The Love Lab 2017: Fall in Love with Your Self

San Mateo, CA, United States

Jean Mazzei
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5 reviews
Jul 4 - Sep 30, 2018
Group size: 10 - 60
The Love Lab 2017: Fall in Love with Your Self
San Mateo, CA, United States

Jean Mazzei
  • Email address verified
5 reviews

Jul 4 - Sep 30, 2018
Group size: 10 - 60

About this trip

THE LOVE LAB with Jean Mazzei

a 5-month study series on unconditional love

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In yoga, you are the scientist, the lab and the experiment.

The Love Lab is a five-month study series with master teacher Jean Mazzei that entices you to explore your essential nature: unconditional love. Each series flirts with a different aspect of love to dissolve your conditions as you learn to prove your constant access to this omnipotent force through your embodiment of it. 

The Love Lab offers monthly in-person and online gatherings featuring satsang, asana, pranayama and meditation. Flexible packages empower your inner scientist to customize the intensity and mode of your study.

FALL 2017 LOVE LAB: Fall in Love With YOURSELF


Need some spice in your self-love life? 

Turn inward and deepen your capacity to love yourself – unconditionally. Evolve your relationship with your lifelong partner: yourself. Shape the series with your unique chemistry to discover the self-love that’s right for you.


Lab Dates

Labs have been completed. Sign up for "Long Distance Relationship" get recordings of this amazing and life changing program!


As we discover more about self-love, we use the principle of “adhikara” or “the next steps” to design the journey into the center of your own heart. Each unique heart has a unique path, so the topic for each monthly lab will reflect the hearts that are present.

Topics may include:

* What is this thing called love? 
* How can I love myself no matter what?

*Self care - why is it so damn hard?

*How to choose self care.
* Compassion for others, compassion for Self
* What are some practical tools for daily self-love?


Report your findings and advance your insights with Jean’s online support between labs:

Tune into the Think Tank recordings for more insights and support! Great group questions, shares, and meditations to help you on your journey to Self Love.

Discover the relationship with yourself that will serve you – or something else!

What’s included

$150 | Long-Distance Relationship (digital only)

*  5 Video recordings of the lab sessions
*  5 recordings of video conferenced Think Tanks
*  Online Monday Meditation series through December 2017

Each lab session features: 

* Lecture, discussion, practical application practices to experiment with
* Asana
* Pranayama 
* Meditation

Available Packages

Long Distance Relationship (Digital Only

Access to:
-Video recordings of monthly* lab sessions
-Monthly online think tanks
-Video recordings of monthly think tanks
-Online Monday Meditation series through December 2017



Love Lab Session 1
What is This Thing Called Love?

Your Organizer

Jean Mazzei
5 reviews
Jean Mazzei, (E-RYT 500), has logged over 15,000 teaching hours. Often called “a teacher’s teacher,” she is an expert in the subtleties of yoga sadahana (practices), and bringing the practices to life off the mat. Jean loves traveling, hiking, chocolate, and sharing yoga with every body and age!


This is a very interesting workshop. I would love to complete all digital sessions. Jean, as usual are great, and generously shared her wisdom with us.
By Lillian L for The Love Lab 2018: Spring into Action! on Oct 02, 2018
Thank you Jean for being a bright light in my life! So amazing ✨
By Edwina F for Transformational Tuesday May - May Flowers on May 31, 2018
Sri-riffic ?❤️✌?
By Joshua P for Jumpstart January! on Mar 09, 2018
Sri-riffic! ?❤️?
By Joshua P for Transformational Tuesday March on Mar 09, 2018
What a trip! Lovely group of ladies, amazing food - and great Yoga. Thanks Jean. Sometimes, you just gotta give yourself the "win". :) Every time I spend time with you, I grow. Thank you again. Can't wait until the next one.
By Cynthia Y for Second Annual Ageless Yoga Retreat on Sep 20, 2017