The Golden Threshold

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Ann-Marie Everitt
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Dec 10 - 16, 2023
Group size: 6 - 12
The Golden Threshold
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Ann-Marie Everitt
  • Email address verified

Dec 10 - 16, 2023
Group size: 6 - 12

About this trip

We are gathering in San Miguel de Allende, the shamanic heart of Mexico, for a very special retreat. If you feel like you have much more to offer the world, if you feel called to give your gifts fully, if you feel like stepping into the most potent version of you, this retreat is for you.

What is your soul's purpose?

What can you give to the world?

Who are you when you liberate yourself from personal and cultural programming?

During this retreat through distinctly Mexican rituals combined with specific daily yoga practices, you will be given the space and the guidance to leave behind not just the routines of daily life, but the routines of habitual thinking.

Mexico is a land full of beauty, mystery and ancient wisdom, San Miguel is in the high sierra four hours north of the capital. In this magical place  you'll find it easy to access your heart, your dreams, your imagination.

Are you ready to say "hola" to your brightest future?

A Temazcal Ceremony - Creative Rebirth

We begin with a Temazcal Ceremony. Many return home from luxury spa treatments describing themselves as revitalized or reinvigorated, but for those who experience the ancient Mexican practice of temazcal, another word often comes to mind: reborn. Dating back to Mayan and Aztec cultures, temazcal roughly translates to “house of steam,” yet these simple adobe huts are far more than just primitive saunas. Temazcal is as much a ritual as it is a treatment, with a trained healer (or “temazcalera”) guiding guests through a process that is designed to cleanse bodies, minds and spirits.

Hot Springs - Agua Termales

San Miguel is famous for its aguas termales (hot mineral springs). Every day you'll  be soaking in these natural wonders, that are rich in minerals, rejuvenating and cleansing.

Our hacienda has its own agua termal and we are walking distance to other  beautifully situated pools. We also have our own swimming pool. Oh Behave!!

Sacred Medicine Ceremony

We are honored to have the guidance of Sinaloan medicine woman who graciously shares her profound knowledge and wisdom traditions, leading us in ceremony using psilocybin mushrooms. A sacred medicine ceremony holds immense spiritual power. It offers a profound opportunity to deepen your connection with life, delving into the depths of your psyche. This transformative experience is both exhilarating and awe-inspiring.

"It helped me align with my soul's purpose and discover my unique contributions to the world." - Andrea Bretton

Our collective intention is to enhance our spiritual practice, releasing old mental patterns and stagnant energy, while integrating our past experiences. This process empowers us to unlock our fullest capacities for love, empathy, and creativity.

Rest assured, the ceremony takes place in a secure and controlled environment, guided by trained staff who provide support to both the medicine woman and yourself throughout this extraordinary journey.


Morning yoga classes are offered on the patio with beautiful views of valley and gardens.  Each session will be suited for all skill levels and include pranayama (breathing practices) and sound healing.

Partner and group poses are also in the mix because they are community building and great fun!

Meditation as contemplation is a key part of this offering.

We will explore the mind and consciousness itself. In Yoga we refer to the small I and the big I.

Guess where we're going?


Throughout the retreat we will sit together in conversation, contemplation and community.

Your hosts Henrietta and Ann-Marie will guide practices in intention setting, creative writing and freeform expression.

What does your most potent self look like?

Who is she? How is she an agent of change?

We will dive into Vedanta, Jung's theory of the Golden Shadow, (spoiler alert - there's a brilliant version of you, ready to step into the light), and our own heart wisdom.

This sacred work together will integrate into your life over a period of weeks and months.

These dream circles are a deep dive into our creative selves, where discovery and expression together feels awakening and powerful!

This is an opportunity to expand your heart and spread your wings!

What's Included?


Welcome pack

6 nights Accommodation

Full program 

Daily Yoga

Temazcal Ceremony

Sacred Medicine Ceremony including psilocybin mushroom customized dose.

One on One consultation with Medicine Woman

Preparation / Creative Writing Workshops

Integration / Creative Writing Workshops

2 meals / day + 24/7 snacks, juices, fruit

Transfers in San Miguel

Entrance to Hot Springs 

Bonus Cultural Excursion to:

The Feast of the Lady of Guadalupe


The months leading up to the retreat marks the beginning of your supported journey with:

One-on-one support

Free online yoga and meditation 

Curated play and reading lists. 

Participants enjoy getting to know one another prior to the retreat through a WhatsApp group sharing knowledge and travel tips and plans.


Our four week integration program includes weekly group sessions, 

Short daily practices

Science-backed techniques to help you sustain and integrate your retreat experience.

The Golden Threshold gives you ongoing connection with your mastermind group of  amazing sisters.

What's Not Included

Airfares to Mexico

Transportation to San Miguel de Allende

Spa Treatments


Designed by our Mexican chef, our delicious meals feature fresh, local ingredients that promote lightness of body, clarity of mind, and openness of spirit.

We serve two meals a day, Brunch is served after morning yoga at 10am and dinner is at 6pm.

You'll meet new foods and new fruits! These and other fruits, snacks and juices are available 24/7.

Vegan and gluten-free options are available by request.

All meals are included, beginning with dinner on Sunday night. Our final night is a celebration feast, served with local artisanal mezcal, a medicinal spirit made with the agave!


"Arriving in San Miguel from New York to work with a theater director 14 years ago turned out to be life changing.  I have participated  in temazcal ceremonies since then, and over the years, produced international theater, retreats, events and workshops. I also work as an editor and writer for a national newspaper (Mexico News Daily), and local media.

It's a privilege to introduce women to Mexico, through some of her deepest, time-honored rituals, people and plants.  I'm still learning much about  the myth, magic and medicine of Mexico, from some of my dearest friends, the local medicine women.

Our retreat spot, the city and her wonderful people are well known to me, and I'll be your compass for the local environment!"


"My favorite words are love and liberation.

Following the Australian bushfires I woke to the reality that being an agent of change and environmentalist meant following Indigenous leadership, learning from their Knowledge and Wisdom traditions as well as supporting Indigenous sovereignty.

I realized that this mirrors the ancient yogic teachings of interbeing, interdependence and interconnection. I share this through my yoga classes in New York City where I also facilitate wellness retreats in businesses and schools.

My guru is the incandescent Amma, and my teachers include Sally Kempton and Cynthia Jurs. These holy women radiate grace and wisdom and I am forever grateful for their gifts to the earth and humanity."


Reciprocity is one of the fundamental tenets of Indigenous Knowledge, and so we weave this into the fabric of the retreat. 10% of retreat proceeds will benefit a group of Indigenous women of Olivia's choice. She is soon traveling to Oxacaca to visit womens' textile collectives and she will make her choice on this trip.

We'll let you know when she decides!

Contributing to the economic empowerment of women is good for the environment. It's actually one of the top solutions to the climate crisis. We're very excited that this is also a part of your Mexican experience.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

We do our best to prioritize Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

We embrace and welcome individuals from all backgrounds, identities, and abilities. We strive to create a space where everyone feels seen and respected.

Equity is essential to us. We remove barriers and ensure equal access to resources and experiences. Inclusion is actively creating a welcoming environment. We encourage dialogue, seek diverse perspectives, and foster safe spaces for conversations and exchanges.

Belonging is feeling accepted and supported. We cultivate warmth, compassion, and understanding,

fostering unity and meaningful relationships.

We continuously learn and grow, educating ourselves on social justice issues and center content created by BIPOC women, amplifying their leadership in the wellness community.

Join us on this journey to build a diverse, equitable, inclusive world on and off the mat.


Accommodation is on site at the hacienda. We offer a range of  beautifully decorated rooms,  classic Mexican style, thatoverlook the gardens.

All rooms are double or triple occupancy with ensuite bathrooms. Beds range from twin, double, queen and king, and are booked on a first come, first served basis.

Best quality linen, towels, local products, daily cleaning and complimentary,

fast WIFI.

Your secret retreat center is located ten minutes outside of the city nestled amongst the hot mineral springs that people have been making pilgrimages to for thousands of years. The hacienda has been built around the hexagon, a design that brings the outside in, is energy efficient and uplifting.

The center patio is where you will practice morning yoga, enjoy home cooked, fresh,  delectable meals and truly magnificent sunsets.

The dome room, where our dream circles and medicine ceremony will take place, was designed with perfect acoustics for renowned Mexican musicians.

How to Get Here

San Miguel de Allende is four hours north of Mexico City by road. The nearest airport is Queretaro Intercontinental Airport (QRO),  or Leon, BJX, both only one hour away. So you have the choice between these airports and Mexico City.

We recommend you spend a few days in Mexico City before traveling onto San Miguel.

There are excellent quality buses direct from Queretaro and Mexico City to San Miguel Allende. The best company to travel with is ETN.

Please let us know when and where you are arriving into San Miguel and we will arrange your transport to the hacienda. This transfer is included in the price. We can also assist in all your travel arrangements once in Mexico.





Good sun hat

Swimming suits

Good walking shoes

Something to write and draw with

Personal talismans

Comfortable yoga clothes

Long sleeve yoga shirt, it can be cool in the mornings

Warm layers for cooler evenings


Yes. They can reach you anytime. We have full functioning WI-FI and a landline at the property.


Yes this is relevant. Drink plenty of electrolytes for your first few days. Coconut water and gatorade type drinks. We recommend arriving a few days ahead of the retreat start date. We recommend if you can, arrive a few days early and immerse yourself in the Mexican culture and acclimatize to the altitude.


All tourists must have a tourist permit, available on arrival. Some nationalities also need visas. Please check with the Mexican consulate in your country.


There are no vaccinations required for entry to Mexico but short-term travelers are recommended to receive vaccination cover for Tetanus (childhood booster), Typhoid (food and water-borne), and Hepatitis A (food & waterborne).

For those undertaking a trekking holiday (or those who will live in the region for some months) vaccinations for Mexico may include cover against Rabies (animal bites), Meningococcal Meningitis (airborne) and Hepatitis B (accidents) may need to be considered.


Travel insurance is always a good idea! Depending on the policy you go for, it could help with delayed, cancelled or missed flights; theft or damage of belongings, and emergency healthcare. It's not the most glamorous part of planning a trip, but it means you can relax knowing that you'll be covered if anything happens.



Not only does the retreat coincide with the December new moon, the perfect time for setting intentions, it is blessed by the divine feminine spirit of our Lady of Guadalupe. This is the biggest festival  on the Mexican calendar and falls perfectly in our sequence on Tuesday December 12. We will experience the festival in  town, like a local (although traveling through the parade on your knees is optional!).

Available Packages

Early Bird Price till August 15

In addition to the all-inclusive cost of the retreat itself, our price includes the preparation and integration process.


Welcome pack


Full program

Daily Yoga

Temazcal Ceremony

Sacred Medicine Ceremony included customized dose of psilocybin mushroom

One on One consultation with facilitator

2 meals / day + 24/7 snacks, juices, fruit

Transfers in San Miguel

Entrance to Hot Springs

Bonus Cultural Excursion to: The Feast of the Lady of Guadalupe


The months leading up to the retreat marks the beginning of your supported journey with one-on-one support, free online yoga and meditation plus curated play and reading lists. Participants enjoy getting to know one another prior to the retreat through a WhatsApp group sharing knowledge and travel tips and plans.


Our four week integration program includes weekly group sessions, short daily practices, and science-backed techniques to help you sustain and integrate your retreat experience. The Golden Threshold gives you ongoing connection with your mastermind group of  amazing sisters.

Deposit: $2,000
FULL PRICE per person
Deposit: $2,000

Available options


Yoga and Sacred Medicine
A Carefully Curated Journey

An immersion over 7 days of cleansing, ceremony and integration. Yoga, meditation, creative writing and intention setting.

Your Organizer

Ann-Marie Everitt
A quarter of a century ago Yoga had me at Namaste! My name is Ann-Marie Everitt and it’s my joy to still be on this journey. Yoga has saved my sanity from what I call happiness anxiety, has given me good health and an amazing life. Try your best to do something sacred every day and watch your physical, emotional and mental life improve. Observe your breath and your thoughts and you'll find yourself becoming free, moving from me to we. It's a simple process that cultivates connection with all of life. See you on the mat!