The Concious Learning Retreat -Soulful Cleanse & Purpose Branding.

bali, Indonesia

madison jaye
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Sep 25 - 29, 2023
Group size: 1 - 7
The Concious Learning Retreat -Soulful Cleanse & Purpose Branding.
bali, Indonesia

madison jaye
  • Email address verified

Sep 25 - 29, 2023
Group size: 1 - 7

About this trip

Madison Jaye International Presents:

The Conscious Learning Retreat - Soulful Cleanse & Purpose Branding.

The Conscious Learning Retreat

Are you interested in learning with International spiritual journalist and marketing expert Madison jaye? How about healing with the world renown mogul with her celebrity and qualified instructor soul tribe members? Now is your chance!

Madison Jaye presents The Consious Learning Secret local retreat. A seven day experience of healing and learning from some of the top professionals in the world who are masters in their craft. 

To make this experience unlike any other we are keeping the location a surprise secret that will be revealed at a later date the locations may be one of the following. 

- Aruba 

- Bali ( we are going to Bali!).

- Maldives 

- Greece 

- South of France

Reveal date: 1/12/2022 : SUPRISE WE ARE GOING TO BALI! 

Enjoy 5 DAYS & 4 nights nights in paradise with Madison Jaye and friends as they aim to heal in educate you like you've never experienced before. 

What’s included

  • airport pickup/ drop off
    transportation to and from the airport.
  • workshops
  • meditation classes
  • breakfast, lunch & dinne
  • 1:1 reiki sessions
  • daily yoga
  • fun adventures
  • excursions
  • life altering healing!
  • and more!
  • flight
  • passport
  • visa
  • vaccination
  • covid testing

Available Packages

Solo room (Queen bed)
Available until February 14, 20236 left
Deposit: $1,550
Shared room ( 1 Queen bed)
Available until August 1, 2023

I believe Luxury should be affordable too.

 So, i always want to make sure i add a plan that someone who feels called to this moment can come in an affordable way.

 If you and a friend would like to come to Bali for our conference and you'd like to share a queen size bed room, this option is available and will include a $3,610 discount off of both of your stays. 

Original Trip for 2 people with solo room is $11,110 HOWEVER with these deal the total trip for you both is 7,500 making your solo trip 3,300 (and you both save approximately $2,000) instead of paying the full price of 5,750. 

 This will cover all over cost on the trip - but you will have a shared bed space with your friend. 

This package is only available for friends who know one another and are extremely comfortable sharing space with one another.

Deposit are 2,550 all payments must be made at one time - one person should be responsible for the collections the payment from both parties meaning collect the payment and makes the payments. 

Please Note: Flights are not included with this payment and must be book buy guest.

Deposit: $2,500

Your Organizer

madison jaye
Crowned the Oprah of millennials by Clive Davis. Madison Jaye is an 18time award winning International Spiritual Journalist, Media Personality, Media Maven & noted TEDx speaker. Specializing in Spiritual Healing & Digital Marketing  Madison leads a self-titled podcast, “The Madison Jaye Show”, on iheart Radio in partnership with Pandora. Madison has worked with top NYC radio stations, celebrities and business professionals such as Beyonce, Oprah, Kanye West, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna, Estelle, Luke James, and more.

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