Highland and Islands Whisky Tour

Oban, Talisker, Isle of Skye, Tobermory and Isle of Rassay

Saltire Executive Travel
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Duration: 4 days
Group size: 1 - 8
Highland and Islands Whisky Tour
Oban, Talisker, Isle of Skye, Tobermory and Isle of Rassay

Saltire Executive Travel
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Duration: 4 days
Group size: 1 - 8

About this trip

    Welcome to our exclusive Highlands and Islands tour, where you'll embark on a  journey through Scotland's rugged landscapes and amazing whisky distilleries.

 Led by our expert Whisky master, this 3-night, 4-day tour from Edinburgh promises unforgettable experiences, blending the essence of Scotland's iconic whiskies with the breathtaking beauty of its countryside. 

Please note that this itinerary is adaptable, and we are dedicated to accommodating any special requests, whether it's a photo stop, a coffee break, or a detour to explore something unique.

 Optional: Extend your stay on Skye for an additional night and a possible visit to Tobermory Distillery, (additional cost applies), allowing for further exploration.

The trip


You will be collected from your hotel, cruise terminal or airport by your Whisky Master driver guide. 


Edinburgh to Oban

  • Departing from Edinburgh, we set off towards the picturesque town of Oban.
  • En route, we will drive through Scotland's scenic countryside, offering ample opportunities for photo stops and  coffee breaks.
  • Arriving in Oban, we'll delve into the heart of whisky culture with a visit to the renowned Oban Distillery, where you'll witness the craftsmanship behind their signature spirits.
  • After the distillery tour, you're free to explore the  town of Oban at your leisure.
  • Accommodation: Clients arrange and book their stay in Oban based on our recommendations if needed.

Day 2: Oban to Isle of Skye

  • Today, we set off on a journey towards the mystical Isle of Skye, famed for its dramatic landscapes and rich cultural heritage.
  • We'll make a stops at  viewpoints along the route, providing ample opportunities for stunning photographs. 
  • En route, we'll also visit the iconic Talisker Distillery, nestled on the shores of the Isle of Skye, where you'll experience the distinctive flavours of this orld renowned whisky.
  • After our whisky exploration, we continue our journey towards the coast.
  • Upon reaching the coast, we'll board a ferry to the Isle of Skye.
  • Accommodation: Clients settle into pre-arranged accommodations on the Isle of Skye.

Day 3: Isle of Skye 

Our itinerary includes a visit to the Isle of Raasay Distillery, where you'll discover the distinctive flavours of this unique island whisky.

  • In addition to whisky experiences, we'll show you why the island is so popular with visitors.

  • Optional: Extend your stay on Skye for an additional night (additional cost applies), allowing for further exploration and relaxation.

Day 4: Return Journey

  • We leave the Isle of Skye on our return  journey to Edinburgh.
  • Along the way, we'll make stops at notable landmarks and scenic spots, ensuring you capture a little of Scotland's natural beauty.

Your itinerary could also include visits to other distilleries and custom made to suit your requirements.

Terms and conditions

If the date you requested is not available, we will offer you an alternative date. If this is not acceptable then we will give you a full refund.



Oban Distillery: In the heart of the charming coastal town of Oban, the Oban Distillery stands as a beacon of Scotland's whisky heritage. Established in 1794, Oban is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, renowned for its distinctive maritime character. Situated amid stunning Highland scenery, Oban produces a signature whisky known for its rich, fruity notes with a hint of sea salt, reflecting the beauty of its surroundings. A visit to Oban Distillery offers a journey through time, allowing whisky enthusiasts to witness the traditional craftsmanship and unique processes that define this iconic Scottish distillery.

2. Talisker Distillery: Perched on the shores of the Isle of Skye, Talisker Distillery commands a breathtaking backdrop of dramatic cliffs above the sea. Founded in 1830, Talisker is celebrated for its bold and robust whiskies, characterised by a distinctive smoky flavour with hints of maritime influence. The whisky's peaty profile pays homage to the wild and untamed landscape of Skye, making it a favourite among whisky connoisseurs seeking a taste of Scotland's  beauty in every sip. A visit to Talisker Distillery offers a captivating journey into the heart of Skye's whisky-making tradition, where visitors can immerse themselves in the history and craftsmanship behind this iconic Scotch whisky.

3. Isle of Raasay Distillery: Located on the picturesque Isle of Raasay, off the coast of Skye, the Isle of Raasay Distillery is a relatively new addition to Scotland's whisky scene, having been established in 2017. Despite its youth, the distillery has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to whisky-making, drawing inspiration from the island's rich natural resources and ancient traditions. Raasay's whiskies are characterised by their smooth and elegant profile, reflecting the island's pristine waters and rough terrain. A visit to Isle of Raasay Distillery offers a glimpse into the future of Scottish whisky production, showcasing modern techniques alongside timeless craftsmanship.

4. Tobermory Distillery: Situated on the picturesque Isle of Mull, amidst the colorful houses of the town of Tobermory, the Tobermory Distillery has been crafting fine Scotch whisky since 1798. With a history as vibrant as its surroundings, Tobermory Distillery produces a diverse range of whiskies, each reflecting the island's unique terroir and maritime influence. From the unpeated elegance of Tobermory Single Malt to the peaty Ledaig, the distillery's offerings cater to a wide range of whisky preferences. A visit to Tobermory Distillery offers a chance to explore the charming island of Mull while immersing oneself in the rich heritage of Scottish whisky-making.

What’s included

  • Passionate guide
    Services of a highly trained, friendly and responsible local guide who will give you interesting facts and show you some amazing places with lots of historic information
  • Leisure time
    Your driver will make sure you have leisure time for comfort breaks, photo opportunities and for lunch and dinner.
  • Mobility
    All our tours are easy going for all levels of mobility. Please advise if you have any special requirements
  • Luxury vehicle
    You will be travelling in a Mercedes Vito people carrier. We also have luxury cars available for an extra cost for up to 4 passengers
  • Pick up and drop off
    You will be collected from an agreed location, hotel, airport, cruise terminal etc and returned there.

What’s not included

  • Lunch and Dinner
    Our guide will recommend eateries depending upon your requirements.
  • Food and drinks
    Food and drinks are not included. Bottled water is available during your tour at no cost to you
  • Gratuities
    Gratuities are optional
  • Travel insurance
    We do not include travel insurance
  • Optional tickets
    Tickets to Castles, Distilleries and other tour attractions are extra and not included in the price of the tour

Available Packages

Group of up to 4 People
Available until 10 days before departure

This package is for up to 4 people and the price for the entire group is £2050

Deposit: £100
Group of 5 - 8 People
Available until 10 days before departure

This package is for groups of up to 8 people and the price is £2150 for the entire group.

Deposit: £100
Group of 9 or more People

If you have 9 or more People in your group, please select this package and we will contact you to discuss prices.


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