The Best Snorkeling Tour in Coiba National Park

Coiba Island

Pacific Adventure Tours
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
The Best Snorkeling Tour in Coiba National Park
Coiba Island

Pacific Adventure Tours
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

 Snorkeling in Coiba National Park is the perfect way to get in touch with our pristine coral reef and marine life without swimming at unnerving depths. Floating calmly in crystal clear waters and gazing at bright and colorful reefs swarmed by many different kinds of fish species makes for an unforgettable trip. 

The Best Snorkeling and Wildlife Adventu

 Panama it is the narrowest country in America (less than 80 km), it is not a secret Panama has to shores, the Pacific and the Caribbean too close one each other, literally, you can swim in both on the same day, this makes us a coveted destination for sea lovers and adventurers.

Whether you have just discovered the joys of snorkeling or have spent many years exploring the globe looking for the next breathtaking adventure, Panamá is the right place for you.


We offer truly awesome snorkeling multi-destination experience, combined with wildlife inland tours, plus rainforest hiking & cultural highlights even local flights to top tourism destinations. We’ll take you to some secluded reefs with lots of tropical fish and maybe even see stingrays, sea turtles, even sharks that are feeding on these shallow waters or just being on a reef.

Join us for the ultimate snorkeling adventure on Panama Pacific Coast, special for small private groups, designed exclusively for snorkelers and nature lovers, taking you to a collection of Panama’s finest snorkeling destinations.

What to Expect in Coiba

 t is the jewel in the crown, the holy grail for lovers of diving and snorkeling. Coiba National Park in Panama, an isolated marine preserve 14 miles (about 23 km) off the Veraguas Pacific coast, is a paradise for nature lovers.
It is the most virgin, unpopulated, intact, and boasting a trove of hidden treasures, Coiba is the largest island in the Central American region. In recognition of its uniqueness, UNESCO declared it a World Patrimony Site in 2005.
No other sea on earth has the level of endemic creatures as those found in the waters of Coiba National Park. The Tropical Research Institute (STRI) make a census and found 60 species of coral of which 17% are endemic” “It is fascinating. Here, 90% of the mollusks and at least 80% de the fish are unique” – Juan Maté (STRI).
Coiba has about 1,700 hectares of coral y high endemic level, it possesses the greatest biodiversity in Central America. The ancient coral reef on Coiba existed long before the pharaohs build the pyramids of Egypt and, resembling a submerged city, they date back 5,600 years. Whit vertical populations of 10 to 12 meters, they are largest in the eastern tropical Pacific.
Coiba is home of more than 70 endemic species of fish, is a paradise for shark, whales, rays, marlin, sailfish, Orcas, Humpbacked whales, brindled, and bottlenose dolphins. In Coiba, for divers the sharks, turtles, and rays are warranties. Sharks and crocodiles abounded during the period of Coiba served as a penal colony, making an escape from the island almost impossible, white tip reef shark along with Tiger, Bull, Hammerhead, Black Tip and Galapagos shark are common, along with Jew Fish, Amber Jack and Giant Snapper and three species of Turtle, some examples of the 760 species of marine fishes, 33 species of sharks and 20 species of cetaceans.
As such, Coiba is considered the fundamental piece of the marine highway that joins the insular eco-systems of Central and South America. The seas that surround it are a living laboratory, a library of useful chemical compounds that cure sicknesses such as cancer and malaria
With more than 270 thousand hectares and 38 islands with 240 km of virgin coasts, the park has many places with calm and shallow waters where you can see corals and their great biodiversity and aquarium-like calm such as Granito de Oro, Ranchería, Coco and Canales de Afuera Island, perfect for snorkeling activities.
While snorkeling near Coiba, it is like a technicolor underwater world revealed itself, you are often surrounded by hundreds of fish, mostly by small plankton-eating fish such as panamic sergeant majors and scissortails. The reefs are inhabited by morays, butterflyfish, angelfish, parrotfish, hawkfish, tilefish, Moorish idols, wrasses, white-tipped reef-sharks (harmless) and many others. Occasionally, you may encounter a huge snapper, grouper, or a nurse shark on the reef. The reefs are also home to turtles, mostly hawksbill and olive ridley turtles, but green turtles and loggerheads have been seen as well. The edges of the reef are often visited by blue-fin trevally and other species of jacks, trevallies, rainbow runners, and occasionally schools of black-tail barracudas (harmless) also make a pass along the reefs. Wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and marlins roam the deeper waters of the park.
Special thanks to Alejandro Balaguer, Albatros Media Fundation 

Groups Size

 Our boats have a maximum capacity of 7 adults comfortably seated. With enough space to move around and walk during the entire trip. 

What’s included

  • Marine Transportation
    Private Boat, Professional Captain and Fuel
  • Water and Ice
    Drink Water, Ice and coolers
  • Tour Guide
    Certified Local Guide
  • Snorkel equipment
    Complete Snorkel Gear
  • Fishing Gear
    Complete Fishing Gear
  • Car Transportation
    Any Ground Transportation
  • Drinks and Food
    Is a remote island there no supermarket
  • Crew Tips
    Optional Gratuity for Crew Members
  • National Park Entrance
    20.00 dollars for foreigners and 5.00 for Panamanians or permanent residents
  • Any Private Expenses
    Any other expenses

Available Packages

One Day Tour
Deposit: $475
Two Days Tour
Deposit: $750

Available options

Coiba Entrance Ticket for Panamenian
Coiba Entrance Ticket for foreigner
Onboad Barbecue per Day/Person
Trip Meal per Day/Person
Alcoholic Drinks per Day/Person
Snacks y Sodas per Day/Person


Day 1: 6:30 am

 Usually, our clients want to take advantage of the first rays of the sun, that is why our departure time, from El Bongo de Montijo, totally depends on the customer. We recommend leaving at 6:30 am, to have more time available for the activity.  As the old saying goes “The Early Bird Gets the Worm” 

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