The Free-Spirited Release Retreat ​in Mystical Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland

Bruna Rocha
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Sep 11 - 18, 2023
Group size: 1 - 12
The Free-Spirited Release Retreat ​in Mystical Iceland
Akureyri, Iceland

Bruna Rocha
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Sep 11 - 18, 2023
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip

A retreat to Heal, Let Go of the Past & Create a Joyful Free Life

If you are a woman full of​ dreams and aspirations, ​ready to live a life filled ​with joy and freedom, join ​us for a retreat where ​you will develop the​ courage to speak up, ​hold your own, and make​ heart-inspired decisions ​that only benefits you.

Why Iceland?

For a start, Iceland is one of the first nations to excel in the art of gender equality ​in all aspects. And to make things even better, Iceland was gifted with a unique ​and diverse nature, just like the women inside us! 

Called the ice and fire, their inhabitants have the privilege of using all these gifts ​for healing, and so do you! 

For centuries, they have practiced well-respected balneotherapy, the art of healing the body ​and mind by bathing. The natural lagoons have waters filled with active ingredients from ​geothermal seawater, minerals, silica, and algae.

Iceland, with its volcanos, geysers, and sea breeze, got a reputation that ​precedes it—bringing people from around the world to heal physically and ​mentally, aligning themselves spiritually.

Can you see yourself deepen or initiate your powerful soul embodiment journey ​into healing in one of the purest places on earth?

The place where women's freedom, human equality, and worth are years ahead of ​most places on earth.

Now you'll have a unique opportunity to walk on the path of other strong women ​who have been growing and healing through the centuries and surrounded by ​nature's quiet, powerful sound.

You will be guided by Bruna Rocha, who studied the wonders of quantum healing fo​r over a decade and the importance of inner healing.

The Venue

The Ytra Lón

After we wind our way through the magical land of the peninsula, we'll head back to our home away from home - Ytra Lón Lodge Farm.

This family-owned farm lies on the Langanes Peninsula, in a remote corner of Iceland.

Here you'll experience the finest of Iceland hospitality whether you want to sip a drink on the patio, journal at the beach, or have a meaningful conversation ​with one of your new friends under the beautiful skies of the north.

Within this perfect sanctuary to unplug, you will remember what it's like to slow down and be guided by your heart; without pressure, you will recharge and ​relax until your next adventure.


For everyone, and every taste, Iceland prioritizes homemade cuisine, and we want you to have that too! In the farm-family-style restaurant at Ytra Lón, you’ll ​feel the skillful traditional hands of Iceland chefs and their high-quality organic local products.

You will be able to try sustainable Mealtime, which will be an experience in itself! All your senses will be delighted by the home atmosphere combined with the ​beautiful new friendships and perfectly cooked meals such as lamb and sheep from their farm at the Languages Mountains, wild trout caught in the lake farm, ​and vegetables grown by the locals.

Can’t eat this or that? Vegan, vegetarian, gluten, or dairy free? We’re happy to accommodate any of your food preferences, and all food is handled using ​European Union health standards.


Twin Room

Every room in Ytra Lón is a studio ​that accommodates two single ​beds, very spacious and colorful, ​for your comfort.

Double Room

Wanna some more privacy? We offer you the option of having a room all by yourself, in a large comfortable bed, in a very spacious and colourful  room.

Each room has a fully equipped ​kitchen, private bathr​oom, and shower.

With a restaurant in sight and a modern ​bar, we can assure you that your meals will ​be an event on their own. Outside is a ​furniture garden and hot tub to relax, ​recharge, and get inspired whenever you ​stay.

Our Journey

Self- Discovery

Your heart's desire? What is your purpose? What or ​who do you have to let it go?

From day one, you will be encouraged to connect with ​mother nature. We will explore the surroundings of the ​farm and the landscape of Langane.

And Don't worry, the animals there are amiable!

In a low place sightseen by the beach or the mountains, ​you will start aligning your body, mind, and spirit with ​the divine, following the footsteps of generations of ​strong women walking in these spaces, harvesting their ​energy heritage.

Have no fear; Mirjam and her husband will be there ​guiding us. We will use the peninsula as our learning ​playground.


Are you ready to wash away all that nagging thoughts and wear a new self-love outfit?

At this stage of our journey, your sacred sisterhood will call in the Four Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, and ​Air, to propel our transformation.

First, we will trek through the Geothermal area, inventing a new vision of ourselves and our reality.

Next, we will call in the watery world of emotion and use our most precious gift of breath in Natural baths, ​benefiting physically and spiritually from the healing benefits of it.  

Then we will hike through Dimmuborgir and go back to the Ytra Lón to bathe our souls under the clear sky ​of the Arctic. All while re-discovering ourselves and letting go of the shame and judgment that have kept ​us stuck for so long.

These rituals are meant to give you a new conscious power of decision, using your masculine energy. At ​the same time, you embrace your feminine gifts of care, kindness, and sensuality with love, shifting from ​shame to pride.


After learning so many new tools, you must ensure you ​know how to use them, right?

So when you are back home, you don't have to think ​twice about making a clear beneficial decision.

As nature, you must cultivate your potent energy, with ​no resistance but openness, to accept, live and love ​everything around you.

This moment will separate you from a talker to a doer!

And don't worry; after our deep inner work every day, ​you'll have plenty of time to chill and restore your ​energy.

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine at one of the hot ​tubs outside and, luckily, watch an exclusive show of the ​northern light.

This is just a surface of how we will nurture and pamper ​you.

Are you dreaming of a fulfilling life?

To live a meaningful life full of joy and happiness, you must ​learn how to relax, live in a state of zero resistance, develop ​trust in yourself, become aligned with the divine, and listen to ​your heart's desires.

We, strong women on a mission of transforming lives, gotta ​take time to recharge, surround ourselves with like-minded ​people, and let our souls take the direction of our lives ​sometimes. At this retreat, you can do all of it in a magical ​ambiance. And This is the true transformation needed right ​now in our lives!

Embrace your truth!

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With Bruna's experience and knowledge, you will:

  • Allow the guilty and shame from the past, so you ​can courageously take steps toward the life of ​your dreams.
  • Unveil your talents and gifts to serve your life and ​humanity
  • Nurture your ability to make decisions, and set​stronger
  • Learn practical tools to heal your physical, ​mental, and spiritual yourself
  • Speak up and hold your no matter the ​circumstances
  • Connect with nature and harvest its powers
  • Learn how to always go back to a place of zero ​resistance, free of stress, where we love ​everyone and everything unconditionally.

This journey is totally for you if...

You know it is time to stop letting others make decisions ​for you. You can make life-changing, inspiring moves in ​your life and others.

You have been running nonstop to achieve your goals ​but neglecting your divine soul of love and compassion; ​this is your chance to get out of the rat wheel and live for ​yourself!

Your soul is craving to connect, expand and create ​incredible memories that will impact your life forever.

Fell that it's time to live and experience the true essence ​of yoga, which is to integrate all the aspects of your life, ​body-mind, and soul so you can live a more authentic life.

This journey is not for you if...

You always choose to find someone or something ​other than yourself to blame for your short comes.

You are the queen of making excuses and being ​victimized.

You aren't willing to let your hair down and be ​vulnerable.

Curiosity, adventures, inner healing, and self-​discovery are too new age for you.

Our Cancellation Policy

A 1125,00 Euros deposit is required at time of registration. Deposits are refundable until 120 ​days before departure. Less than 120 days before departure deposits are 100% non ​refundable. Any cancellation made between May 15th and June 13th will result in a loss of 50% ​of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: June 13th of 2023 and the trip departure will ​result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip ​minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always ​recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard ​Insurance online and choose from several policy options.

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    Hospitality-filled accommodations at the detailed and ​thoughtfully organized Ytra Lón Farm - double occupancy ​for seven nights.
  • Food
    Seven delicious family-style breakfasts, seven healthy ​lunches, and seven relaxing authentic dinners.
  • Soft Drinks
  • Retreat Access
    Eight days of holistic quantum teachings guided traditional ​yoga practices, ceremonies, and deep conversations.
  • Ceremonies
    props so you can feel and benefit from the ​power of the water, fire, earth, and air.
  • Transportation
    Guided transportation and unforgettable healing visits in ​the peninsula.
  • Excursions
    Entrance fee to the natural lagoons and all the other sights.
  • Transfers
    Transportation to and from the airport on September 11th ​& 18th (designated times only! )
  • Flights
    Your round-trip from home
  • Extras
    Extras such as gift shops, souvenirs, personal ​phone calls/internet, spa, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, ​and tips (tipping is not mandatory or a custom in ​Iceland, but it's a friendly appreciation gest
  • Insurances
    Personal, medical, or trip cancellation

Available Packages

Single Room
Deposit: €1,125
Double Room
Deposit: €1,125

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Bruna Rocha
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