Sweden, Skeppsudden 5-Day Retreat: Journey of insight

Vikbolandet, Sweden

Care Meditation
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Nov 20 - 25, 2023
Group size: 1 - 50
Sweden, Skeppsudden 5-Day Retreat: Journey of insight
Vikbolandet, Sweden

Care Meditation
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Nov 20 - 25, 2023
Group size: 1 - 50

About this trip


Our retreat at Skeppsudden offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and discover inner peace. Designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners, this program combines guided meditation sessions and workshops on mindfulness and self-awareness.

Accommodations at Skeppsudden are designed with your comfort in mind. Each room features modern amenities, comfortable furnishings, and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The retreat center also offers a sauna, hot tub, and outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking, providing a variety of ways to unwind and connect with nature.

At Skeppsudden, THEY emphasize the importance of sustainable living and healthy eating. All meals are prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and vegetarian and vegan options are available. OUR chefs create delicious and nutritious meals that will nourish your body and mind.

  • Connect to your deeper self
  • Create deeper connections
  • Let go of unhealthy mental tendencies
  • Change your life your the better
  • Cultivate healthy thoughts & behaviours
  • Discover you life’s purpose & meaning


On this life changing Retreat, wisdom is conveyed from thousands of years of contemplative and mysterious traditions, filtered through modern science. We guide you with simplicity and warmth – our path to consciousness is permeated by kindness and relaxation, rather than extreme strictness and dogmatic rules.

We make no religious claims and here you are warmly welcomed regardless of faith or outlook on life. 

During this retreat, you will experience the miraculous, witness measurable evidence of transformation in real-time, and learn the science  awakening the potential that exists in the latent systems in the brain and body. 

Among many other teachings, you will also:

  • Practice four types of meditation—sitting, standing, walking, and lying down.
  • Learn how to heal another person in our Coherence Healings.
  • Learn Focus techniques (Shamatha meditation) 
  • Practise Vipassana
  • Learn Heartfulness (Metta, compassion, equanimity)
  • Discover why trance is important and how you can train your brain and body to move into it.
  • Practice programming the subconscious mind into a new future.
  • Experience and practice the formula for creating new and mystical experiences.

What’s included

  • Lodging
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Teaching
  • Materials

What’s not included

  • Transportation

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Care Meditation
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