Surf + Soul + Español 2023: Back to our Roots

Guanacaste Province, Nosara, Costa Rica

Apr 29 - May 5, 2023
Group size: 8 - 22
Surf + Soul + Español 2023: Back to our Roots
Guanacaste Province, Nosara, Costa Rica

Apr 29 - May 5, 2023
Group size: 8 - 22

About this trip


Surf+Soul+Español is returning for round 5 in 2023! In honor of our 5th adventure in Costa Rica, SSE is moving back to its roots: a little surf, a lot of soul and finally some Español! Venture with us to Nosara, Costa Rica, our favorite little tico village in the heart of Guiones on the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the five Blue Zones on planet Earth. Expect our signature campy vibe, with morning vinyasa, rad field trips, yoga anatomy lessons, survival Spanish class, crafts-a-plenty, spontaneous sing-a-longs and loads of laughter. Ride the waves, literally AND energetically as we enjoy both Nosara’s epic surf and her go-with-the-flow vibe, where the best laid plans make Mother Nature and Real Life giggle with knowing.That is the magic of Nosara; she teaches us to relinquish control, to sync-up with the rhythms of nature and to find comfort in the midst of discomfort… rising with the birds, napping through the heat, dancing in the downpours, floating in the tide pools, sharing your lunch with iguanas, howling with the monkeys and singing with the frogs. In addition to practicing all that ‘real-life yoga,’, we will practice yoga in many other forms: various styles of asana (Vinyasa, PowerRestore®, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini. etc), along with breathwork and meditation. We will also employ our favorite local teachers, healers and guides to share their unique skills and practices. Join us in diving deeper, shedding layers of the unnecessary and exploring what is at the raw, real center of us all. Whether you are joining us for the first time or the fifth, we are thrilled to welcome you to our favorite little corner of Central America. ALL life lovers invited... no need to be prolific in anything to enjoy this immersion.

SSE5 2024: Back to our Roots


To many, the word retreat invokes thoughts of hiding or getting ‘away from it all.’ To others, it insinuates luxury, leisure and libation. While both of these uses of the word are valid, neither defines  what THIS week is about. Surf+Soul+Español is an invitation to join a group of like-minded, and sometimes unlike-minded people, to settle into a circle of trust, curiosity, adventure, honesty, noticing and non-attachment. While we are well taken care of, we also get dirty, sweaty, bug bitten. We laugh and cry. We try new things. A lot. This is a retreat into ourselves, a chance to look within, stretch ourselves, confront fears, break wide open and explore new ways to heal. If that sounds like your jam, we are your retreat happy place. Grab your passport to sign up, and let’s go let-go together!

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. In case of a travel ban to Costa Rica or WE cancel the trip, a combination of credit toward next year’s retreat and cash refund will be applied. See further cancellation policy/travel insurance info below. 

Updates on covid testing travel protocols will be shared closer to the trip. 

Before You Go


Travel insurance must be purchased separately from your retreat reservation, if desired. Information regarding the requirements and the ability to purchase insurance can be found here: COSTA RICA TRAVEL INSURANCE. WE HIGHLY  RECOMMEND ALL TRAVELERS PURCHASE INSURANCE


Rooms are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.  These are the ONLY rooms available at Bodhi Tree this week, so If you feel strongly about your room choice, you will want to sign up right away. TRAVELING ALONE or WITH FRIENDS? There will be an opportunity to put in mutual roommate requests upon booking.


20% of the total is due upon booking.

40% of the total  is due November 29.

40% of the total is due February 29.



Please sign up with INTENTION.. As we all know, covid is part of our current world.  In the event of illness or other issues leading to your inability to attend, please refer to your travel insurance coverages. 


OPTION 1: Fly into Liberia (LIR). Shuttle 2.5 HOURS to Nosara. (most popular)

OPTION 2: Fly into San Jose (SJO) Shuttle 5.5 HOURS to Nosara.

OPTION 3: Fly into Liberia (LIR), and fly Sansa Air directly into Nosara.

OPTION 4: Fly into San Jose (SJO), and fly Sansa Air directly into Nosara (possibly plan for an overnight).


can be arranged for all options, and we are happy to take care of coordinating ! Your transportation costs will be determined by how many of you are sharing any given shuttle. Most people (us included) tend to fly into Liberia. The shuttles are their own little adventure and can be a fun time to get to know each other, cow gaze, practice your Spanish with your driver or nap off your red-eye. Nosara does have an airport, so if you like little planes and 


We are happy to arrange your shuttles to and from the Liberia airport Nosara Airport. can be arranged for all options, and we are happy to take care of coordinating ! Your transportation costs will be determined by how many of you are sharing any given shuttle. Most people (us included) tend to fly into Liberia. The shuttles are their own little adventure and can be a fun time to get to know each other, cow gaze, practice your Spanish with your driver or nap off your red-eye. Nosara does have an airport, so if you like little planes and pretty views and want to avoid the long bumpy roads, that’s a great option, too. There is currently only one airline flying into Nosara. Sansa Air. (


We recommend you begin tracking flights to Liberia now. If you find that you need an overnight before or after the retreat, Liberia has a convenient hotel right across from the airport where our shuttle can pick up/drop off any overnighters. Hilton Garden Inn. As soon as you’ve booked your flight, please forward your info to, along with any questions, so we can get your shuttle groups organized.

MAKE SURE YOUR PASSPORT IS UP TO DATE (best if it's got at least 6 on it beyond our May travel before expiring!). Plant it in a safe place, and don't forget where that special place is. You will need it to register for the retreat.


NOTE: A liability WAIVER is attached below. In registering for SSE5, you are agreeing to the terms of the waiver. Please give it a look over.


ALL MEALS are included, as well as coffee + tea.

DAILY YOGA (encompassing the practice of yoga in any of it's forms, from vinyasa to restorative, nidra to kundalini, breathwork to meditation, and any other healing mediums in between)






YOGI'S NIGHT OUT (weather dependent)








SHUTTLES* (we will happily arrange your shuttles for you as a convenience, fees below)

TRAVEL INSURANCE (not currently required, but HIGHLY recommended)

RESORT TIPS (customary $10 a day, can pay through your room)

COVID TESTS ($70-$80 in cash, if required)


Bodhi Tree's shuttle fees vary depending on your arrival airport and number of retreaters arriving within the same time window. Possible fee range (+13% tax), based on airport and number of passengers:

NOSARA: $5-$20

LIBERIA: $40-$150

SAN JOSE: $60-$250


 Upon arrival, you may book any of the following and more at the FRONT DESK:

Spa/Med Spa Appointments

Stand Up Paddle Boarding


Deep Sea Fishing

ATV Riding

Horseback Riding

Monkey Sanctuary

Sound Bath

Breath Work

More Surf

More Yoga

More Spanish

Liability Waiver

By booking, you agree to the following waiver of liability:


Available Packages

Queen Bungalow - Occupancy 2
6 left

The Queen Bungalow is a lovely respite for 2 travel pals, with 2 queen beds in one shared room. The Bungalows are private individual units, snuggled into the jungle at the heart of campus near the central pool and dining area.

1 Bedroom, 2 Queen Beds,  En Suite Bath, 2 Wardrobes, Open Air Rainfall Shower, Private Balcony, Jungle Views

Deposit: $0
Treetops King - Occupancy 1
only 3 left

The Treetops building (true to it's name), with it's own private pool and shared balconies, houses several rooms, hotel style.. If you love a stunning view, appreciate hilly hikes and don't mind being a bit removed from the other retreaters, this spot is fab.. Be aware that these rooms are directly beneath a yoga shala which means some hopping around overhead during certain times of the day. You will also share walls with neighboring rooms here, unlike the bungalows and villas, but because Treetops is off the beaten path,, this area tends to be very peaceful and secluded, away from the social energy of the dining/bar area.

1 Bedroom, 1 King Bed, Indoor En Suite Bath and Walk In Closet, Balcony with Jungle Canopy Views

King Bungalow - Occupancy 1
only 3 left

Sheltered by a thick canopy of palms King Bungalows are a pretty perfect fit for a solo trip. Enjoy the privacy of your very own room, bath, balcony, and bungalow while still being relatively near the main pool and dining porch.

1 King Bedroom, En Suite Bath, Wardrobe, Outdoor Rainfall Shower, Private Balcony, Jungle Views

Deposit: $0
Bodhi King Villa - Occupancy 1 or 2
4 left

Private meets cozy meets luxury. Bodhi Tree's King Villa Rooms are simply stunning. Nestled into the jungle, your private villa is a rainforest retreat in and of itself, complete with en suite bathroom and private, expansive outdoor lounge. This is as dreamy as it gets, and not too far off the beaten path.

1 King Bedroom, En Suite Bath, CLOSET STYLE?, Outdoor Rainfall Shower, Private Outdoor Lounge, Cozy Jungle Views


Your Organizer

Nicole Koch & Beverly Jane Peatross
Nicole and Beverly Jane’s collision course toward yoga destiny happened over an extended playdate with their then kindergarten boys. Both yoga instructors, with a penchant toward non- chalance, the two got along famously. When Nicole moved to Nosara, Costa Rica and started working at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, she knew a retreat was in order. And Beverly Jane proved to be the perfect partner. While quite different from the outside, Beverly Jane and Nicole both share the same attitude toward life, love and yoga. They have been told (more than once) that their yin/yang combo, individual teaching styles and unique passion for how and what they teach create a beautiful and cohesive blend. This happy confluence of talent and energy already has and will continue to result in a beautiful, lively, introspective and yes, potentially life altering retreat experience. For more info, enjoy pursuing their individual bios and websites on our main trip page.