The Goddess Within Divinity Retreat

Cotswold District, UK

Sep 3 - 5, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25
The Goddess Within Divinity Retreat
Cotswold District, UK

Sep 3 - 5, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip




- Any woman who is struggling to find her Divinity. 

- Any woman who wants to connect to the Goddess Within themselves.

- Any woman who wants to learn how to get out of her own way. 

- Any woman who wants to truly live the life she would love to live.

- Any woman who wants to learn & change what it is that makes her repeat negative patterns in her life. 

- Are you tired of being tired of unfulfilling, relationships?

- Do you want to be able to look in the mirror at yourself and truly be happy with who you see?

- Have the experiences of this last year left you wondering how you will get back in the game?

- How are you supposed to meet someone when you feel so out of touch?

- Do you find it hard to reconcile with friends or partners after an argument?

This weekend will focus on your Divinity. Your Light. Your Glow

- You will experience an impactful weekend. 

- You will surprise yourself with what insights you learn. 

- You will be in a wonderful space of connection and love.

There is a Goddess Within all of us. 

- She is assertive and heart-focused. 

- She understands her ego & takes responsibility for her life.

The Light in You is All I see!

We are all-powerful human beings with an amazing amount of potential.

Take responsibility now, choose You!

Are YOU ready to make the changes necessary?

Then this is for you!



- Focused impactful workshops. 

- An understanding of what has been missing in your life.

- A loving warm safe space.

- Holistic therapies

- Delicious high energy nutritious meals

- A deep level of connection

- Practical and simple tools to implement in your life straight away.

- A complimentary membership to the Goddess Within, Sisterhood 


- You will arrive with a heavy emotional suitcase & leave with light hand luggage. 

- A deeper understanding with yourself

- A connection to Your Divinity

- You will fall in love with the Goddess Within you.



a new yearly date to register in my calendar. 

A weekend in the Cotswolds and a journey of Self Discovery - an experience to be had on a beautifully intense weekend and shared with my baby girl. So much love. Understanding Self, Accepting Self.. Dark side included (not really dark... Just part of self.. EMBRACE!!) 

One does not have to be selfish to implement a little necessary selfishness. 

And here the work begins.

Claim it. Own it. 

I am more than mother, daughter, sister, friend - I AM WOMAN!

Amelia Parillon i thank you for believing i was worthy and sharing this part of your life with me... and i thank you ALL for making it such a pleasant journey.” – Petra 

Two months since the retreat. How I see myself now? I have got so much more clarity what I want and who I am. What I need to do - and I am going for it with peace in my heart, no doubting about the result. Like no doubting. Its weird:)) There is this strong belief within and trust in myself and my power. So much more courage. I treat myself as the most important and my happiness, my health and my needs r in the first place. 

Its all a bit surprising and new as I never felt like this in my life ever.” – Michaela 

Wow what an amazing weekend retreat 

It was my birthday and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it and with amazing women

The host Gina was amazing, very funny and connected to you on a deep level also and made you feel so comfortable 

The place was beautiful and peaceful 

I left feeling light, peaceful and connected 

Can’t wait for the next one” - Clare


This wonderful weekend will be facilitated by myself.  

My name is Gina, and I am an Alchemist. I use Alchemy in my intuitive coaching with women.

What does being an Alchemist mean though? 

I have and continue to develop the art of transferring the energy around me to change the circumstances in my life, and this is the gift I share with my clients.

Energy is everywhere and in everything that is around us.


The true definition of the law of perpetual transmutation of energy, when we break it down, is the law of the never-ending action, of the changing state of everything around us. You have the true capacity to change every single thing in your life by changing the energy around you.

I help women to do this for themselves, helping them to tune in and tap into the Goddess Within themselves, Your Divinity, Your Light, Your Glow.

I started my journey many years ago. I wasn’t always this way. I was a teen mum, I’ve been homeless, been in abusive relationships, and had such low self-esteem that it was basically on the floor. This literally made me a doormat, because I thought I had to please people so that they would like and value me. I did not value myself at all.

Those life experiences brought me to the place I am today. However, I didn’t do it by myself. I was about 7 or so years into my career as Social Worker, (the ultimate Martyr role!) when I happened across a couple of people that have continued to be mentors in my life. They taught me how to find out what my Genius was. That’s where my journey with Alchemy began. Fast forward 3 or so more years after that and I decided to quit Social Work and started my company ‘The Goddess Within’

My aim and purpose in life is to be a Worldwide Beacon to women, empowering women to have bliss & balance in their life, work, motherhood & relationships.



Chakardance - On Friday evening we will start the weekend working through our Chakras using the form of dance.


“A fusion of ancient wisdom and modern music, for healing and wellbeing.” 

Chakradance is a dance practice for the soul. 

A way to reconnect with our trues elves & inner essence. To tap into that deeper part of ourselves – to listen, and respond. 


Using spontaneous dance movement, energy resonant music, guided imagery, and mandala artwork, it will take you on a journey through The Seven Primary Chakra

Samantha Kelsie–Chakradance Facilitator & ‘Intuitive Lightworker’ at Wild Heart Awakened

Samantha Kelsie is the Intuitive Lightworker and ‘Energy Enthusiast’ behind her own brand – 

Wild Heart Awakened.

Samantha trained as a Chakradance facilitator after she discovered founder Natalie Southgate’s online course during the first COVID-19 Lockdown.

It engaged her own 'wild heart' with strength, passion, purpose, and a pure sense of grounding as Samantha realised, she had unearthed the home-coming path she'd walk upon next.

This path has led her to want to share the magic of Chakradance with people all around the world-people on their own journey to happiness and deep healing. 

Samantha now offers classes and workshops regularly in London, and around the UK at festivals and retreats. 

When traveling, Samantha takes Chakradance with her; she is proud to host retreats and workshops in some of the most beautiful and inspiring locations around the world. 

More information can be found at 

Sound Meditation & Reiki - Then on Saturday evening we will continue to raise our vibrations through Sound Meditation and Reiki 

Sound meditation is a form of focused awareness type of meditation. The sound meditation used a range of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, Ting-shas (tiny cymbals), dorges (bells), didgeridoos, and other small bells. 

Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation, but it also has a way of moving through blockages in the body. Sound Therapy has been known to help treat such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain, and autism.

If you want to stop your emotions from hijacking your life, you need Welford Wellbeing. Founded by Rachael Welford following her remarkable recovery from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 

Rachael knows a thing or two about wrangling unhelpful emotions, mastering a new mindset, letting go of the past, and turning your life around.

Rachael is a raver and misbehaver turned cool conversationalist who just wants to shout about all the tools & strategies that made her life easier.  She doesn’t profess to know it all or be some sort of wellness guru. She teaches with passion & from the heart. Sharing a down-to-earth delivery of science-based solutions, you can’t help but get on board with her infectious energy and begin to see and feel your own progress. 

Affectionately known as the positivity Polly pocket, rumor has it that if you spend time with Rachael, she'll make you see that you are good enough, totally lovable just as you are and that you can grow into the person you want to be.

Her client list includes celebrity influencers, Hollywood actresses, and companies like Reuters, Spotify, and TikTok. She was voted one of London's best alternative therapists by Time out and featured in topline press like VICE, The Times, New, Stylist, Evening Standard, and Huffpost. 

Although these accolades are cool, the main thing that drives Rachael is the transformation in her clients. She is on a mission to end people living in misery, to take control of their emotional wellbeing so they can live fuller and happier lives. 

To find out more about her story go to 

Breathwork - Then on Sunday as we prepare to return to our daily lives we will conclude with an act of self-love by being led by Isik Tlabar in a Breathwork ‘Sacred Soul Connection’ Session.

Breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercise or technique. People often perform them to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. During breathwork, you intentionally change your breathing pattern. 

The benefits of breathwork include reducing stress, reducing inflammation, and alkalizing your blood PH levels.

Isik is an empowerment coach, embodiment & breathwork facilitator.

Isik got into meditation by the age of 8 and into the personal development world by the age of 14.

Always having a curious, courageous, and open heart, she has been involved in psychology, creative development work, shadow work, alchemy, shamanic practices, sacred sexuality, breathwork, bodywork, conscious dance practices, and much more.

Isik was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. After studying architecture, she decided to turn what she naturally does into her now a full-time business, awakening people to their truth, power, and purpose. Isik believes everyone has unique gifts to express in the world. In her private coaching practice, she works with her clients to unlock their greatness, their full potential, and power so they can create what they love in all areas of their lives.

Isik offers group and 1-1 breathwork sessions as a powerful way of releasing heaviness, emotional blocks, and anything that is no longer needed, creating so much more space for freedom, joy, and love.

Isik also leads workshops and retreats connecting women to their feminine power.

Follow her on Instagram @isiktlabar



I found the session helpful and the connection in my past with smoking was overwhelming. It broke things down to my understanding.”

Gina....A very professional approach without being leading or using coercion. Her style of reflective questioning allowed me to question my own reasoning for why I thought the way I did which led to my consequential actions and behaviours. She allowed me to come to my own conclusions as a direct result  of her impartiality. This resulted in me making positive life changing decisions for the mental well being of myself and most importantly for the safety and well being of my family. Faultless, comfortable but extremely powerful...A true gift she has which she has used to support and assist others...a rare and beautiful soul!”

Gina is a deep and intuitive therapist it’s like she can read my mind and know exactly what to say and how you are feeling and reasons why 

She can make you understand yourself better

Gina is a great life coach, she helps you think about things in a different light and different mindset, encouraging you to think outside the box. She has a calming demeanour and is always willing to listen to what you have to say.  Love her to pieces!”


Samantha has been such a wonderful gift in my life and I am beaming with gratitude for all that she’s done. She’s like this supernova of energy and empathy - so much humanity, so much energy, so much integrity...”

Samantha is one of the nicest, quirkiest, sanest, straightforward woman I know. She is filled with a good balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Her advice is always thorough, clear, thoughtful and backed with so much knowledge. Meeting Samantha has been one of the pleasures and lights of my life's journey so far. I am now able to affirm so many things I had questioned...”.

2020 has been a strange year, and I feel totally grateful to Samantha for guiding me through this transformational period of my life. I feel grounded, content and in control of what I need to do - emotionally, physically and spiritually.”

If you are at a point in your life where you find yourself apologising for who you are, Samantha will get you out of your head and into your own shoes! Her ways and words are in-the-face honest and to the point. No apologies, no butterflies - just honesty and empowerment to own yourself!”


Rachael is professional, caring and healing. Can't recommend her enough!!! She really helped with some deep-seated issues and helped live a life without struggle... I didn't believe this was possible tbh. Thanks so much Rach xxx

I have just finished a Chakra Workshop with Rachael and all I can say is WOW! It was amazing, educational, fulfilling, intense, enlightening, soulful, loving, open, welcoming and the best guided meditation I have ever done.  It has opened my mind to a new world of feeling and given me hope when I was struggling to find any. “

My Reiki treatment from Rach was very powerful. I felt it shifted some really deep blockages that had been locked away for a long time. “

Rachael is a life-changing person.  Her open-heartedness and energy are inspirational, and her workshops and healings have helped me enormously in difficult times.  She's brilliant!”


"Lifechanging! I have been on the journey of connecting with myself for over two years. But I have never connected to myself like I did through breathwork. It's one of the most beautiful experience I've truly ever had."

"It was a beautiful experience which gave me the opportunity to face my fear, express it, go through it and feel empowered afterwards. Thank you." 

"Safe space to connect with yourself, feel your emotions and release them. Opportunity to connect with other beautiful souls." 

"The opportunity to learn more about yourself and release any blocks/stagnant energy held within your body." 


This retreat will bring up emotions. At times it may challenge you and bring you out of your conform zone. This is natural and part of your growth process. Know that you will be lovingly held and supported throughout your journey. 

What’s included

  • Impactful Workshops
  • Chakardance
  • Sound meditation & Reiki
  • Breathwork
  • Nutritional menu
  • Beautiful accommodation


Goddess Within
Divinity Weekend Retreat

 Friday – Day One

- We break bread together and set our intentions for the weekend.

- Why Alchemy?

- What is Divinity?

- Chakradance

Saturday – Day Two

- What can Alchemy do for me? 

- Understand how and why it helps you.

- Learn how to connect with You Divinity?

- Learn how to use it in real-life situations.

- Now here’s the magic!

- Sound Meditation and Reiki

Sunday – Day Three

- Warmly welcome the Goddess Within.

- Finally feel what it is to have that glow.

- Breathwork and ‘Sacred Soul Connection’

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