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Sundarban Natinal park

About this trip

We will start our Sundarban packages from the airport at 9 am from here we will go to Sonakhali by ac car about 110 kilometers, then we will go to Gosaba by river through the houseboat, In gosaba we will see Hamilton bungalow and Rabindranath Tagore;s bungalow. From here we will sightseeing Gosaba Forest, then we will do sightseeing in Bard forest and after that we will do some sightseeing in the Sundarban forest of Sajnekhali, then we will go to the Pakhiralya and stay at overnight through the hotel. 

The next day at 8 am in the morning we started our journey to the Sundarbans again this days we do something in the Sundarbans that complete core area that can be called the very inner part of the forest, First we visit Sajhnekhali it is a crocodile project, there  is also a watch tower built through we can visit the whole forest, then we sightseeing some of the small river  channels of the Sundarbans which have both side forests such as and maximum chances here maybe will see any animals. such as, Bon bibi varani, Pirkhali, Deul bharani, then after these small channels are completed, we will go to the Sudhannyakhali watch tower, even if it is called the inner part of the Sundarban forest, after completed Sudhyannkhali then we visit at the Do-Banki watch tower it is a very dense of the Sundarban Mangrove Forest. This way we complete our Sundarban tour and come back to our destination.

What’s included

  • Houseboat
    A houseboat has an arrangement of 40 pepole there are also a complete bathrooms and rest rooms in houseboat
  • Fooding
    Breakfast – Luchi, Potato Curry, Sweet ( One piece ), Tea Or Coffee. Lunch – Rice, Fried potatoes, Veg dal, Vegetables, Fish curry ( Vetki One piece ), chutney, papar, Salat. Evn Snx – Chicken Pokora,
  • Transport
    Kolkata Airport to Airport
  • Forest Permission
    Boat safari and watch tower,
  • Folks Dance
    Some girls get together and dance and sing
  • Hotel
    Night stay at jungle site resort
  • Forest Guide
  • Air tickets


Sundarban packages
Sundarban tour

Sundarban Packages for 2 Night 3 Days Only Rs - 4000/-

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Sundarban packages
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