Dakar, Senegal

      The African Cultural Exchange
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      3 reviews
      Jul 5 - 21, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 25
      Dakar, Senegal

      The African Cultural Exchange
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      3 reviews

      Jul 5 - 21, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 25

      About this trip


      Senegal 2024 is designed to give participants a taste of the culture and history of Senegal and its coastal regions. Participants will have an opportunity to explore various aspects of the country by visiting numerous historical sites, markets, museums as well as nightlife while enjoying Senegalese cuisine and hospitality.

      This Africa Experience is being organized and led by Portia (Ama) Scott-Thiam (The African Cultural Exchange'e Educational Director).  She may be contacted directly at or by phone at 203-703-2506 (cell) for any questions.

      Concentration of Activities:


      - Sacred Baobab Tree (largest baobab tree in West Africa)

      - Bird Sanctuary (M’Bour)

      - Animal Reserve Park

      - Goree Island (Old Slave Market)

      - Joal-Fadhiouth – Seashell Island and Pirogue adventure

      - Artisan Market – Dakar

      - Island Adventure

      - Toubab Jallow

      - Nightlife

      - African Renaissance Monument

      Other highlights include:


      - Bird Sanctuary along a mangrove forest in a pirogue

      - Animal Reserve Safari

      - Beach excursion and hotel stay in the coastal town of Toubab Jallow

      - Walking into the biggest baobab tree in West Africa

      - Craft markets by local artisans

      - Opportunity to have tailored clothes made on the spot

      - Sine Saloum island tour

      - Zanzibar night club in Dakar 

      A little history:

      Senegal, West Africa is in the northwestern part of the continent of Africa. A country colonized by the French, also serves as the official language even though there are numerous local languages. The most common language is Wolof but many people are multilingual. There are various ethnicities that comprise the citizenry of Senegal including Djola, Serrer, Mandinka, Surahuley, Lebu, Manjako, and Fula to name a few.  The main religion is Islam with a smaller population of Christians and animists. The cultural religion is Mouride or Sufism which espouses peace, hard work and love for your fellow man. 

      Culture: A major symbol in Senegal that you will see across the country is Cheik Amadou Bamba who is the most popular and revered figure in Senegal. The Senegalese view Bamba as a saint, poet, and hero of the resistance to French colonialism. He symbolizes Muslim piety, selflessness, and peaceful resistance. You will notice his image as a Sufi saint that is painted on buildings, automobiles, and necklaces, and has come to represent all of Senegal. His influence is palatable with how Senegalese welcome visitors and tourists throughout the country. 

      Cost of The Experience

      The cost of the trip is $3800, payable as a $100 deposit at registration with the balance paid in 12 monthly installments if needed.  10 payments must be paid by May 1, 2024 to participate in the experience.  All payments are fully refundable before May 1, 2024.

      What’s included

      • AIR FARE
        Round Trip from JFK, New York
        Includes all local ground transportation fees
      • FOOD
        Includes continental breakfast, lunch and dinner
        Includes organized group entertainment

      What’s not included

        Not covered by program costs
        Not included with meals.

      Available Packages

      Trip Price
      Available until May 1, 2024
      Deposit: $100


      Day 1
      Day 1 - Arrive – Day of relaxation. Tour of Joal-Fadhiou

      Relaxation, acclimatization and Welcome to Africa.

      Tour of Joal-Fadhiou

      Your Organizer

      The African Cultural Exchange
      3 reviews
      The African Cultural Exchange is a501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1989 to provide cross-cultural links to Africa. The organization's main activities center around providing opportunities for individuals to participate in short-term and ongoing development efforts on Africa. These programs involve sharing interpersonal relations with rural communities while working on local activities in the areas of culture, development, education, and health care and usually impart mutual benefit to all participants.


      Beautiful experience in seeing the motherland. Tour guide and transportation were great! It was a great experience to live with the Penyem villagers.
      By Regine S for The Africa Health Care Mission 7-15 Oct "23 to Senegal and The Gambia on Oct 17, 2023
      We had the best time in a long time it felt like going home. Food was excellent. Meeting new people and hopefully making life long connections cannot be compared Will be making a return trip as soon as is financially possible
      By Marlene S for The Africa Health Care Mission 7-15 Oct "23 to Senegal and The Gambia on Oct 17, 2023
      The trip was awesome. Everyone was so accommodating and made us feel really comfortable. The group went above and beyond to ensure our safety at all times. Accommodations were within normal limits and the meals were very tasty. Because of the care and amazing treatment we received from ACE I will definitely continue to work with them.
      By Lorraine J for Mercy PA West Africa Health Care Assessment Mission (PA-WAHCAM) on May 24, 2023