Swazi Village Day Tour- STO

Woza Nawe Tours
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Swazi Village Day Tour- STO

Woza Nawe Tours
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip


We have our own home where we welcome our guest within the community, you will be part of the community with out feeling like you are a stranger or a tourist. As you walk around the community you will see the friendliness of the villagers willing to talk to you as you try the local language. The villagers are always for our guests when they come to visit them in their home.


We dont do live in with families but we can go and spend time with them in their homes, but once we have spent time we can then go back to our house.

There is lots opportunity to play with the kids and to help a family with any chores that they are doing, this all depend on the season of the year.

Depending on what time of the year you can join the families in the following

Ploughing and Planting- September - December

Harvesting- may -July

Rebuilding of huts- July- September

  •  Physicality: Low
  • Culture      shock: Low
  • Group      size: from 1 to 6 people
  • Pickup      location: 

We pick you up from any hotel or place of stay within Manzini and Ezulwini but if you are staying outside this areas a pick up fee may apply.

  • Drop-off      location: 

We also drop you off any where you would like after the tour or at the same place of the pick up.

  • Pickup      time: (7.00 AM - 7.30 AM)
  • Drop-off      time: (5.00 PM - 6.00 PM)

What’s included

  • breakast
    from the local market
  • lunch
    in the village


Arrival in The Morning
Kaphunga Day Tour



  Pick up from you Hotel or guest house at 7 am.    head down to Manzini market to have some traditional breakfast- but if your   hotel offers bed and breakfast then you can have breakfast but leave some   little room to sample the Swazi dish called Incwancwa at the market.    while we are sitting down at the Market we will use the same time to learn   the local language (siSwati) which very similar to Zulu language. This will   help you to get around the market and you will not be like typical tourist.    After the breakfast you can walk around the Market shopping for 1 hour. This   market is very cheap lots of items are easy to carry. Its not only for   tourist but there is also lots of local people who are coming to buy in bulks   to sell in South Africa. This market is very lively every Wednesdays and   Thursdays of every month.    we then head out of town direction of the village- south west to kaPhunga   village which is 55 km away from Manzini. This a 1 hour trip since part of   the road gravel but drivable even with a smaller car.    Arrive in the - stretch your legs and then go sit down in the granny’s hut to   have a discussion about the Swazi culture and the tradition. This is where   you will have a good understanding of the Swazi people, and all you questions   will be answered. its always advisable to have a an open mind when it comes   discussions of different cultures- since we believe that there is not right   and wrong.    Lunch- Our lunch at this time will be Swazi meal with beans and mealies pap   and BBQ but if you are not taking meat you should advise us in time, but   usually there is enough even for the vegetarians.    At this time its possible to go visit the local school which is nearby but   this cannot be guaranteed since there might be not enough time- however will   always make arrangement s to visit depending on how they are busy.    This moment is the moment to test your language skills when we go to say   hello to the family next to our home. All our guest are encouraged to ask   question via the guide bear in mind that the local people speak little or no   English at all, but they are always happy to try.    You can stay as long as you like with the family and hang out with the kids   since they speak English.    After this you will go for a nice gently hike over the hills and discover the   village and possible meet other villagers but this will help you understand   the village better via the explanation of the guide.    This hike will be very short 1 hour both ways and then head back home to hang   out for a short time and then head back to Manzini to be in time for 6 pm the   latest.    But these who are not in a rush they can stay for dinner in the evening which   will be a full Swazi dinner around the Bonfire. And then after dinner we can   head down to Manzini where our guest stays.( if you want to stay longer and   wait for the dinner you should let us know in Advance since an extra cost   applies)

Cancellation Policy

31 days cancellation before arrival 100% refund

30 days cancellation  before arrival 75% refund

15 days cancellation before arrival 50% refund

3 days- 24 hrs cancellation before arrival 0% refund

NO refund for bad weather 

Children policy

Children below the age of 6years are free, above 6 years are half the   price above 12 years are full price

Participant Guidelines

We really encourage our guest to stick to the following    • to ask when taking photos of people    • to always be able to say "no" since we don't advise our guests to   be giving things with out carefully thinking    • Ladies to wear skirts(long below knee length)    • not to give chocolate    • To try speaking the local language to Swazi people this makes your stay   much more fun.    • If you want to help any child or any one let us know we will help you

Other Disclosures

All our ladies guest should bring long skirts to wear while they are   in the village, this is for respect purposes.

Men should also be aware of the reserved nature of the local people   and should wear shirts at all times

Your Organizer

Woza Nawe Tours
We offer unique opportunity to experience the kingdom of eSwatini and enjoy the peaceful nature of the Swazi people. Offer other local tour to cross border neighbouring countries. We love what we do.