Tan Aeldroch Farm - Dolwyddelan - Conwy

aimee Pegram
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Jul 31 - Aug 2, 2020
Group size: 1 - 35
Tan Aeldroch Farm - Dolwyddelan - Conwy

aimee Pegram
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Jul 31 - Aug 2, 2020
Group size: 1 - 35

About this trip


“Keepers of the Earth”

A Gathering for women devoted to Mother Earth, Sisterhood and The Feminine Pathway.

Dear Sister, we are SO grateful and  excited to invite you to our second Great Goddess Gathering held in the mystical lands of Mother Wales. There has never been a more pivotal time on Earth for us to gather in the loving arms of sisterhood and community, exploring our connection to ourselves, our bodies, to each other and explore ways to care and honour our precious Mother Earth.

Times of collective crisis and chaos breathe GREAT change for humanity and our intentions for moving forwards as a collective and as the one beating heart that we are. 

We compassionately understand that the time we are in feels unsettling, and that future commitments may feel far from a grounding choice, but as our Great Mother is given this gift to BREATHE and humanity provided a container to reflect and reset, we have been deeply called to continue to share our light and provide a safe space for us to retreat to and nourish our connection to all that life provides at the end of Summer of 2020. 

After the beauty, connection and sacred Sisterhood that was birthed from The GGG 2019 we are BACK to celebrate the Celtic Festival of LAMMAS on this powerful full moon weekend. Come and join us for another expansive gathering of women, connecting circles within circles - as we come together as ONE.  A safe space to retreat, connect, nourish and fill up your cup in the ancient druid lands of Mother Wales/ Cymru.

A weekend devoted to Earth keeping, reconnecting with the elements, reclaiming our WILD nature, discovering what it means to be ROOTED & exploring the power of healing that is created when women unite to collectively honour the lands.




The word ‘Lammas’ comes from the old English for ‘Loaf Mass’, a celebration of the Earth’s bounty, traditionally held at the time of cutting the first corn crop. Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh, a name derived from that of the Celtic Sun God, Lugh.

Lammas festival is celebrated across the globe and dates back from our Druid and Celtic history here in the UK. It is one of the main cross quarter festivals within the Celtic Calendar bookmarked by Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.

Lammas is all about Gratitude. At harvest time feeling thankful for the abundance Mother Earth affords us. 

During our gathering we will be deeply tuning in to this energy, to use it to set our intentions for the last part of the year up to and including Winter Solstice.

It’s a magical time to look back at the year so far and celebrate our achievements as well as sending gratitude prayers out for all we already have. Bringing the joy codes to the land for a celebration of all that is.

The Land : 

The GGG 2020 has found a new home at the extraordinary lands of Tan Aeldroch Farm. Nestled amongst untouched woodland and bound by the river, surrounded by fairy glens, natural pools and in the heart of the lands where the legend of Merlin unraveled. We will wake up to and journey with the elements every day, honour the lands and the waters in ceremony and re-member that our bodies and the Earth are but one.

“As we journey into our bodies, we journey into the Earth.. And as we heal our precious Mother Earth - we heal ourselves.”

We will journey deep together in sacred circle , sharing our stories, gifts and insights.

Together we will reclaim our cyclic, wild , rhythmic nature through various practices and ceremonies devoted to the feminine and the Earth. A safe space for you to be truly seen, heard, held and loved - in all your shades. 

We will roar, sing, celebrate and be held in the loving arms of TRUE sisterhood. 

There will also be plenty of time between offerings to explore the lands, wild swim in the river and connect with both the nature spirits and other sisters. 

This gathering is for ALL those who identify as women, no matter where you are in your life, your cycle or  if you are new to Sisterhood.. You will be welcomed with open arms. 

Our Intention is to provide a safe and sacred space for every sister to be celebrated in her truth and authenticity. We believe deeply in the magic of women empowering women, and the profound healing for ourselves, our sisters, the Earth and the collective that comes from us being truly seen, heard and held is profoundly powerful.. So please know that ALL of you is welcome dear one. 

The tools, ceremonies and practices that are offered will be seeds you can continue to plant and water for your own growth, as well as for others  AND for our precious planet. 

There has never been a more pivotal time on Earth for us to re-member that together we can create undeniable MAGIC.. And TOGETHER we can BE the change that this world needs to THRIVE. 

What's included:

-Camping in the magical lands of 

-Yoga + non linear movement practices



-Water Blessing

-Earth Keeping tools

-Earth healing


-Cacao Medicine

-Heart and Womb Activation

-Sound Healing

-Sacred Song circles around the fire

-Story Telling


-Open mic

-Sharing circles

-Wild swimming

-Delicious and nutritious Vegan food catered by the amazing Claire cockburn from High Vibe Nutrition

-Nature walks

-Optional Pilgrimage after our closing ceremony to the sacred site of Dinas Emrys.


Jessica Sawyer:

Jessica is a Yoga teacher, Energy and crystalline Sound healer and Reiki master. She has been holding women’s circles for seven years and it is where she feels most at home. The vulnerability, integrity and solidarity that always unfolds each time women gather is majestic.

Jessica has visited many ancient sacred sites across the globe including Greece, Rome, Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, Mayan and Aztec temples as well as many Druidic Celtic sites around Britain.

These pilgrimages along with working with many plant teachers and shamanic elders has imbued within her that Earth is a living breathing being herself and the symbiosis between her and us is a REAL thing. 

Her work now reflects this along with following the cycles of nature, especially the Celtic cross. We will be sharing all these elements including some Incan teachings to create sacred reciprocity - Ayni - with the planet through Earth Keeping practices.

Aimee Lea Frances:

Aimee Lea is a Creatrix, womb keeper, Sound Healer and Yoga, Mindfulness and Embodiment Teacher who specialises in the Sacred Feminine Arts and Womb Awakening.  For the last three years she has been holding treatments, workshops and deep 7 day retreats supporting women in unleashing their Inner Goddess in South East Asia. But with a strong call from Mother Gaia to bring this service back to the lands of her ancestors and Celtic roots - has returned home to share these teachings and honour the lands and lineages of the women who stood before her.

After completing 500Hours RYT and various other deep trainings over the last 6 years with renowned teachers in Bali, the UK and Thailand, she went on to teach internationally at various spaces in Europe, the UK and south east Asia. Training in various forms of Yoga, embodied Mindfulness, Sound healing, The Sacred Feminine arts, Sacred Union  and Womb Awakening - she offers a tailored, compassionate and authentic approach using a combination of these various practices and modalities to allow for a safe space to return to our true essence.

Everything Aimee offers has been a vital part of her own healing path after a deep and Personal journey with her body,  from disconnect and dis-ease to true loving connection and vitality.  She leads every space from an open heart providing a safe container for all those parts within that need to be seen, heard, felt and loved."

Please keep an eye on the website and event page for exciting announcements of guest Facilitators and Performer Updates along with other juicy information. 

It is time sweet Sister. 

We so look forward to celebrating ALL that you are. 

Boundless love and SO much gratitude

Aimee and Jess



What’s included

  • camping
  • Movement and dance
    A variety of Yoga, non Linear and dance Practices that awaken feminine wisdom
  • ALL Ceremonies
    that nourish your connection to your heart, your womb and Mother earth
  • Water Blessing
  • Singing Circles
    Journeying home to our heart and reclaiming our inner voice
  • Earth keeping Tools
  • Cacao Medicine
  • Sharing Circles
    Be seen, heard and held in the nurturing arms of true siserhood
  • Wild swimming
  • Live Music
    From up and coming local Sisters
  • Story Telling
    Around the communal fire
  • Open Mic
    A safe space for you to share your gifts and be celebrated in your light
  • Lunch and dinners
    We are blessed to announce that the amazing claire cockburn from High Vibe Nutriton will be providing us with healthy high vibe food throughout the weekend to nourish our bodies - vegan and delicious
  • Sacred Pilgrimage
    Optional Pilgrimage after our closing ceremony to the sacred site of Dinas Emrys.
  • Meditations

Available Packages

Full weekend - with Food
Available until July 30, 202034 left

FULL WEEKEND TICKET - with camping, Delicious and nutritious food + ALL juicy offerings

Deposit: £55
Day Ticket
9 left

Day ticket - come and join us for a day of nourishment . All daily offerings included for either Saturday or Sunday - does NOT include camping or food.


Your Organizer

aimee Pegram
Aimee has been holding sacred space for over 5 years supporting individuals on their own authentic path of loving acceptance, connection and healing. After completing 500hrs RYT with renowned teachers in Bali, The UK and Thailand in Yoga, Mindfulness, Sound healing and The Sacred Feminine Arts, she offers a tailored, compassionate and authentic approach using a combination of these various practices and modalities to allow for safe space to return to our true essence.