Aposentillo, Nicaragua

Jenna's Adventures
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11 reviews
May 20 - 27, 2023
Group size: 6 - 20
Aposentillo, Nicaragua

Jenna's Adventures
  • Email address verified
11 reviews

May 20 - 27, 2023
Group size: 6 - 20

About this trip

Escape to the tropical sun and barreling waves with us this May 2023!

Nicaragua is a surfers paradise with warm water, perfect barreling waves and off shore winds. Combined with stunning scenery, delightful culture and delicious cuisine, this is a destination you don't want to miss! 


- Beachfront lodging at Amaru Retreat in northern Nicaragua. We can see the waves roll in from the resort viewpoint!

- 3x meals, snacks, coffee, tea and fruit juices every day

- Surf Guide Package: Daily surf guides, transfers, photography available for purchase, 1 boat trip and boards 

- Surf School Package: Daily surf lessons with paddle technique, video analysis, coaching, transfers and boards 

- Daily yoga/surfer stretch around the tides. Great for injury prevention, stability, mobility and flexibility.

- 1x 60min deep tissue massage to really work out those sore surf muscles

- Mangrove boat tour with wakeboarding, packed cooler included! (show us what you got ATL!)

- Salsa Lesson + dance party at a local bar

- Spacious pool and cozy hammock areas

-RT shuttle to/from the airport

- 1 day off to fully relax. You're on no one's schedule but your own... well, maybe the tides. But no one's complaining about that! Highly recommended to do the volcano hike and sand boarding tour if not surfing!

You will be completely taken care of once you're here. You will leave happily exhausted from catching all those barrels, blissed out on yoga, massage and epic food, and with happy memories with your surf buddies.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME. Check out our surf packages below. Not a surfer? There's a non-surfer package too. Tons of adventures to be had! Nicaragua will not disappoint. 


After you register, you will receive an email with an info packet with all the details you need. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Jenna, your retreat coordinator.

Jenna + Surf ATL


The Boom is a wave on the north Pacific coast of Nicaragua. This A frame barrel machine should be on the top of your bucket list! It is a challenging wave but when you score that Boom Barrel - your life will change! 

For less experienced surfers the area offers a variety of surf spots, from offshore sand bars to estuary point breaks. There really is something for every experience level. Best part? It frequents fewer people than the southern districts of Nicaragua. 

Nicaragua waves will challenge you however there are plenty of spots to choose from that will fit any surf level.  Beginning surfers welcome and there is plenty to do if you are a non-surfer. Check out the packages below!

Nicaragua + Amaru Retreat

Amaru is a gorgeous resort with incredible ocean views, spacious pool, epic surf and open hearted staff located in Central America. Coming to a third world country is an amazing cultural experience that you will never forget and which will continue to grow your interpersonal relationships and world view however please understand and agree to the following:

No Hot Showers:  No hot water in Central America is common. Don't worry, the 80 degree ocean water and humidity will be enough heat! 

English will be the second language, or not understood: Please be aware that we are spending our time in a Spanish speaking country where most people know little or no english. The Staff at Amaru are both native english speakers and Nicaraguan locals. You may need to speak slowly and do not be surprised if they understand but respond back only in Spanish. This is a great opportunity to work on your Spanish! And if all else fails you can always go to the English speaking staff for assistance.

Closest Medical Facilities: There is a small clinic in the nearby village, a new hospital an hour away or more hospitals in Managua (3.5-4hrs)



For the surfer who, at the very least, has mastered the basics of paddling, popping up, riding cleanly across the open face of a wave and looking to step it up. This includes an English speaking surf guide, transportation via truck with 1 boat trip included, use of boards, and photographer for 1 session, photos available for purchase. Maximum of 6 to 1 surfers to guide.


For the new to beginner surfer. This includes an English speaking teacher, transportation to

breaks, video for 1 session following coach analysis, paddle school, surf theory and use of boards. Maximum 3 students to 1 teacher. 


Don't surf but still wanna come? Nicaragua is the perfect place to explore! Unwind during your daily yoga class, sunbathe on the beach, wakeboard during the boat tour, indulge with your  60min massage and experience some latin culture with a salsa lesson! If you're feeling adventurous there are plenty of add on's such as a horseback riding tour, volcano hikes, city of Leon tour and more! Maybe you may give it a try and book a surf lesson! Do whatever you want - you're on vacation!


5:30a - Fuel up on coffee, Tea and fruit 

6:45a - Your trusted guides will take you to the spot that has the best combination of working tide, wind, people (or lack there of), etc. Expect to surf The Boom and other incredible spots.  The best surf takes place in the morning. So get ready for some early rising. Don't worry... it'll be worth it!

10a - Full brekky awaits!

11a - 2p Free time. Relax by the pool, schedule your massage, read in the hammock, build sandcastles on the beach, enjoy your lunch... whatever you want!

2:30p -Surfer stretch with yin/restorative yoga to cool down and stretch out those muscles. Expect some incense, essential oils, blissed out music and a splash of mediation as we chill out and escape the last of the midday heat in the shaded and breezy yoga shala

4p - Surf check! If the winds are behaving we'll head out to the second surf session of the day! Or grab a drink and chill by the pool for sunset to wind down the day

6:30p - Well deserved dinner! 

8p - Stargaze by the pool, catch up with your friends and then happily pass out. We'll need rest for another day of epic surfing!


Getting there

Step 1: Fly into Managua, Nicaragua

Step 2: Shuttle to Amaru Resort (3.5 hrs)

Getting back

Step 1: Shuttle from Amaru Resort to the airport (3.5hrs)

Step 2: Fly home!

Don’t like long journeys?

Depending on where you are departing from and if your flight has layovers, the journey may be long but WORTH IT. If you know you like to break up your travel or you do not want a long travel day, I suggest arriving the day before (May 19th) to spend the night at a hotel in Managua.  Recommendations in info packet. You will then meet us back at the airport to take a morning shuttle to the lodge. If you choose this option, you will arrive at the lodge before the sunsets and if wind is working, even have an opportunity to surf into the sunset while we wait for our other fellow retreat guests to arrive just in time for dinner.

When you register you will get an info packet with more details


By submitting a deposit you agree to the following refund/cancellation policy:

Payment Schedule

1.  $500 non-refundable deposit upon registration

2. Feb 1st, 2023 - 50% of balance due

3. April 1st, 2022 - remaining balance due

* We are happy to customize a payment plan for you just let us know! Stipulations: Entire balance must be paid no later than April 1st, 2023


- AFTER Feb 1st, 2023 -  50% of current funds paid returned, minus $500 deposit. 

- AFTER April 1st, 2023 - No refunds 

WeTravel  Fees

WeTravel does not charge a fee when paying from your bank account.

WeTravel charges a small fee when paying with a card

What’s not included

  • Flights
  • Transportation
    Outside of package
  • Alcohol + Specialty Drin
  • Tours/Activities
    Outside of package
  • Gratuities
    Please tip your massage therapist and resort staff at the end of your stay
  • Travel Insurance

Available Packages


Prices are per Person. 

1 Spot in the double room.

2 people in a double room / 2 single beds

***Couples or friends rooming together: Book 2 double room packages (1 each). In the notes put that you will be sharing a room together. Couples - we will put you in a room with 1 queen bed) ***

In addition to the All Inclusive Retreat Package you get a choice of the below.

Choose your package under "Add On's" when completing registration.

Surf Guide Package: Daily surf guides, surf transfers, surf board rentals, photographer for 1 session, photos available at additional cost

Surf School Package: Daily surf lessons, surf transfers, board rentals, video analysis for 1 session (videos free to students), paddle school, surf theory and coaching


Prices are per Person. 

1 person in a private room

1 double bed

***Couples or friends rooming together: Book 2 double room packages (1 each). In the notes put that you will be sharing a room together. Couples - we will put you in a room with 1 queen bed) ***

In addition to the All Inclusive Retreat Package you get a choice of the below.

Choose your package under "Add On's" when completing registration.

Surf Guide Package: Daily surf guides, surf transfers, surf board rentals, photographer for 1 session, photos available at additional cost

Surf School Package: Daily surf lessons, surf transfers, board rentals, video analysis for 1 session (videos free to students), paddle school, surf theory and coaching


Available options

Your Organizer

Jenna's Adventures
11 reviews
Jenna is a retreat leader specializing in the Chakras and surf/yoga retreats. She is the creator of Chakra Codes, is a retreat consultant/coordinator and coaches yoga teachers on the retreat business and how to lead successful and transformational experiences for their clients. She is happily addicted to surfing and when she's not chasing waves she writes literature and music and pursues an acting career. Stay connected on Instagram @JennasAdventures | @Chakra.Codes |


Jenna planned the most amazing trip. She is so organized, provided very detailed instructions, and handled every detail so that all I had to do was follow her instructions in order to have an the most amazing vacation. Also, she was extremely accommodating, helpful, and kind. Jenna is the best and I recommend her services to everyone and anyone!
By Sai K for SURF ATL ESCAPE on Jun 06, 2023
Our trip to Nicaragua was fantastic which wasn't surprising at all because Jenna put it together. She is detailed, organized, and thoughtful in not only her trip planning but also her interaction with people. She truly cares that everyone has an amazing experience and that shines through and, ultimately, creates an incredible end result for those attending. I am thankful I met Jenna as a person and as a trip planner. Thank you, Jenna!
By Spencer B for SURF ATL ESCAPE on May 29, 2023
I don’t know if I can properly put into words how amazing this trip was. Jenna is such a lovely human, she thinks of everything, prepares participants for everything and communicates everything well and clearly. I’ve never been on a trip that was this well organized. It was perfect, I can’t imagine it being better and Jenna is why it went so well. If she is your planner, you will enjoy the trip, stop reading this and go sign up for something she’s put together.
By Tyler B for SURF ATL ESCAPE on May 29, 2023
Heart-opening, tons of fun, relaxing, great instruction, great people, all around terrific.
By Joe D for Yosemite Spa & Yoga Retreat on Nov 27, 2018
The food was amazing along with the accommodations. Jenna's yoga flow and relaxing words made my experience so much more meaningful. Thank you Jenna for being such a radiant light for me on my retreat!
By Amanda A for Yosemite Spa & Yoga Retreat on Nov 17, 2018
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Jenna has so much heart and soul it's incredible! She has a super fun energy and is a delight to be around. Her extensive travel experience and knowledge enables her to lead retreats at amazing locations. When Jenna coordinates a trip you can be sure it will be an adventure but so much more! She is able to make people feel comfortable and holds space for transformational experiences. It is highly recommended to experience a retreat with this human. So much love!
By Yoga T on 17 Sep, 2018
It’s been two months since my Bachelorette Yoga Retreat and I’m still in awe of what happened in the Costa Rica jungle with Jenna as our Bride Tribe Leader! I met Jenna earlier last year in a very different setting and was instantly drawn in by her light and energy. Immediately, I thought she was THE ONE to lead my retreat that I’ve dreamt of! It just felt so right and we both went with it. Lucky me, she was totally down and got right to planning. She put in so much work into every detail and was enthusiastic to make this happen for me. It made me feel so special! Planning for 12 girls cannot be easy but Jenna took it upon herself to create the most amazing experience for us. When we arrived, she far exceeded our expectations with so many fun and enchanting surprises! We had an amazing stay and delicious meals at Encanta La Vida. Yoga, meditation, and chakra workshop with Jenna on the deck was absolutely breathtaking. Best yoga and experience in my life. No one compares, JENNA IS THE BEST. She took us to secret spots and we had a blast everywhere we went. Party at Martina’s will always be a night to remember! We overcame fears and did things we’ve never done before. Jumping off a waterfall and going on a trust hike through the jungle in the night were only a couple of the many adventures which were very exhilarating for us city girls! With Jenna’s presence and spiritual guidance, we fully embraced jungle life and the experience was magnified 1000x. Missing the jungle life, animals and creatures, the sound of nature, and Jenna’s teachings. No one could have been more perfect for this and all the girls were just as enamored. It was truly an experience of a lifetime, life-changing for some! More to come with this talented and beautiful soul. Forever grateful for this goddess, Jenna Davi. She has followers for life! We love you, Jenna!!!
By Lily T on 22 Jul, 2018
Sometimes when you meet a person you can feel a connection right away, and that is what I felt upon meeting Jenna -- I felt that comfortable connection that is experienced between long-term, trusted friends. Jenna is truly one of those special people. This was the first retreat that I have ever been a part of, and I absolutely loved it, and it was largely due to the type of experience that Jenna created. Jenna's teaching style and her overall style of leading is so natural and genuine, you could really tell that she loved what she was doing and she cared that all of us were having a positive experience. The retreat was paced perfectly, starting with morning asana, a group breakfast, free time to explore the rainforest and eat lunch, an afternoon satya circle, and guided meditation session followed by a group dinner. I felt the perfect balance of being challenged both mentally and physically while also coming out of each activity feeling completely restored and relaxed. Jenna connected all of the elements of the retreat with the theme of the first two chakras which I loved, this added a spiritual element and offered the opportunity to learn something new throughout the retreat. In short, participating in this retreat was so refreshing and just what I needed to rebalance and realign myself with my wellness. I cannot wait to participate in my retreats with Jenna, and would highly, highly recommend her retreats to anyone reading this or considering participation --- sign up and have fun, Jenna will take care of you every step of the way and you will LOVE the experience!
By Amy M on 05 Jul, 2018