Surf & Yoga Glamping Retreat

Arrifana, Portugalia

Weronika Maria Kostrzewa
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Surf & Yoga Glamping Retreat
Arrifana, Portugalia

Weronika Maria Kostrzewa
  • Email address verified

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Ocean Awakening surf & yoga retreats are dedicated to adults who want to truly relax and develop a deeper connection to the self and nature. Surfing the waves in the ocean, balancing the body practice of asana and meditation are our greatest passions that we love to share. And since taking care of the planet Earth means taking care of our health, we make sure that also the food during our retreats is delicious, local and organic. To see our offer in detail, scroll down:

What is included?

  • Accommodation (5 nights) in double tipi with proper beds, linen and towels at beautifully renovated Portuguese "Soul Farm" 1km from the Arrifana beach (it is possible to upgrade for private tipi)
  • 3 vegetarian & healthy meals daily: breakfasts, lunch boxes for the beach picnics & warm dinners with desserts
  • 1,5h of daily yoga practice: energizing in the mornings or restorative in the afternoons (beginners welcome)
  • Qualified and experienced yoga therapist following traditional Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa 
  • Daily surf lessons of 1,5 hour with experienced instructors and surf gear plus "free surf" in the afternoon (12h in total)
  • Transportation to stunning and unspoiled local beaches
  • Pizza-oven night with music
  • Vegan culinary workshop
  • Pick up from Aljezur (we will help you with arranging the best transportation from Lisbon/Faro airport to Aljezur)


We contract a local, fully licensed and insured Portuguese surf school to conduct our surf educational programs. Our longstanding partnership with the most experienced surf-coaches ensures group sizes are kept to a minimum while the fun rises to maximum. An excellent range of beginners longboards as well as shortboards are available which are ideal and safe for surfers of all levels. You are free to sample your surfing gear according to your comfort level.

The experience starts with an introduction to the ocean on the first day at the beach. Our instructors will explain safety rules and give you a bit of surfing theory. You begin to develop a relationship with the ocean and your instructor - it is also an opportunity for the coach to assess each guest’s surfing skills. Surf lessons are held each day at one of the nearby beaches: Amoreira, Arrifana, Monte Clerigo, etc. As the wind & waves change daily, we aim to find the beach with the best conditions for you. Daily lessons of 1.5 hour will be held close to shore mostly. After a nice picnic you are encouraged to free surf with your group's fellows, practice and expand on all you’ve learned in the class.


Practicing yoga by the ocean or in the woods is a very unique and beautiful experience connecting you to the nature. Learning how to empty the mind and balance the body will not only increase your confidence, flexibility and strength - it will also help you surf! An example: "sun salutation" in yoga is perfect training before jumping on your surfboard, as the movement is similar to "popping up" in surfing. On the other hand, swimming in the salty ocean water is part of yoga practice too - it purifies the channels of energy or prana flowing within the body. 

Our teachers are familiar with different styles, like: Asthanga, Hatha, Iangar, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Nindra, Yin with restorative approach. Therefore the practice is adjusted to the spirit of the group and individual needs (for instance: lower back pain therapy). You may also learn different meditation techniques accompanied by the healing vibration of chants and the Tibetan singing bowl. All of that will help you to relax and get ready for another exciting day in Portugal.


Food is very important part of the experience during our retreats. All of the veggies and fruits, honey, eggs and cheese that we use come from the local farmers and organic producers. We cook with passion healthy, nutritious vegetarian meals and we have no problems with adjusting to different kind of food allergies or preferences, like: vegan, gluten or lactose free. 

You can expect 3 meals per day: sweet & savory breakfast with fresh orange juice, coffee and tea, lunch box for the beach and warm dinner with dessert daily. Our Italian chef is a great pizza-master baking wonderful treats for our guests once per week. We usually end the retreat with the picnic dinner at the beach while enjoying the sunset.

What is more, every program includes the vegan culinary workshop where you can learn how to make healthy, yet simple and delicious "guilty-free" meals yourself. Bon appetite!


Here at Soul Farm we embrace the idea of simple but comfortable living with the presence of the unspoiled Costa Vicentina Natural Park. Located in a peaceful place in the countryside, 1km from Arrifana beach in the Western Algarve where the sounds of crickets and ocean together with the sky full of stars are our regular night lullaby.

Our tipis are simple but comfortable: equipped in raised beds with linen and towels, mosquito nets and solar lights that will make your nights cozy, fun and relaxing. Bathrooms and showers with hot water are just few meters away - built with love in the respect of the nature. At your use are also: fully equipped outdoor kitchen and chilling area with little library and few music instruments that we like to use before going to sleep. All of that surrounded by the trees and an infinite garden.

That mindful environment, created with the respect for the planet Earth, often becomes a wonderful inspiration for our guests coming to stay with us from all over the World. Feel welcome to join us there from May until October each year.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon! :)

Ocean Awakening & Soul Farm Crew

What’s included

  • bed linens

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Deposit: €150

Your Organizer

Weronika Maria Kostrzewa
My goal is to help your body and mind to connect and find a peaceful state. As a professional therapist, I incorporate a variety of traditional methods in movement, breath and mind training, showing you how to develop better mental and physical health. My inspiration on the path came from trainings with the advanced Yoga teachers representing Hatha, Iyengar and Jivamukti (Asthanga) what resulted with developing a deeper understanding of asana, pranayama and meditation. Please, check my page to learn more.