The Mindfulish School *SUMMER 2022* 200hr Teacher Training)

14 reviews
May 13 - Aug 28, 2022
Group size: 10 - 30
The Mindfulish School *SUMMER 2022* 200hr Teacher Training)

14 reviews

May 13 - Aug 28, 2022
Group size: 10 - 30

About this trip

At the Mindfulish school we are guided by and value curiosity, compassion, and a dash of humor.  This is the best way to create and sustain lifelong wellness practice!

Our focus isn’t perfect poses, attaining enlightenment, or even self-improvement. Instead, we work to create a deeper relationship with who we already are, uncovering all the facets that make us whole. We support each student in embodying their unique vision and practice.

Through our own years of study and varied backgrounds of practice and life, we offer you an integrative and accessible approach to the art of living and embodying yoga. We don’t want you to teach like us, we will encourage you to find your voice and teach like YOU! 

Please note

All times listed are Central Time, USA.

Deposits are not refundable.

Payment in full is due 30 before the first day of training.

Cancellation policy:

If you cancel 

...more than 90 days out > the deposit is kept + additional payments returned.

...30-90 days out > 50% of tuition is returnable. The other 50% is forfeited.

...30 days out > 100 % of tuition is forfeited.

Your Organizer

Cole Chance Yoga
14 reviews
Cole has been practicing and teaching Thai Yoga Massage for a decade, is a 500-RYT, international retreat leader, passionate about teaching to the addiction recovery community, consistent in broadening her knowledge in Yoga and Buddhist philosophy, ravenous book nerd, croissant connoisseur, wanderlust junkie, and seeker of the full range of experience. Her philosophy is to live wide, love big, look deep, and ALWAYS leave room for possibilities!


Wonderful time. Beautiful setting, delicious food, and fun to meet new people. Really relaxing and rejuvenating. Only thing is I would have liked a little more yoga.
By Lavanya S for The Gathering : A Yoga + Writing Retreat in Texas Hill Country on 04 Dec, 2021
A Sicilian Summer Yoga and Creative Writing was a wonderful experience for me. The location was divine, and both Cole Chance and Victoria Erickson were phenomenal instructors - excellent at teaching, but also connecting with all attendees and intuitively adapting and bringing what was needed to each class and helping every attendee grow. In addition, the overall schedule of the retreat was perfect with plenty of good yoga and writing content, but also free time to mingle and explore. I felt comfort and familiarity, but also challenged and successful at finding the personal growth I was seeking. Yoga and writing together provide a unique retreat experience and feed off of each other to expand and enrich all of the classes and content, as well as help find flow and ease, something I greatly needed. I also loved the diversity of the group of attendees and what each person brought to the experience. My heart is full, from each person that was part of the retreat to the depth of the teaching and overall experience. This is truly one of the best and most memorable things I've ever done for myself! I will be better for it for the rest of my life. Cheers to Victoria and Cole!
By Laura W for A SICILIAN SUMMER - Yoga + Creative Writing on 21 Sep, 2021
If you feel stuck, if you are running, if you are numb, if you are choosing all the things that you know you don't want to choose but you aren't sure what else to do - then join Emerge. This is an amazing 8 week journey that you will share with other humans struggling just like you. Cole Chance guides you through structured content including self-inquiry, journaling, yoga, meditation/mindfulness (with Jacq St. Pierre), Buddhist philosophy, and even neuroscience. The way it's all tied in really helped it make sense to my brain. There is so much information and available resources that it's hard to get through everything, but that's some of the point. You pick and choose what works for you, leave the rest (or set it aside for later). There are guest workshops that give additional viewpoints and provide other resources to help you. But the biggest help for me were all the check-ins. We met several times a week, and each Sunday was a Satsang specifically built community interaction to talk about wins, challenges, and anything else about the topics covered for the week. The support, connection, compassion, inspiration, courage, openness, and vulnerability that each of us showed to one another and shared with ourselves was beautiful. I'm not fixed or healed, and recovery may be a long forever journey - but I was provided tools, I made friends, I connected with ideas and philosophies that helped me. I was able to challenge the inner voices that always tear me down and start to look at myself as worthy of being in this life again. Reaching out and waiting for this program to start was the hardest part, and once it started showing up each time became easier because we all grew to love one another. If you are struggling or just looking for something more, you deserve this connection too.
By Julie Y for EMERGE 2021 (summer session) on 06 Aug, 2021
Loved it! This was a really incredible experience! Taos is an incredible place, and just the right venue to channel one's creative energy. The vibe was relaxing yet stimulating. Very well organized, with a good balance of organized activities and free time. Thank you for everything!!!
By Dawn A for Desert Stories: Writing + Yoga in Taos with Victoria & Jacq St Pierre on 12 May, 2021
Transformative journey
By Ramone D for EMERGE 2021 on 03 Mar, 2021
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