The Empowered Empath

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Oct 22 - 29, 2021
Group size: 7 - 7
The Empowered Empath
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Oct 22 - 29, 2021
Group size: 7 - 7

About this trip


Highly sensitive, the givers of the universe - Empaths are truly stars that walk among us. 

while Empaths are indeed the ultimate givers  - what is left when they've given it all?

This experience was designed to help empaths understand who they are at a core level + how being drained by others no longer has to a part of your story.  Become the strongest + most resilient you've ever been, on this highly sought after trip to Tulum Mexico.  

This experience will SAVE you.

Thriving As an Empath 5-Part Course

Complete with your  personalized guidebook, "Thriving as an Empath You'll go through the 3 Steps to Empowerment Course.  We begin with an illumination session to help you define your specific life's challenges, so that you may turn them into your greatest opportunities.

Course Outline  - 

Part 1 - Recognition:  We'll breakdown what an Empath truly is,  some of the harder lessons + trials we are faced with, what our mission is + why those lessons is what helped to shape our heart - our greatest asset. 

Part II - Understanding:  A Step by step course on how to identify your needs as an empath, defining what type of Empath you are + why you need a specific mixture of therapies, practices + outlets to truly thrive as an Empath + why your energy is so important on the Earth at this time. 

Part III - Honoring: You'll discover why honoring your space, time + energy is key to your overall; wellbeing and your ability to help others all while you cultivate your own abundance.

Part IV - Embodiment:  In this last day of our course we'll discover, the name of the game is balance.  examine how feminine energy is the true nature of an Empath and how masculine energy within us is required to protect + preserve our energy. Part II Embodiment - How your emotion is a superpower for healing when used correctly + T

Part V - Defining Your Mission: Take all the information you've gained during this insightful, 

eye-opening experience and take away with a clear plan, for how you can align with your soul's desired purpose + show up authentically in the world.

Additional Course Enhancements provided during this experience -  

Illumination Session (1hr)

Evening Meditation  + Astrology of this Moment Session

Four Bonus Sessions -  Crystal Intelligence Session + Top (7) boundary setting techniques to empower your being +   How to boldly accept the call of y our soul + The Exclusive Guide for Staying High Vibe

Mission Creation Farewell Ceremony

What’s included

  • 7 Nights Accommodation
    Get to know your fellow travelers in a beautiful private villa, complete with your very own pool!
  • All Inclusive Meals
    All meals including breakfast, lunch + dinner as well as non-alcoholic beverages
  • 3 Day Signature Course
    Thriving As an Empath
  • 2 Bonus Sessions
    Why honoring self-care is paramount + Top (7) boundary setting techniques to empower your Being AND Your mission is calling + how to boldly accept the call.
  • Yoga + Massage Sessions
    Holistic Massage, Mayan Clay + Honey Group Massage, Mexican Sobada, Cenote Sup Yoga,
  • Mayan Underground Tour
    Discover the Mayan Underground. Explore the most extensive underground river system on earth at your pace. Then swim and snorkel crystal clear waters as you discover this highly unique ecosystem.
  • Local transportation
    Including airport transfers from Tulum airport + back, as well as to all your scheduled activities
  • Personalized Guidebook
    A personalized guide to your specific life challenges + how to turn them into your greatest opportunities.
  • Customized Swagbox
    Hand selected wellness + lifestyle gift box, curated exclusively for guests on this trip.
  • Flights
    No flights are included in the pricing for this experience.
  • Cancun to Tulum Transfer
    Any flights, buses or transportation from Cancun to Tulum
  • Whale Shark Quest
    Snorkel close to these highly mysterious gentle giants in their own habitat knowing that you are a part of the largest whale shark congregation on the planet
  • Chichen Itza
    Explore the site at your own pace and marvel at the most unique + emblematic site in the Mayan world. take a dip in the cenote + finish visiting a native town.
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    If you'd like alcoholic drinks , your host is on-site and can make those arrangements for you., at a cost, at that time.
  • Additional Transport
    Any additional transportation in and around Tulum

Available Packages

Single Occupancy Experience
Available until September 8, 2021only 3 left

Luxury Guest Room with ensuite bathroom.

King or Queen Bed

Includes  Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner Package

Deposit: $1000
Double Occupancy Experience
Available until September 8, 2021only 2 left


Luxury Guest Room with ensuite bathroom.

King/Queen or (2) Double Bed

Includes  Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner Package

Deposit: $1000

Available options

Whale Shark Quest7 left
Chichen Itza7 left


Day 1
Welcome to Tulum


  • Guests will be transferred from the Tulum airport to their luxury vila.
  • Enjoy a traditional Mexican BBQ at your private welcome dinner.
  • Receive your customized guidebook to 'thriving as an empath' + Swagbox.

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