Starseed Summer Retreat

Lake McDonald, Flathead, MT, USA

Jasmin Lalani Fejerang
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Jun 18 - 22, 2021
Group size: 1 - 12
Starseed Summer Retreat
Lake McDonald, Flathead, MT, USA

Jasmin Lalani Fejerang
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Jun 18 - 22, 2021
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip


Are you ready for the MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL summer weekend of your life?! 

I'm READY!  🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻

This 5 day 4 night all inclusive weekend-of-a-lifetime will be an unforgettable experience like no other where every single day is with soul family, laughter, sun, stars, nature & nourishment. 

From enjoying your morning joe/tea ☕ right on the lake to the brightest stars you will ever see at night: Montana is calling you to come relax, experience, enjoy and transform!

Get ready to meet and reconnect with your soul family (IN NATURE BABY!) on the beautiful Flathead Lake in Montana June 2021!

Jasmin-Lalani aka 'Starseed'  has organized a retreat of a lifetime with the intention of helping soul-aligned soul fam who are ready to take conscious efforts & actions into creating your highest timelines and begin your Earth Missions NOW.  

Starseed's mission for this retreat is to help EVERY SINGLE PERSON transform, ALL beings of Self by showing them how she has created and stepped into her High Timelines and how you can do this for you by experiencing a weekend in her Life! You will be able to receive any guidance and wisdom she has to offer the whole weekend long.  

This retreat was especially created to gather Starseeds & Lightworkers at a special time during the shifts of seasons of the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice that marks the onset of summer, at the time of the longest day, in the most beautiful nature with the most soul aligned people! This day will be a potent and powerful day to envision and manifest your highest timelines.

So my question to you is.....

How do you want to spend the longest day of the year? I sure do know I want to be spending it in the most beautiful nature surrounded by trees, mountains, lakes, and rivers, under the brightest stars around a campfire with my soul family is exactly how I want to be spending my longest day of the year!! A weekend and experience of a lifetime.

Through a Spiritually-inclined weekend of transformation, a full immersion into Nature and wildlife and living off "the land", Starseed will be diving deep into healing and gathering in celebration for all that is to come for you and what we will be bringing together for New Earth! 

Yes, let's do this. 👊🏽

What’s included

  • Full Montana Experience
  • Pre Retreat Consultation
    Curious to see if this is just the PERFECT retreat for you? Book a consultation with Starseed! It is not mandatory but highly encouraged to do so and connect beforehand!
  • Activity Transportation
    Transportation to ALL events and recreations
  • Airport Transportation
    Complimentary shuttle service to and from Airport/Retreat Location
  • Accommodations/Stay
    A shared room/bathroom and your own bed
  • 3 Meals Per Day
    All meals and snacks provided by Starseed - Vegan/Vegetarian options available upon request
  • High Vibrational Food
    Fresh locally sourced fruits, vegetables & meats: Farm-To-Table Style
  • Activities
    All outdoor activities and recreational entry fees
  • Homecooked Meals
    Starseed will be preparing all breakfast and dinners (Vegan options available)
  • Drinks
    Kangen water and other beverages
  • Juicing DAILY
    Celery Juice & other fresh fruit and vegetables locally sourced
  • All Activity Fees
    "Surprise Tour" supplies and individual fees included
  • Star Family Ceremony
    Cacao Ceremony on Summer Solstice
    2 HR "Breakthrough Sesh": Group Intuitive Healing Sessions Where Personal Discoveries Happen
  • Morning Meditations
    Every morning we will begin with group 30 minute meditation as daily ritual
  • Nightly Campfires
    Every night will be filled with Soul family time, dedicated to community & bonding
  • Nature Resets
    Everyday & night we will be immersed in nature for full body recalibration and reconnection with Earth's rhythm and wildlife
  • Horseback Riding
    1 hour private group horseback on Artemis Acre Ranch!
  • Glacier National Park
    Sight seeing and immersing in natures finest
  • Private Boat Tour
    to Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake! Enjoy a whole day on the waters traveling to a historic Indigenous Island on the lake!

What’s not included

  • Getting to Flathead, MT
    Airplane ticket or transportation to Flathead, MT not included

Available Packages

Deposit: $600

Your Organizer

Jasmin Lalani Fejerang
I Am Jasmin-Lalani Fejerang. A new generation “old-soul” coming back down on to Earth to help assist in planetary and human ascension through spiritual healing and financial freedom. Speaking and living my truth on a new paradigm of Conscious Womanhood, Sisterhood & Motherhood. Raising Earth's Frequencies through my own growth, evolution and reclamation of Sovereignty is my mission. Reiki Master Teacher. Professional Athlete: Bikini Pro Body Building.