Sweat and Serenity - Deep Cleansing Retreat 2023

Hardwick Estate, South Oxfordshire.

Sadhama Rewild Retreats
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66 reviews
May 26 - 29, 2023
Group size: 1 - 40
Sweat and Serenity - Deep Cleansing Retreat 2023
Hardwick Estate, South Oxfordshire.

Sadhama Rewild Retreats
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66 reviews

May 26 - 29, 2023
Group size: 1 - 40

About this trip

Sweat and Serenity is a rejuvenating and reviving spring retreat held on the banks of the river Thames. Returning for its third year, our most popular retreat opens its heart again for 2023.

The May event is sold out now with more than a dozen people in the waiting list. We decided to add one more date this year - September 1-3rd. Only 20 places will be available. Book your place here: Sweat & Serenity in September 

Using a spectrum of carefully and thoughtfully curated ancient and modern cleansing techniques, this intimate gathering will enable you to shed outer layers of stress and strife, revealing your pure nature within. 

Over the weekend you will have the unique opportunity to participate in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony, hosted in a specially designed sacred hazel pole dome and led by experienced masters with chanting and shamanic drumming. A rare opportunity to experience this transformative practice in the rolling nature of the Thames Valley.

This retreat is for those who want to remove all barriers to lasting serenity. Release what is not serving you through the cleansing power of the fire and supportive ceremonial strength of the sweat lodge. Discover the obstacles facing your unique ayurvedic constitution when you sit to meditate and how to best combat them for lasting inner peace. Move forward into summer with a fresh perspective and new grounding in your whole self.

There will be reviving yoga practices and wild swimming in the glistening river waters. Guided meditations with ancient trees and mindful journeying through the intuitive artistry of words will show you the way to reconnect with your divine nature. The resonance of spirit mantra will restore and replenish you, and storytelling and singing by the campfire will give you the heartwarming gift of community connection. 

We will be eating fresh, organic, locally grown plant based meals lovingly prepared according to Ayurvedic principles. As much as possible of our gorgeous fruit and veg will come from Tolhurst Organic farm, based on site, who use stock free farming to produce the lowest possible carbon footprint, cruelty free food. Their work is truly inspiring and aligned with our ethos of re-connecting and re-aligning with mother nature to live in more harmony.

The retreat begins on Friday evening 26th May and ends on bank holiday Monday afternoon 29th May 2023.

The retreat is held in a secluded rural camping field next to the shores of the river with composting toilets and fresh water. Tents available to rent if you can not bring your own. 

Camper vans & caravans are welcome, dogs must stay at home! 

This retreat is free from drugs, alcohol or intoxicants which cloud the mind.

Surround yourself with 500 year old trees, wild flower meadows, stunning scenery, magical sunset views, wonderful wildlife & your community.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

The lodge during the retreat will be hosted by Buzzard Medicine.

It is an honour to be able to share this sacred ceremony with you in such beautiful organic surroundings. The lodge calls you to gather in circle to honour our ancestors, our grandmother the earth, the sacred fire, grandfather rocks, water and air - bringing them together to create a powerful cleansing medicine. 

This traditional lodge is made from bent hazel poles, smudged and blessed and covered with blankets and insulated to make a dome. Special stones that have been heated in a wood fire are brought inside and herbs and water are applied to release an aromatic cleansing vapour. Participants engage in several cycles of sweating and chanting with the opportunity to rest and cool down in between each cycle.

The lodge has a strong purification and transformative power for many people; so do give yourself time after the lodge to integrate. The lodge is a powerful place for prayers and healing. 

We advise drinking lots of water on the day before the lodge so that you are well hydrated. Water will be available during the day. We ask that you refrain from any recreational drugs or alcohol for at least 72 hours before and after the ceremony. 

The sweat lodge is a powerful ceremony and can help in healing processes but it is good to check with your health professional if you are concerned about any medical conditions - in particular heart conditions, high blood pressure, migraines, pregnancy, panic attacks, claustrophobia, strong back pain, diabetes, asthma or breathing difficulties, mental health issues or drug addiction.

Ticket Info

We hope to be able to accommodate all who are interested & feel drawn to come together as a community.  

We have tickets available for the Full  Retreat: Friday evening - Monday afternoon which are limited in numbers to facilitate deep experience cleanse, rest and reconnection as a community.

Your Tickets include:

4 Day immersion into sacred lands and your beautiful self!

✔️ All 4 days of the retreat.

✔️ Sweat Lodge Ceremony

✔️ All activities, classes and workshops.

✔️ Delicious Ayurvedic food: Friday dinner, 3 meals a day on Saturday to Sunday and breakfast and lunch on Monday. A selection of hot drinks will be available throughout the day.

✔️ Ground for your own tent.

We have a limited number of Super Early Bird Tickets at £175 available until they sell out, secured with a £50 deposit and payable in instalments.

If you miss those, our Early Bird Tickets at £195 are available until they sell out, also on a payment plan if you choose to spread the cost.

Our full price Retreat Package at £211 will be available right up until the retreat or until we sell out!

For those who would like to combine the fun of the retreat and karma of the service we have few Seva Tickets. These tickets are designed for those who enjoy getting involved in the running of the retreat by giving the core crew a hand with whatever is needed to be done on the day, or those who can't afford the full price of the tickets but still want to come.  If you’re keen to be involved, please click here to complete our online application.

The tickets can be booked in the Available Packages section below. 


Hardwick estate is only 40 minutes by train from London (Paddington), and just 20 minutes by car from Junction 12 on the M4.  Easily accessible from the main transport hubs at Reading, yet set in the rolling countryside of the Chilterns AONB, Hardwick is ideally located for a weekend getaway of peace and tranquility.

If you have a spare seat in your car and are happy to share a ride, or if you need a lift to the gathering, join the link to the our retreat community WhatsApp group.

What’s included

  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony
    A profoundly transformative process of cleansing led by experienced ceremonial practitioners.
  • Daily wild swimming
    We are blessed to have a clean and pure section of the Thames on our doorstep. Listed as one of the best wild swimming spots in UK.
  • Daily morning yoga class
    Morning yoga to help us connect to our natural state of body/mind - relaxed awareness, presence, peace. Exploring mindful embodiment through the depth of asanas, breathwork and cleansing practices.
  • Tree meditation
    This is a great opportunity to learn effective methods of meditation with the help of the the embodied stillness and living wisdom of the trees which are our traditional and powerful supporters.
  • Yoga Workshops
    Transformational workshops in the stunning location with experienced teachers will allow to breath new life into our essence of being and create a lasting connection to a sense of inner contentment.
  • Creative Writing
    Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and use words that flow to reflect on your own process of cleansing and rebirth.
  • Mantra Meditation
    Learn the power of sound to revitalise your inner spirit and find your true voice through chanting sacred mantra.
  • Singing
    Proven to boost our sense of wellbeing, singing allows for a deep connection to the self and those we sing with. Enjoy nature inspired, elemental songs around the campfire that’ll soothe your soul.
  • Story Telling
    Sharing stories around the fire is an ancient tradition that offers a space to reflect, connect and inspire. Embrace magical folk tales that’ll take you on journeys inwards and beyond.
  • Ayurvedic meals
    All our food is organic and locally sourced and lovingly prepared with your health and satisfaction in mind. We are so lucky to be surrounded by passionate and ethical growers!
  • Ayurvedic Assessment
    Personal Ayurvedic Assessment of your constitution will be offered. Understanding of your own nature provides enhanced tool set for self healing and wellbeing.
  • Massage/Healing
    There will be professional therapists on site offering rejuvenating massage and deeply healing bodywork. This will be offered at a reduced rate but is not included in the package price.
  • Ground Rent
    Accommodation is provided on a secluded camping field next to the shores of the river. We have an option to rent tents which you can add before you checkout. Tents for rent are limited.

What’s not included

  • Tent for Personal Rest
    Bring a tent to pitch in our secluded camping field next to the shores of the river. We have an option to rent tents which you can add before you checkout. Tents for rent are limited.
  • Bedding
    Please bring your own sleeping bags, blankets, pillows etc
  • Cutlery and crockery
    Please bring your own plates, bowls, cutlery and mug. This will help us stay clean and hygienic.
  • Yoga mat
    Please bring your own yoga mat. Let us know if you cant access a mat we have a few to borrow. Please also bring a blanket for end of class relaxation.

Available Packages

Retreat Package

Weekend immersion into sacred lands and your beautiful self! Arrivals on Friday evening from 3pm.


✔️ An evening, two full days, and morning of the gathering.

✔️ All activities, classes and workshops.

✔️ Delicious Ayurvedic food: Friday dinner, 3 meals a day on Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast and lunch on Monday.. A selection of hot drinks will be available throughout the day.

✔️ Ground for your own tent.

Deposit: £75

Available options

Large Bell tent 5m with double mattress
Sold Out

Preerected, spacious, cotton canvas bell tent for the whole duration of your stay. Enjoy the experience of rest & comfort.

Small tent
only 1 left

Pre-erected small tent for 1-2 people for the whole duration of the retreat. 

Medium Tent
only 1 left

Pre-erected small tent for 4-5 people for the whole duration of the retreat. 



We will welcome you to our beautiful location between 3-5pm. There will be time to settle and orientate, put up your tents and relax into your space before we gather. 

On the first evening we will talk a little bit about your ayurvedic self, and how that will help shape your practice over the retreat. We will then enjoy our first meal together before holding the opening circle around the camp fire.

As we settle in, grounding deeper into ourselves and the land surrounding us we will take the opportunity to embrace the earth element through song around the evening fire. Offering a musical space for connection with the trees that fuel the fire and produce the seeds for growth and life’s cycle of endings and beginnings.

Your Organizer

Sadhama Rewild Retreats
66 reviews
A space to connect with nature, community and your natural self. Our retreats are crafted to offer the experience of rest, grounding and self-realisation. We share the unparalleled beauty and healing nature of Hardwick Estate, tuning into the living wisdom of the ancient oaks and sacred waters. We bring a profoundly nurturing connection, rewilding the biorhythm of the body within, and bringing ourselves into harmony with nature's elements and rhythms. The experience of connection, joy and oneness is our natural birthright.


I reached the point where too many life difficulties and challenges started piling up, there was too much stress and anxiety I couldn't bear it any longer. A retreat can give you the time you really need to disconnect from everyday life and see everything from a different perspective. After the retreat positive events started to unfold in my life, everything started to "click" perfectly into place. I started regular mediation practice, my marriage got back on tracks, my family relationship and work improved. I can't prise the retreat and organisers enough, attending the event was a life changing experience. Dmitri, Karen and a team are really passionate about what they do and you can feel their love every single day of a retreat and I am so grateful for meeting them all and attending retreat.
By Dawid K for Insight Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat on Jun 19, 2024
Had a fantastic time on an incredibly rewarding retreat.
By Anil D for Insight Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat on Jun 12, 2024
Had a challenging but wonderful time on this vipassana. Had never done one before and it was amazing to give myself so much “space” while being nurtured by the wonderful food and staff 🙏 thank you all so much ❤️
By Sharon P for Insight Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat on Jun 12, 2024
I recently attended an incredible silent Vipassana retreat nestled in a serene woodland setting, and it exceeded all my expectations. The natural beauty of the surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for deep meditation and self-reflection. The silence allowed for a deep immersion into the practice, fostering an environment of profound inner peace and clarity. The teachings were transformative, delivered by Dmitry who guided us with wisdom and compassion. The daily schedule was well-balanced. The food, prepared by Karen with her crew – was simply amazing. Every meal was thoughtfully prepared, nourishing, and delicious, with an array of fresh, wholesome ingredients. Yum The sense of community among fellow participants, even in silence, was heartwarming and supportive. Overall, this silent Vipassana retreat was a truly transformative experience, offering profound insights, inner peace, and a renewed sense of clarity. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a meaningful and rejuvenating retreat in a beautiful natural setting. Thank you to all, I cannot wait to return x
By Dionne S for Insight Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat on Jun 10, 2024
This retreat is full of enriching experiences, from early morning breath work, wild swimming and yoga to late night singing round the campfire. A brilliant opportunity to detox from life and its stresses in beautiful surroundings, whilst being given the most delicious and nutritious food. Many thanks to Dimitri, Karen, the wonderful teachers, facilitators, healers and volunteers and all the lovely people we met there. Lasting benefits remain 🙏
By Wendy H for Sweat and Serenity - Deep Cleansing Retreat 2024 on Jun 05, 2024
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This is the real deal. If you are looking for a true expression of the essence of Yoga you don't need to look further. I have had the warmest of genuine welcome, been nurtured, eaten amazing food which is prepared and served with love. The teachings and course leadership are authentic and based in deep understanding of yoga. The setting is perfect, an oasis of nature unspoilt on the bank of the splendid Thames. The sweat lodge is authentic and transformative. I can't recommend this any more highly.
By Bob S on 03 Jun, 2023
I have left deeply transformed at the end of the retreat - at peace, empowered and joyful. I shall share with you a poem I penned at the end on Sunday after most people had set off. What brought me to this point? Was it just being at the right place at the right time? Was it just the practices, the setting, the energy, the company, the food? It was all of the above, and beyond! First of all, all the organisers and teachers at the Sadhama ReWild retreat I have just attended at the Hardwick Estate in South Oxforshire live and breathe what they teach. It came across strongly and informed the ethos, the energy and the vibration of the whole experience for everybody. People gelled and I made many new connections with some like-minded and like-hearted people which I am relishing. There was an all-embracing welcoming of everybody with no judgement. We practised yoga, danced around the fire, swam in the Thames, did forest bathing and much much more, all within a very safe and sustaining space magically magnified by the idyllic setting. I have sadly lost an old sangha due to various reasons, but have now got a new one - a new yoga family who has taken me in to walk alongside and with me and I with them. Second of all, the practices sometimes reminded of what I already know but have forgotten, at others I learnt new things. But, I found that perhaps we always experience things anew, as we are moment by moment changing. Practices were delivered and shared with joy. The structure of the day was honoured. It all was flowing without too much ado! Thirdly, the food, freshly prepared, vegan, organic, was very nourishing and absolutely delicious. I was sustained not just by the food itself, but by the ambience, the loving, compassionate, all-embracing energy and people. Now for the poem inspired by this experience, as promised earlier is called: JOY What does joy look like? What does joy feel like? What does joy smell like? What does joy sound like? Where does joy live? What dance does it dance? What song does it sing? Joy is seen on children's faces Joy turns up in some unexpected places. Joy sometimes surprises, takes you unawares Joy whispers sweet nothings, when it seems nobody cares. Joy's fairy-like nature can be felt in a tree Joy speaks to the heart when there's nothing to see Joy shines throughout our beings divine Joy reassures it is now and forever fine. Joy constant like a steady, strong mountain springs forth like a wild water fountain refreshingly fresh, always anew washing away all unwanted residue. Joy wakes up the dormant, heavy heart and the whole body, each and every part of our whole being sacred, infinite our spirits and souls dance happily within it. Joy is multiplied when shared Joy comes in when its summons are heard Joy sings and twirls sweetly around when it hears that most welcome sound of our inner being emptied of waste - in it comes, with its sweet-smelling taste hurriedly enters with an enthusiastic haste filling our heart, mind, body and soul with love so that our being is below as it is is above! Joy is when a sangha is sadly lost, but a new one is found Joy is when compassion, generosity and freedom abound Joy's gifts abundant as it is overflowing Joy brings us back to our own inner knowing. Written by (me) Mary Mallia "JOY" on Sunday 12th September 2021 after the Sadhama ReWild Retreat at The Hardwick Estate, South Oxfordshire and inspired by my experience there and at that time.
By Mary M on 14 Sep, 2021
I attended the Sweat snd Serenity Retreat - it was indeed a magical experience. Waking up to a bracing and refreshing wild swim, followed by daily yoga followed by a wonderful breakfast. The days activities were well planned out and varied ranging from a sweat lodge, forest bathing and meditation. We spent every evening around a fire, sharing, singing, laughing, crying and witnessing one another, it was such an impactful experience being in community and meeting wonderful people. The sweat lodge was held on Saturday and was an incredibly deep experience and one I shall always remember - the space and fire was held by Andy and his fire keepers who made you feel safe and connected which enabled you to go deep within. I can still smell the sweet grass in my nostrils. I throughly and surprisingly enjoyed the daily yoga ( and this was something I was least looking forward to having not embodied the practice myself) Bara was able to draw something out of each one of us despite what level one was at. She herself had a deep spiritual practice which really enabled me to see yoga in a different way, connecting to myself and something bigger. The food was absolutely amazing, so much thought and time had gone into its preparation and to ones ayurvedic dosha and accommodate each dish as particular digestive needs. The gong bath as a treat - lying still as the sun set feeling waves of energy flow through you. Walking to the splendour of the Oak tree ended our retreat and we sat there in beautiful community, in connection, with this ancient Oak - breathing in his breath and him breathing in ours - the reciprocal relationship we share. What a wonderfully nourishing experience - thank you - very much looking forward to the next one Marsha
By Marsha L on 13 Jun, 2021