Table for 8: An Affair to Remember

Destination: Unknown

Darnell Walker
  • Email address verified
38 reviews
Oct 18 - 25, 2022
Group size: 1 - 10
Table for 8: An Affair to Remember
Destination: Unknown

Darnell Walker
  • Email address verified
38 reviews

Oct 18 - 25, 2022
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip

“You can't control the past, but you can control where you go next.”
Kirsten Hubbard

We're traveling with a purpose in 2022. We're traveling for love, discovery, life, newness, and light. And there's just no way we're leaving you behind as we go into the unknown to explore new lands in the new year to laugh with loud strangers, love those we meet on rooftops, eat from the forks of others, and find pieces of ourselves. 

The Beauty of the October Trip: 

For 10 years, I've wanted to invite a few incredible people to a very special place in the world for lunch. The universe has a way of bringing the right people together to do magical things. This is that. This is for those who:

  • Bring peace with them wherever they go.
  • Love strange places because they become new places.
  • Can change their fire to match the color of the day.

Important Information Before Signing Up: 

1. All Destinations Require Passports.

2. All Destinations Are To Secret Locations.

3. Things you must leave at home: ego, negativity, need for control, political conversations.


IMPORTANT: Should the world shut down again and not let us Americans into our chosen destination, we will still be taking a trip - that may not require your passport. 

Dear Travelers: 

Don't be one of those folks who end up on our No-Fly list because you didn't read anything. We encourage you to read how the trips work by Clicking Here. Especially the FAQ's . Again...Read.

Departure Cities: NYC (Other Departure Cities Allowed - Ask For Price Difference)

COVID NOTICE: Vaccination & Testing May Be Required 

Included In Price: Airfare To & From Destination | Lodging

Deposit Deadline: May 20

Need To Know

Who's Coming: As you know, we only allow positive energy and amazing attitudes, so you don't have to worry about the folks who love to ruin other folks' trips with with negativity. We are true adventurers here, and nothing can bring us down. Well, unless we fall into some random volcano. Again...positive energy only. Negativity will be left. 

What Is It: A true adventure. We're exploring a beautiful stretch of land, dipping our toes in the waters, setting our eyes on the horizons, talking to strangers, running in the rain, and eating with wolves.  Sometimes, it's actually grabbing ice cream in some hole-in-the-wall behind a church in Strasbourg, France. You never know. Either way, you should be there. 

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Darnell Walker
38 reviews
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A big shout out to Darnell Walker and Yeefah for making my trip memorable. All I had to do was show up. The accommodations were great!! Yeefah the trip facilitator, was so helpful by providing lots of info on places to visit, shopping, restaurants etc. I would recommend Passports Required to all my friends. Thanks again Darnell Walker!
By Elizabeth G for Connecting With Everything: Far Far Away on 08 May, 2022
This was an amazing trip. We were a group of 6 and spent a week in and around Athens, exploring and eating and drinking and laughing. It was a perfect balance of activity and free time. Darnell was great about answering any questions and pointing us to any resources for stuff we might have wanted to do on our own. We all got along really well and I think that was the best part of this trip, the conversations and relationships. Would definitely recommend! Can't wait for my next Passport Required trip.
By Valentine S for Liberating Better Versions of Ourselves on 03 May, 2022
Thank you Darnell!!! It was a great trip!! The apartment we stayed in was the best location for us to be able to get out and do everything we wanted to do. Lisbon was a beautiful place to stay and play. Great food everywhere we wanted to go. Great suggestions from Darnell on places to eat and activities to pursue. Bottom line, this was a well organized, fun and fulfilling trip. Can't wait for the next Passport Required trip with Darnell!!
By Richard C for Alanna & Richard: The Honeymoon on 14 Nov, 2021
When you think of group traveling you think of, strangers who may or may not share the same interests or intentions and it can be feel really uncomfortable. I've been on 3 travel group trips and this is by far the least expensive, but most rewarding. It's been a watershed moment for me traveling to beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. So much so that it had me re-evaluate life and living it the way I want to with good food, dope people and good vibes. I almost didn't go on this trip, but a friend insisted that I experience this path with her. For those of you looking to let go and just be in the moment, please consider this company. It's hard to give all control to someone when it comes to your travel and accommodations, but if you are adventurous and willing just to throw your hands up and say "aw what the hell" then this trip would be so worth it. With the lessons of each travel, I am sure that the trips will keep getting better and better. I would recommend this trip only to people who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and let go! The motto for this trip was Live, Laugh and Love, the 3 Ls! And this what we all did! Big ups to Ms. Erica who was so patient and very loving on this trip. Girl you got a knack for this and I hope you keep doing it. Also to Darnell for starting the travel group! Keep doing what you doing brother! Folks let's just live this life while you are here, because memories are what makes our souls fulfilled! Hope to join another adventure soon! XOXO Shaneka :-)
By Shaneka D for Beautiful Paths & Getting Lost on 05 Mar, 2020
My heart is so happy that I decided to take a chance on discovering a beautiful path and getting lost with strangers for 7 days. It was one of the best decisions of my life! Saying I had fun would be an underestimate. The whole entire trip from the flight to NYC to our final destination was exactly what my soul needed to refresh my spirit and help me find the joy in the little things. We explored the streets of Lisbon, ate gelato to our heart's content, slept late, awaken early, rode the ferry, and danced the night away with too many tequila shots in our system. Our group leader, Erica was cool as hell and always made sure everyone was safe and secure. She consistently took the group's preferences into consideration. None of the activities ever felt force and I always enjoyed spending time with my group. Hell, I even got a tattoo to serve as my momento. The memories created will last a lifetime and I have zero complaints! I would do it all over again and I'm looking forward to my next Passport Required adventure.
By nequan b for Beautiful Paths & Getting Lost on 28 Feb, 2020
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Wow Wow Wow! So far, I’ve been on 3 Passport Required trips, two led by Darnell Lamont Walker and one led by Trip Facilitator, Staci, and I look forward to going on so many more. Each trip was better than the previous, and in each group of travelers, I’ve made lifelong friends. Passport Required did a great job letting us travelers know exactly what to expect with each trip, and a great job making sure, as they say, no room is left for regret. I’m sad to read the review just below mine left my Lamesha Miles. I was a traveler on that trip, and none of that was my experience. Darnell’s response to Lamesha posted on PassportRequired.Com pointing out why her review is flawed. It didn’t take long to understand that she arrived to the airport with an already negative attitude, and maintained that attitude throughout the trip. Speaking for myself and the others on that trip I’ve spoken with since, that was an unforgettably beautiful and outstanding trip. I highly recommend Passport Required for all people who are open to adventure, open to meeting new people, and open to living colorfully and beautifully. Thank you. Allison.
By allison w on 14 Mar, 2019