Starseed Weave * An Eclipse Integration & Solstice Celebration

Eagles Nest, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Liana Aulii
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Dec 19 - 23, 2020
Group size: 6 - 20
Starseed Weave * An Eclipse Integration & Solstice Celebration
Eagles Nest, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Liana Aulii
  • Email address verified

Dec 19 - 23, 2020
Group size: 6 - 20

About this trip

StarSeed Weave! An Eclipse Integration & Solstice Celebratory Retreat

The glass ceiling has been broken! Let us come together to Integrate and Celebrate all that 2020 has cracked open, transformed and birthed for us!

Retreat Central Intention:  Balance and Anchor High Frequency Energies within our Bodies and The Earth Grid,  through: 

Group Web-Weaving Workshops, Ceremonies, Facilitated Practices, Earth Anchoring Walks and Light Infused Space and Support. 

-Cosmic Embodiment, Guided Meditations, Dance Journeys, Astral  Connections 

- Karmic Releasing, Compassion Rituals, Journaling Exercises, Ho'oponopono  

- Honoring all ancestors, Chants, Prayers, Earth Offerings, Medicine Pouch Creations 

- Nourishment of all Bodies, Massage, Energy Work, Small Group Support and Empowerment Photographs 

- Celebratory Solstice Ecstatic Dance, inviting the San Marcos Community to Join Us 

You are graduating from a timeline, because, you are showing up. 

We circle together to activate and connect the inner and outer worlds, correcting and slowing down the spin. Anchor higher energy into the body and the earth and then weave it all together! In Joy! 

Drop into 4 days and 4 nights perched atop the magical Lake Atitlan in these gorgeous, open air traditional facilities. Enjoy the Mayan Sauna and Plant Based Meals between Offerings with Amazing Hosts. Thank you for saying yes. To you. 

Exhaltation: noun: "a feeling or state of extreme happiness." "the action of elevating someone in rank, power, or character." ;)

What to Expect

Participate in Completely Transforming your Energy Fields and the way you connect to yourself, others and the environment around you. Further unplug yourself from any limiting belief structures that are hidden within the body, the DNA or the subconscious. Unravel the onion in a safe and supportive container to amplify, activate and empower the authentic expression of who you are. Feel the awe inspiring awareness and joy of the connection we have with each other on this planet through the higher self and light grid. 

Through the clearing of the residues of density, you are open to activate your increased power, stepping deeper into joyful mission work and co creation, worldwide. Now is the time, we are the ones, this ecstatic creation is for you to meet soul family members who are here to be part of the beautiful design the New Earth.  We are in this together, and we are all walking each other home. Join us! 

Guided Visualization Dance Journeys

Uniquely curated playlists of mixed genre music guide participants through a visual / physical/ energetic group journey. The movement is inspired from a blend of Vinyassa Yoga, Qi Gong, Deep Breathing/ Energy Washing and Ecstatic Dancing. The outline of the journey is crafted a head of time from the themes and feelings of the music, In real time during the workshop, the specific visualization and movements are channeled directly through Liana from the energy of the group. These dance journeys start with woven group intentions that are circled back to, and evolve, as the energy layers are activated and rise collectively. Think of a mix of guided meditation with powerful, playful movement and group laughter. 

Guided Ritual and Ceremony 

Multicultural offerings and practices that are both fluid and sincere. Woven from a blend of Hindi, Hawaiian and Celtic roots, these circle settings offer a space for acknowledgement, honorance and freedom. Components are both facilitator led and crafted by the group as a whole. Every feeling, language, expression and releasing are held in these circles as we move through honoring our ancestors to connecting with our star families. A time during the retreat where we circle together and hone our intentions, prayers and mission work. 

Yoga, Breathwork, Thai Stretching and Massage

A blend of movement offerings from the co-facilitators of the retreat. A time to drop the mind and focus on the body; opening, relaxing, expanding, activating, strengthening and healing. Every experience level welcome. 

Empowerment Photographs, Mayan Sauna, Medicine Pouch Creation, Free Exploration and Integration Time 

The extra goodies :) In between our circles and offerings, there will be stretches of time for free exploration of nature, integration and access to a traditional Mayan Sauna. We will also offer the time, space, support and supplies for you to craft your own medicine pouch; a collection of nature talismans you can use to anchor your new strength and expansion into. There is also an invitation for empowerment photographs to be taken for you to keep as your own - down at the lake, in the mountain and on the dance floor. 

Live Music

Some nights we will be joined by some of the many talented musicians that the lake has become home to. Sat round a fire, the music will be medicine music - music to lift the soul, open the heart and soothe the body. These will be surprise guests that will grace us with their musical gifts - their angelic voices and soothing tones. What's a good retreat without some element of surprise! 

Celebratory Solstice Ecstatic Dance

Sunset Cacao Dance with Mose

We open to allow the community to converge; to connect the heart, mind & body in an ecstatic dance inspired event, guided by organic electronic music produced & mixed by renowned sound alchemist Mose, supported by special musical guests.

Through dance, movement & stillness – you will be immersed with awe-inspiring scenery of Lake Atitlán, the intentionally curated setting of Eagle’s Nest platform and mesmerizing frequencies & rhythms.

We will be opening the space with a simple cacao ceremony to open the heart and activate our senses for this journey into sound. Included with your own cup of delicious local cacao.

Mose spends much of his time in Guatemala where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here on Lake Atitlan that he founded the weekly SunSet Cacao Dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance in a container of deep intention free of alcohol. Having been nomadic since 2011, he has developed a sound all his own through interaction with cultures from around the world. He finds a way to fuse the organic elements of tribal traditions with modern production techniques in order to create an entrancing journey for both relaxed listeners and those eager to move their bodies.

Location and Venue

About the Location

The location of the retreat centre is one of the main things that makes the retreat so incredibly special. Located in a small town by the name of San Marcos La Laguna, the Eagle’s Nest sits in the mountains, over-looking the whole town, with a stunning view of the lake and the surrounding mountains and volcanos.  

Lake Atítlan itself is a mysterious, mystical and noticeably magical ancient lake in the crater of a collapsed super volcano. Much speculation surrounds its history and origin, and many authors, poets, musicians and creatives of all types have produced work that was inspired in and by this little paradise in the heart of Guatemala.  Your journey here is likely to inspire you to stay a little while after the retreat is over. 

This tiny town may seem small at first, but there is so much to see, do and experience in San Marcos that it can almost be overwhelming. From yoga, to meditation, to ecstatic dance, sound healing, kirtans, drum circles, massage, ceremonies and so much more… It’s impossible to get bored in this inspiring little hub of personal and spiritual growth. Temporarily home to thousands of passing travellers each year, you’re guaranteed to meet a whole load of inspiring individuals, new friends and family members during your time in San Marcos.

This is just one of many retreats and courses on offer here that promise wonderful and life-changing experiences. Community, support, sharing, loving and growing are strong pillars in the way of life for the people of San Marcos.   Immersed in traditional Mayan culture, the town marries together the ancient and the new-age, and has become a hot-spot for those on a journey to explore themselves and do the work necessary to reach the next level in life.  

There’s countless other attractions and must-sees in this enchanting country. Its rich and lush jungle-covered mountainous landscapes transport you to a world that many of us have disconnected from in the western world. From ancient ruins, to stunning national parks, great lakes, rivers and waterfalls to beaches and huge expanses of jungle - we encourage all participants to take extra time to explore everything that this incredible country and people have to offer.  

Liana Auli'i and the team behind Eagle’s Retreats are all so excited and beyond grateful to be able to invite a special group of people to this breath-taking place on Earth to co-create what is going to be a powerful and life-changing experience for all participants that heed the calling to join us. 

Features of the space: 

Eagle's Nest - a spectacular airborne platform built to inspire and nourish great souls - a platform from which we can soar above and beyond all previous limitations. Raved to be one of the "best retreat centers in Guatemala"

Eagle's Sauna: traditional Mayan Temazcal Sauna - a unique chamber design & experience,  for recovery, rejuvenation, cleansing, ceremony, rebirth... Eagle's Retreats is about enabling greatness and inner freedom.  Sprinkling metaphors that infuse ideas and feelings that allow an unfolding with-in and with-out.  

• "The Nest" - Outdoor open space.

• "The Lounge" - Indoor enclosed yoga shala & lounge space.

• "The Terrace"- Roofed terrace dining area & kitchen. 

• "Eagle's Café" - Daytime café & chill space. 

• Lodging for up to 42 in different accommodation standards. 

• Freshly prepared nutritious, delicious meals. 

• Traditional Mayan Sauna & cold dipping pool. 

• Set in organic garden landscape 

• Pristine view of the whole of the mystical Lake Atítlan. 

About Your Host: Liana Jean Auli'i

Liana is a forever student and teacher who adapts to and enlivens a dynamic variety of groups. She holds space intently, flexibly, sincerely and with a humble sense of humor. A spiritual scientist, Liana explored the realms of Earth Science, Astrophysics, Geochemistry and Ecology in graduate school - while exploring the world and meeting amazing people. She has conducted biological research, coordinated non profit programs and taught hundreds of children on the principals of nature and interconnections of the Earth. 

Integrating the spirit to the science, a spiritual initiation in 2012 accelerated her journey and deepened her practices in yoga, meditation, dance, circle facilitation, group collaborations and cosmic channeling. Since then she has hosted, co-facilitated and supported many retreats throughout the Hawaiian Islands while continuing to teach and support the environmental community. 

Testimonial from Meiling: "Few times in my life have I met someone as centered, powerful, charismatic, humble and uplifting as Liana. Her energy is infectious, in the best way. She sees people on a soul level, speaking to their ancient selves as well as the person that they present as in this incarnation. She is able to hold space for all the inter-dimensional aspects of humans, and I feel uniquely safe and held by her presence. 

I have experienced her as a loving friend, ally, and sister, as well as participated in healing circles that she has facilitated. I truly am in awe of how she shows up in all of these ways, but especially as a facilitator. She has such a unique and potent delivery of the messages she channels from source and our guides. It gives me chills. It lights a fire in my soul. It takes me to a place where I’m so entranced in the dance and process, I forget my pain. It helps me remember who I really am. Liana brings me back home, to myself.

I can’t recommend her and the medicine she offers highly enough. We would all be better off to keep her near and dear to this human experience, her guidance is a breath of fresh air so desperately needed in these times."

What’s included

  • 5 Days Retreat Lodging
    At the beautiful Eagles Nest Retreat Centre above Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Choose your own unique lodging option in the pricing section.
  • Signature Workshops
    A visual and bodily journey through the elements and aspects of self. Opening and deepening to your authentic expression and sense of play with compassion for others! Wind down with hang drum melodies
  • 8 Ceremonial Circles
    Intentionally designed and curated ceremonies and rituals that weave group prayer. These will be powerful activations and openings to allow higher levels of light to anchor into the body.
  • 4 Morning Movement Class
    Vinyassa Yoga, Qi Gong, Thai Stretching and Breath work - to enliven, restore, stretch and strengthen the body.
  • Guided Writing & Chantin
    Multicultural prayer circle with inspiration from around the globe. Sharing and weaving our knowledge and recording for our loved ones.
  • Empowerment Photoshoot
    Stunning live motion portraits in nature during free exploration time and during one of the movement classes. A zip file of all the images emailed to you privately. Celebrate your body temple!
  • Nourishing Meals
    The cafe at the Eagles Nest will provide healthy, delicious plant focused meals to fuel our work and play from the inside out.
  • Massage / Reiki
    Restore, heal and breathe higher levels of balance and relaxation into your body from one of three talented massage therapists in facilitation of the healing space.
  • Medicine Pouch
    A personal offering for you to keep that is made from the co collaborative energies of the group, the land, your intentions and a gift from the facilitator.
  • Airfare
    To/ From Guatemala

Available Packages

Exaltation - Private Cabin (4 per cabin)
Available until November 18, 20208 left

• Two sets of bunk beds 

• Private washbasin. 

• Private terrace/balcony. 

• Shared bathrooms & hot showers (solar heated) 

• Safety deposit box (padlocks required)

Deposit: $150
Exaltation - Private Cabin (2 per cabin)
Available until November 18, 20204 left

• Twin Cabin with two Single beds 

• Private Terrace 

• Shared bathrooms & hot showers (solar heated) 

• Safety deposit box (padlocks required)

Deposit: $180
Exaltation - Single Cabin
Available until November 18, 20204 left

• Queen or King bed 

• One Queen shares washbasin others have private washbasin. 

• Private Terrace 

• Shared bathrooms & hot showers (solar heated) 

• Safety deposit box (padlocks required)

Deposit: $200
Exaltation - Dormitory
Available until November 18, 202012 left

Sleeps 12 

• Shared bathrooms & cold showers. 

• Safety deposit box (padlocks required).

Deposit: $100


Saturday, Dec 19th
Opening the Container.

Opening Circle and Dropping to Presence: Sharing Signatures in the Group, Introductions to the Space and Facilitation, A Prayer for Gaia

Intention Ceremony, Fire and Karmic Dissolution: After a fire side dinner drop in, we circle together with the fire element - to identify and dissolve density in the body, mental plane and energetic field. Breathing back in the light of creation and softening the space to settle in. 

(( Arriving and Settling In - between 1 and 4pm that afternoon)) 

Your Organizer

Liana Aulii
Liana is a spiritual ecologist, a web weaver, a light worker and a student, teacher and loving friend on planet earth. Savvy in both scientific and spiritual pursuits, Liana is a traveler of inner space and skilled at connecting people, ideas and bridging gaps between dynamic polarities, finding the balance. Having hosted groups both large and small in professional spheres throughout the Hawaiian Islands, she comes alive the most when channeling information to a group who is ready to receive and activate!