily yummy juices, teas
  • Self-care products
    Sri Lankan organic products
  • Surprise gifts!
  • Flight Carbon Offsetting
    In the form of 1 Earth Restoration unit, valued at £65 (see paragraph on Carbon Offsetting!)

What’s not included

  • Your flight
    cheapest I found is approx. US$ 500 with Kuwait Airways
  • Transportation
    If any other day than planned for the group
  • Travel insurance
  • Passport & visa fees
    no visa fees as of 2019 to enter Sri Lanka as a tourist (1 month free)

Available Packages

Deposit: $150

Your Organizer