The Gateway Experience Ghana - March 25th thru April 1, 2022 (IB)

Madina, Ghana

Maximum Impact Travel
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32 reviews
Mar 25 - Apr 1, 2022
Group size: 1 - 15
The Gateway Experience Ghana - March 25th thru April 1, 2022 (IB)
Madina, Ghana

Maximum Impact Travel
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32 reviews

Mar 25 - Apr 1, 2022
Group size: 1 - 15

About this trip

Get a taste of the real Africa!

Mystical beaches, lush forests and lively people wait for you in Ghana. Explore African diaspora like never before, and walk through the paths where thousands of the enslaved fought for survival. Visit cities with a heavy past, where ancient magic and modernity intermingle. Discover African diaspora history in this eight-day Ghana trip full of memorial sites, scrumptious food, welcoming locals and beautiful landscapes. The Gold Coast awaits!

In an effort to make your trip a streamlined process, Maximum Impact Travel offers extensive online trainings in preparation for your trip. Once you secure your deposit, you will be invited to participate in a series of online courses that will have you ready for your journey. You can view these courses at your convenience. 




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This trip was flat out awesome! Jay was phenomenal as the host for this trip and the tour guide, Nana was very hands on and personable. The group was fantastic - 30 people! I plan on keeping in touch with them. This is going to be something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Jerome C.

I had a wonderful time. The history and the warmth of the people was outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed touring the country and visiting both the rural and urban areas. I look forward to returning for another visit.

Marc E.

I had a wonderful time. Ghana is an amazing place to visit. The history there is breath taking. This trip was an eye-opener for me. Do not believe what you here about Ghana, go see for you self.

Dorothy B.

This trip was better than I could have ever expected, being 20 years old and to see something like this I was truly amazed. I encourage everyone to take this trip at least once to get the experience for yourself. My entire mindset has changed thanks to this tour. Looking forward to being on many more in the near future

Eric C.

One word: INSPIRED! Thank you Maximum Impact Travel & Team!

Kia C.

What an amazing and eye opening experience! Ghana has a lot to offer culturally and historically. You will definitely see that it's nothing like we're conditioned to "think" of Africa. Our tour group was awesome and I plan to return with my family in the near future. I highly recommend Maximum Impact. Thank you Jay for this amazing experience!

Temika M.

This experience hands down has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had outside of birthing my children. The knowledge and understanding of what our ancestors went though made any history books they have in school not worth ever looking at. I encourage any and everyone to put this on their bucket list. It’s truly an eye opener.

Guest Ghana November 2019

What’s included

  • Ground Tranportation
    Ground transportation to and from scheduled destinations (does include domestic airfare)
  • Hotel Accommodations
    Double Occupancy OR Single Occupancy + Complementary Breakfast. Hotel upgrades available upon request. Additional fees will apply.
  • Admission To Activities
    Admission to all activities are covered
  • Passport
    The United States Postal Service offers passport services. is another recommended provider
  • Visa
    You will need a valid Visa to enter. Please do not wait until the last minute to obtain your Visa. Some countries allow border-entry VISAS upon arrival. is a VISA provider
  • Vaccinations & COVID-19
    The Yellow Fever vaccination is the only REQUIRED vaccination to enter, Malaria pills are highly recommended. COVID-19 negative test results required 72 hours before departure & upon entering Ghana.
  • Lunch and Dinner
    You will be responsible for your own lunch, dinner and snacks. You will be afforded the opportunity to purchase lunch and dinner daily.
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance is highly recommended. Trip deposits and payments are non-refundable. Therefore, it is prudent to protect your investment. Insurance options
  • Medical Travel Insurance
    Medical travel insurance is highly recommended & different from travel insurance. Your domestic medical policy may not cover an international medical emergency.
  • Gratuities
    Gratuities are not included but strongly encouraged

Available Packages

Double Occupancy (per person)

No international airfare included. Domestic airfare IS included if applicable. TRIPLE occupancy can use this rate. Enter three people when booking. Many choose this option because it offers them the flexibility of managing their travel times. Using points and/or rewards could save on airfare expenses as well. There could be additional savings by selecting different routes to Ghana. 

Deposit: $399
Single Occupancy (per person)

No international airfare included. Domestic airfare IS included if applicable. Using points and/or rewards could save on airfare expenses as well. There could be additional savings by selecting different routes to Ghana. 

Deposit: $399

Available options



Day 1 – Arrival to Ghana
Arrival to Ghana

Welcome to Ghana! Your adventure starts today as you step foot in Kotoka international airport. No need to deal with taxis or car rentals, we’ll arrange for a private shuttle that will take you to the hotel in no time. Once settled, you’ll get to know the tour team and have the rest of the afternoon to decompress. In the evening, we’ll enjoy a scrumptious dinner at a local restaurant as we go over the tour briefing. Your Ghana escapade is about to begin!

Golden Tulip Accra Hotel or comparable hotel

Your Organizer

Maximum Impact Travel
32 reviews
Maximum Impact Tours has been created to encourage international and domestic travel experiences. Maximum Impact Tours was founded by entrepreneur, playwright, author and philanthropist, Jay Cameron. Realizing that most of his life had been consumed working domestically, a trip to Ghana changed his perspective. His experience transformed the way he saw traveling. As a result, he set out to encourage others to see the world through their own eyes and not only through the eyes of television and social media. You are invited to join Jay and his team on their adventures around the globe.


Thank you Maximum Impact for this amazing, culturally rich, and life-changing tour. As a person who had never planned to travel to Africa due to negative narratives passed down through generations and the media, Jay Cameron's travel shows and training gave me the courage and confidence to step out and go. I was not disappointed. The food and accommodations were very pleasing. The activities were well thought out and worthwhile. I highly encourage people, especially of the African Diaspora to do themselves a favor and go on this tour. I'm so glad that I did not leave this earth without visiting Mother Africa. I loved it and definitely plan to travel with Maximum Impact on future tours. (Michelle J. )
By Michelle J for The Gateway Experience Ghana - March 25th thru April 1, 2022 on 08 Apr, 2022
This was without a doubt THE best trip I have ever been on. It packed so much in the time we were in Ghana. The service is pretty much White Glove in that if you follow directions you will not have a worry in the world. The people were so friendly and professional. This was not a vacation, this was an Experience! Our group was amazing and I hope to keep in touch with each one of them. We are actually planning on having a reunion with Maximum Impact in Tanzania. Jay, you're amazing brother! What you are doing and have done is not only inspirational but it is truly missionary. Please keep it up. Thank you and your entire team for waking us up.
By Gerard L for The Gateway Experience Ghana - March 25th - April 1st 2022 on 03 Apr, 2022
This was the best trip I have ever taken. The tour provided a great educational and inspirational experience. There was something to captivate the interest of the young and old. Jay and his crew were very professional and made every effort to accommodate individual and group needs. I will never forget this tour and I will always remember the individuals with whom I shared this great journey.
By Sherlie T for The Gateway Experience Ghana - November 2021 on 14 Nov, 2021
This was an amazing experience! I am so glad I chose to utilized Maximum Impact. Being that this was my first trip out of the country and I was solo as well, you made things so easy and comfortable for me. I learned so much about myself and my people, met wonderful people, ate great food and ultimately felt like I truly arrived home. The communication and organization of Maximum Impact from the time you sign up and even after the trip is exceptional. I truly feel apart of the Maximum Impact family and can’t see myself traveling with any other company. Thank you for an unbelievable experience!!
By Shantrell S for The Gateway Experience Ghana on 12 Nov, 2021
This was the absolute best trip! I ACCtours made this an experience to remember. I loved loved loved this trip. Akosua and the rest of the staff were AMAZING!
By Dara D for The Gateway Experience Ghana on 12 Nov, 2021
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Customer service exceptional! What a pleasure to work with Maximum Impact Travel for this trip. They are thorough and very attentive as there are several steps to traveling to Ghana; the entire Maximum Impact team made the booking process seamless with EASY-to-follow instructions. All questions I had were answered promptly and professionally. And, oh my goodness, once you get to Ghana, you will be warmly received by the Maximum Impact team and treated like a V.I.P. Accommodations are clean and super-comfortable and offer all amenities. Don’t hesitate booking the trip if you’re traveling solo as I was. It’s a trip of a lifetime where you will meet wonderful traveling companions, tour the country with knowledgeable guides and wish that the trip was longer. I LOVED IT! A powerful and stirring cultural tour that also includes fun-loving activities. Outstanding job by Maximum Impact. I’m already planning my next tour with you.
By Linda P on 11 Nov, 2021