Sedona, AZ 86336, USA

Andrea Firpo, Psychic Cheerleader
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Apr 15 - 18, 2021
Group size: 1 - 13
Sedona, AZ 86336, USA

Andrea Firpo, Psychic Cheerleader
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Apr 15 - 18, 2021
Group size: 1 - 13

About this trip

An invitation to heal your unresolved trauma, drop limiting thought patterns and beliefs, connect to your true self, and awaken into a more powerful you. Submerge in sacred activations and integrations through Reiki and sound healing, cleansing your body and regenerating your soul. Experience unforgettable healing techniques through guided intuitive meditation, breathing techniques, crystal healing, essential oils, tea and cacao ceremonies, and more!

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    Our retreat location is a spacious 3,700 square foot residence on 1.3 acres, with great views and exclusive creek access
  • Food
    We’ll be fed delicious, locally-sourced Ayurvedic lunches, all expertly prepared, which allows retreat guests to experience food at it’s most nourishing. Breakfast items will be provided .
  • Snacks
    Your favorite chocolate/snacks/refreshments, will be stocked in the refrigerator.
  • Tea Ceremony
    Andrea will lead us in a Blue Lotus Flower Tea Ceremony, anointing you also with this provocative and incredibly alluring flower of ascension.
  • Cacao Ceremony
    Cacao is one of the gentlest plant medicines and offers us the gift of connecting in with Mother Earth through an open heart.
  • Reiki and Sound Healing
    This energy modality in combination with these sounds reduce STRESS and ANXIETY, elevate your mood, leaving you feeling refreshed and deeply relaxed.
  • Excursions
    Many special, curated surprises, as well as activities for afternoon breaks.
  • Education
    The Phoenix Immersion course workbook, healings, ceremonies, techniques, and materials.
  • Yoga
    Optional heart-centered yoga and pranayama classes.
  • Transportation
    Guests are responsible for their airfare, and transportation to and from the event (organized carpooling is offered)
  • Dinner
    Our gorgeous retreat location is also located within minutes of The Chocola Tree Organic Eatery, Safeway and Whole Foods for our dinner break.

Available Packages

Early Bird Special
Available until March 31, 2021only 3 left

Limited to the first 5 people who sign-up (full capacity at 13)

Three Payment Plan
10 left
Deposit: $375


Day of Arrival

5:00pm - 8:00pm - Arrival

Energy Vibrational Cleanse Upon Your Arrival with Svetlana

8:30pm Welcome Circle & Meditation To Set Intentions

Your Organizer

Andrea Firpo, Psychic Cheerleader
I am a Psychic Cheerleader focused on transformational healing by building awareness in the body and mind around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma. I draw from my background in psychology, feng shui, plant medicine, reiki, shamanism, and psychic energetic healing to identify underlying patterns that undermine my clients’ self-worth. The simple yet powerful energetic tools I teach help you identify blocks, expand your intuition, heal and make incredible paradigm shifts in your life.