Supported Consulting: Modello Package (5 hours)

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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Supported Consulting: Modello Package (5 hours)

  • Email address verified

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

This consulting package has plenty of time to: 

- receive detailed guidance 

- review work regularly along the way (before you get too far in any one direction!)

- discuss and refine your ideas as they develop

- dig deeper into understanding the country, culture, and customs - and how they all play a role in making the best decisions possible for your travel plans

- and so much more! 

Available for travelers planning at any stage, but recommended for those who are at the start or in the midst of planning.  

We begin with our signature questionnaire carefully designed for DIY travelers, and a complimentary expert review of the answers submitted. 

An initial Consultation takes place on the phone over a period of 60 consecutive minutes to address all the details, questions, and overall logistics and goals.

You can then take as much time as you need to continue working on your trip plans independently.

With four additional hours of our time at your disposal after this call, you have the absolute maximum flexibility.  

We can:

- set aside a regularly scheduled session to check in on your progress and guide next steps

- answer one-off questions as they pop up


- dedicate longer sessions to reviewing large chunks of your work in depth 

Compared to the time limitations of the Piccolo package, your options here will seem almost endless.   

Whenever you're ready to review the next round of your work, there are a variety of options to do this - either on the phone or in a collaborative workspace.    With the "Modello" package, a combination of the two is usually a winning combination! 

As with all of our consulting services, you can add additional sessions at any time by purchasing one or more "Altro" packages.

What’s included

  • Initial Questionnaire
    This questionnaire is designed specifically for consulting clients. With carefully constructed questions and ample space, you're invited to tell us how we can best help YOU!
  • Initial Expert Review
    We meticulously review and study your answers on the questionnaire to ensure our services are a good match for your travel needs and to begin preparing for your Initial Consultation.
  • Consultation Invitation
    You'll receive an invitation to set up your Initial Consultation via direct access to our calendar.
  • Logistical Assessment
    We look at the comprehensive logistics of the entire trip. We keep this in mind throughout the entire process. We will always & only advise in a way that supports logical & comfortable logistics.
  • Consultation Prep
    This is important! We spend a good deal of time preparing all of the information we will go over with you during your Initial Consultation. This ensures that every valuable minute is maximized,
  • Initial Consultation
    An uninterrupted 60 minute phone call devoted entirely to you, your trip, your questions, and all that we can possibly share to help guide you on your way as you continue planning!
  • Followup Support
    An additional 4 hours of our dedicated, perfectly prepared support. Available in a variety of formats. We will always come to the table fully prepared, with information tailored only to you!
  • Transportation Review
    A good trip is never simply going from Point A to Point B. We will always ask about, assess, and advise on the best ground transportation options.
  • Accommodation Review
    Based on the information you submit, we will review and advise on your accommodation preferences. We can recommend properties we are familiar with and help you read between the lines elsewhere.
  • Flight Review
    Where, when, and even what terminal your flights arrive and depart can make or break the start or end of a trip. Not to worry. We include this important review as well.
  • Car Rental Review
    If you are considering - or have already committed - to renting a car, our insight is invaluable. From how much time to budget to pickup and dropoff down to the different road signs.
  • Travel Insurance Quote
    We highly value and recommend travel insurance. We are happy to provide a complimentary travel insurance quote with the company we have trusted for years.
  • Train Travel Review
    One of the best means of transportation in Italy can also be more than a little complicated for those not used to it. Schedules, seating, and more...we'll gladly help you make sense of it.
  • Daily Schedule Review
    Making sure that each day flows well is vital. Knowing when things are open or closed, understanding distances between points of interest, etc. Plus advice on planning for harmony across days.
  • Day Trip Review
    Day trips can either enrich your overall experience - or leave you exhausted. We are happy to review and advise on day trips plans near and far - transportation, scheduling, local insight, etc.
  • Budget Allocation
    At any budget level, you want to get the most return on the investment you are making in travel. We are happy to help you understand your options on everything from food to group vs. private tours
  • Travel Advice
    From packing tips to medical equipment, running errands abroad and knowing how to dress for what experiences, we're happy to have you pick our brains!

What’s not included

  • Reservations
    We can make reservations for your trip, according to a published fee schedule.
  • Bookings
    We can make bookings for your trip, upon request. Price is according to a published fee schedule.
  • Additional Support
    As a Consulting client, you have an invitation to schedule as many sessions as you like, according to availability. The price of each "Altro" session is as published.
  • Itinerary Creation
    We are happy to create a comprehensive itinerary for you, according to our published fee schedule.
  • Document Creation
    We are happy to create any additional documents you may feel you need for your trip, according to our published fee schedule.

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Italiana Travel Design is a boutique travel design firm that has been creating exquisite, fully custom-designed travel experiences for clients since 2011. Beginning in 2019, select experiences and pre-designed itineraries will be released in carefully curated collections. The experience for all of our clients is the same: authentic, meaningful Italian travel enjoyed in a private, tailored context, and guided by our hand-selected network of over 530 local specialists throughout Italy. Our expertise and experience are unmatched!