Sulphur Mines

Puerto Villamil, Ecuador

21 reviews
Duration: 1 day
Group size: 4 - 16
Sulphur Mines
Puerto Villamil, Ecuador

21 reviews

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 4 - 16

About this trip

Short trip to the Sulphur Mines

We pick you up at your hotel to have a great day on the Sierra Negra.  The ride will take us through the highlands of Isabela up to the Sierra  Negra and along the street, the miners used years ago with their horses.  After around 40 minutes, we arrive right at the rim of the Sierra Negra  Volcano. A stunning view is awaiting you from the most Southern to the most Northern point of Isabela. From here on our hike of 2 hours begins into the caldera. Along the way, our guide will take time to explain to you everything you see and would like to know about the Volcano as well as the archipelago. With a little bit of time, you will notice how the environment around you changes from green shrubs and bushes to the dark lava rocks and to more whitish sediment – the sulphur.

Equipped with a breathing mask to keep you safe, you will discover one of the more intense volcanic activities happening on the Sierra  Negra. Take your time to explore the area and learn how a reddish liquid turns in a steaming yellow stone or how people used to life on the island before tourism was the main source of income. Before returning to the pick-up and drop-off spot, we enjoy lunch together and once again hike back through the caldera.

There are three starting times per day, 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30. The national park requires a pre-registration of min. 1 day.

Horseback riding, hiking or biking to the sulphur mines

The long trail offers you an additional experience by horse, bike or a  more extensive hike. It is best suited for people who are looking for a  more adventurous trip. Contrary to the short route, the ride with the pick-up truck will only take 20 minutes from Puerto Villamil to the  Sierra Negra checkpoint. At this place, we will saddle the horse or bike and make our way to the caldera. On average, it is a hike or ride of 2  hours to the rim of the volcano. By bike, you can expect 45 minutes.  Since the pick-up trucks from the short tour are not allowed to leave,  you can expect a traffic-free and calm road.

From the rim on, you discover everything the short tour offers as well. However, nothing compares to the light breeze on your face on a horse or bike after a wonderful day on the volcano.

The long path can be extended with a camping trip on the Sierra Negra with an unforgettable night sky.

Packing List

Sun Protection & Glases 

Water min. 2 liters per person

Good walking shoes 

Light rain jacket 


Hiking poles (optional) 

What’s included

  • Naturalist Guide
  • Transportation
  • Snacks & Refreshments
  • Copy of photos

Available Packages

Available until 2 days before departure

min. 4 people ($85 p.P)


min. 4 people

Horseback riding

min. 4 people


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This was the only tour we did on San Cristobal. We had limited time on the Island and this was a great way to see many of the main sites. We started off snorkelling at Kicker rock, then went to a couple of really nice beaches and did more snorkelling and hung out on the beaches. Saw some sharks, lots of turtles, an eagle ray, and a variety of fish. They provided a hot lunch which is different than what you get with many your companies. Overall, this was a good tour and am grateful for all the help Alicia at Agora Tours was for helping making this happen.
By Blake N for 360° Tour on Dec 05, 2023
Alicia at Agora tours made all our inter island ferry arrangements hassle free. The ferries from Santa Cruz to Isabela, from Isabela back to Santa Cruz, and from Santa Cruz to San Cristóbal we’re all hassle free and easy to figure out with Alicia’s help.
By Blake N for Ferry Tickets on Dec 04, 2023
The trip to Los Tuneles was very good. The Lavaformations are absolutely impressive. Snorkeling was really great. Huge turtles, a seahorse, small sharks. Very nice. Tito was a very good guide.
By Micheal O for Los Tuneles (115) on Dec 03, 2023
The Sierra Negra tour is a good hike. The hike is about 16 km long. On the first part of the tour you walk along a wide, gently sloping path. This leads to a very large caldera. Our guide, Alfredo, was really knowledgeable and shared a lot of interesting information about the fauna, flora, and the volcano. Along the path we were able to see the endangered Vermilion Fly Catcher. After eating our packed lunch we headed to the lava field. Alfredo was great at explaining the different types of lava and how each is formed. It was quite hot and sunny so it is best to take water, a hat, and sun screen. To get back to the taxis you walk back along the same path. It is not a hard walk but the entire tour does take about 5 hours. This is a good tour and Alicia at Agora Tours was again very helpful in helping me arrange this tour. I can’t say enough good things about Agora Tours and highly recommend them.
By Blake N for Sierra Negra on Nov 28, 2023
This was a good first tour on Isabela Island. We did it in the afternoon after arriving on the morning ferry. It is an easy paddle out to the reef on the far side of the harbour. Although you can no longer snorkel on this tour, we were still able to see a variety of birds, including Galapagos penguins, and some seals and a shark from our kayaks. The snorkel at concha de perla after our kayaking was a great experience. We saw an iguana on the bottom, many fish, and some rays. Overall, this was a good tour. Our guide, David, was friendly and informative. Alicia at Agora tours was very helpful in getting this and our many other tours arranged. I highly recommend this tour company. Their communication is excellent and they are very willing to answer any questions you might have. I booked all of our tours online in advance of our trip and Alicia at Agora tours really did a great job of making me feel at ease with the process.
By Blake N for Las Tintoreras by Kayak (Blake Niebert) on Nov 28, 2023
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