The Irish Cabaret staring Andy Cooney at Hunterdon Hills Playhouse

      Hampton, NJ 08827, USA

      Garys Fun on Wheels Tours, LLC
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      48 reviews
      Mar 16, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 54
      The Irish Cabaret staring Andy Cooney at Hunterdon Hills Playhouse
      Hampton, NJ 08827, USA

      Garys Fun on Wheels Tours, LLC
      • Email address verified
      48 reviews

      Mar 16, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 54

      About this trip

      Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us, as the sights and sounds of Ireland come alive in the Irish Cabaret! Starring Andy Cooney, who has sold out Carnegie Hall seven times, Irish Cabaret is a celebration of Ireland’s music, song, comedy and dance. Also featured during the show are Eimear Reynolds, part of the original cast of Celtic Woman, and Jimmy Q., Ireland’s crown prince of comedy, who has toured throughout Ireland and the UK. The Guinness Irish Band, made up of the greatest Irish and Irish American musicians on the music scene today, and World Class Irish Dancers, who are decorated with some of the most prestigious awards in the dancing world, round out this world class line-up of talent. Designed to entertain the entire family, this is one Saint Patrick's Day celebration you don’t want to miss!

      Bus Departures

      Celia Cruz Service Plaza/Old Forked River Service Plaza              9:00am

      Toms River NJT Bus Station                                                                  9:30am

      Brick Target                                                                                             10:00am

      Departs:   Hunterdon Hills Playhouse -  3:30pm

      What’s included

      • Transportation
        Premium Motor Coach Transportation
      • Meal
        Plated Lunch & Legendary Dessert Buffet at Hunterdon Hills Playhouse
      • Show Ticket
        11:00am Matinee
      • Guide
        Company Tour Manager
      • Complementary
        Bottled Water & Snack
      • Pre-Paid
        All Gratuities

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      Garys Fun on Wheels Tours, LLC
      48 reviews
      Garys Fun On Wheels Tours LLC, was created as a family run company to provide top notch trips at affordable prices.


      For the most part we enjoyed the trip however, being on the bus for effectively 3 1/2 days to get there and back was not so much fun. We signed up for this trip in mid-April when I knew that my schedule for May would allow some time off and as a result the tour guide had to work with the front desk at every hotel to get us a room because the head office did not update the list after 31 March 2024 that they had sent to the hotels. We had requested a King bed and only got it on the very last hotel night. The food at the Texas Steakhouse in Smithfield, NC was fair. I have gotten much better food at Outback or practically any other steakhouse I have ever been to. The dinner at the Pirates Restaurant in Savannah was rushed and the food was not very good. The best meal was the steamship sunset cruise in Savannah. There was way too much free time in Charleston; I believe one of the local specialists cancelled on us at the last minute and it was too late to find a suitable replacement activity. I would have liked to have gone to Patriots Point to see the Lexington (CV-10) but there was insufficient time and good weather to do that. We did get to tour the Bigelow tea plantation and see how tea is made which I found very interesting since I drink a lot of tea. To be fair, the bus was as comfortable as a tour bus could be. I would have liked the trip better if there was an option to fly into Savannah and then fly home from Charleston and do the tour bus in the two cities. I think we will probably take shorter trips in the future or find day-trip type tours where being on a bus for only 2-3 hours is much more relaxing than driving ourselves. I thought it was a bit of a shame that the tour bus insisted on staying on Interstate 95 through DC which took far more time than getting off onto U.S. 301 and taking that North from Fredericksburg to Baltimore; that way you don't have to cross the Annapolis Bay Bridge. Had I been driving that is the route I would have taken since I drive to Virginia and North Carolina to see family several times a year and know that 95 around DC is usually very slow if it is moving at all.
      By Alex B for 7 Day Savannah & Charleston Southern Charm Tour on May 23, 2024
      Lovely day in Lancaster. I was glad to be able to sit back on the bus and relax, rather than drive. Very nice lunch at Shady Maple, and great shopping in that plaza. Kitchen Kettle had nice shops, and many excellent quilt shops. Very nice people on the day trip. I recommend!
      By Nancy B for Day in Amish Lancaster on May 22, 2024
      Lancaster, PA, my first time going to Amish country and my 2nd trip with Gary. Driver was Darryl and tour guide was Esther. Perfect from start to finish, especially Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Lancaster PA is absolutely beautiful. Enough free time to go exploring on your own, loved all of the very personal attention. Can't wait to book another trip. 5 stars *****
      By BARBARA R for Day in Amish Lancaster on May 22, 2024
      There were positives and some negatives. Daryl was a great bus driver and made the trip feel safe. Al did a good job of organizing everything. The people on the trip were great. The dinner cruise in Savannah was good and the hotel was also conveniently located. The negative was with whoever worked on the itinerary. We were told that the tour in Charleston would go until 5:30 pm. We were back to the hotel by 1:30. The Steak house that was included in the tour was not ready for our group and the food was not good. On the trip home they used the same hotel in North Carolina that we used on the way there. The difference was we were coming from Charleston and arrived in the hotel area very early. Plans needed to be changed last minute for lunch, rest stops and a tour of a museum since it was too early to check in. I feel there were more positives then negatives.
      By CAROL R for 7 Day Savannah & Charleston Southern Charm Tour on May 20, 2024
      The trip did not live up to our expectations. First, the positive things: our host, Christine, was wonderful. She did everything within her power to over come the negatives. The play, Daniel, was great. And the lunch at Shady Maple was good. The negatives: We met the bus at the Lacey rest stop at 7:45, and didn't leave Ocean County until 9:30. There were 4 stops. Had I realized, I would have just driven to Lancaster myself. The bus was horrible! It was noisy. Christine had a very difficult time communicating with us, because her mic was broken. Our assigned seats were in the back, and it was a very rough ride. It was raining out, and the windows on the right side of the bus leaked. The people sitting on that side got soaked. The bathroom was an outhouse on wheels. There was no flush mechanism. Instead, it was a big hole, with smelly, dark blue liquid sloshing around in the bottom. The bathroom light didn't work. It failed to come on most of the time, and on the rare occasions it did come on, it was only for a couple of seconds. It would suddenly be pitch black inside the bathroom, with no way to turn the light back on. The door was difficult to lock, and equally difficult to open. At one point, the driver pulled over to the side of the road for about 15 minutes, with no explanation why. Then, she suddenly started driving again. When we came out after lunch, there was a mechanic laying on the wet ground under the bus, apparently working on it. Again, no explanation. We finally made our way to Sight and Sound; what should have been a half hour trip, but turned out to be closer to an hour because the driver seemed to keep getting lost. We barely made it to Sight and Sound before the show started. Then, I was extremely disappointed to realize we were sitting in Row E. 5 rows from the stage! Sight and Sound is an immersive experience. There is action on both sides of the theatre, the ceiling area, and even the aisles. This is one of the few places where sitting towards the back is ideal. We were unable to see a lot of the show because we were too close! When the show was over, we went back to the bus, only to find several mechanics still working on the bus. Again, no explanation. When we finally left; the driver must have hit a curb, because there was an extremely loud thump noise. The driver got out, and seemed to be loading what appeared to be the bumper into the storage compartment under the bus! What a horrible trip! I seriously doubt we'll ever go on another Gary's Bus tour!!!!
      By Mary J for Daniel at Sight & Sound on May 14, 2024
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