The Wild Array

Haines, AK, USA

9 reviews
May 20 - 26, 2020
Group size: 1 - 8
The Wild Array
Haines, AK, USA

9 reviews

May 20 - 26, 2020
Group size: 1 - 8

About this trip

7 days, 6 nights
remembering and reclaiming
the dynamic woman that you are

There is great depth held in the stretches of fjords and the explosive mountains of Southeast Alaska.  The land is a great mirror of Truth that teaches and reminds us of the Wild Array of Woman that we each are.  As we travel through the many inspired landscapes of the Alaskan Wilderness we will alchemize our edges and allow our dynamic layers SHINE.

Food & Accommodation

We will be staying at a variety of rustic Alaskan accommodations ranging from an off-the-grid alpine lake cabin to a cozy seaside yurt.  Embrace the very unique way of Southeast Alaska living with us - mindfully planned for ultimate comfort and experience. Some homes may allow for you to have your own single bed while others may require sharing a queen size bed with another woman.  Finding inner stability in this external movement is entirely the point of our journey and intentionally integrated into the experience - we are all in this fun, mobile adventure together!

Our meals will be composed of local-sourced, in-season food.  Although we will eat mostly plant-based over the week we will also offer the option for sustainably, locally caught seafood with some meals   Salmon and halibut are both important resources for SE Alaska communities and we wish to fully embrace & support their local economy.  We will also be foraging ourselves and learning how to cook by way of the land,


We are going soul-foraging!  Here to unapologetically be every ounce of Woman that we are.  We will spend the week learning through the four pillars of Freedom, Vitality, Harmony, and Play to express and alchemize our truest nature.  We will transform our fears into fuel by way of remembering all that we are.  Goofy, focused, loud, soft, brave,  uncertain - we invite in ALL of the pieces that compose us and declare them as ours.  We will use this new self-revelation and understanding as tools for abundance and hearty, thriving-lives.  Say hello to your Dirt Goddess as you radiate the deepest self-knowing you’ve yet to know.

We will be exploring the ares of Haines, Skagway and Juneau, Alaska.


Alaska is an epicenter for adventure - and we plan to get in as much as we can over our week together.  We will be paddling our way across a stunning waterfall surrounded lake via kayak,  hiking through fields of blueberries to summit the tops of multiple mountains and have beach bonfires to celebrate the lengthening summer sun.  

We have one adventure planned at a remote cabin where we will hike in with our belongings and completely disconnect from the world around us.  If you haven’t experienced off-the-grid living you are in for a treat and we will help you be sure you’re ready for the experienced.   

Movement is elemental in this blossoming experiencing of self discovery - we will integrate in yoga, embodied movement workshops and dance exploration over our week together.  Our time together will always aim to bring us into flow-state where presence is elemental and life becomes limitless.

What’s included

  • 6 Nights Accommodation
    a variety of yurts and cabins
  • 3 Plant-based Meals/Day
    with some local seafood options
  • Daily Yoga and Movement
    plus somatic + elemental meditation
  • Kayak Chilkoot Lake
  • Scenic Fjord Ferry
  • Glacier Overlook Plane
  • Foraging Workshop
  • Cacao Dance Activation
  • Remote Lake Overnight
    backpacking experience
  • Dirt Goddess Photoshoot
  • Quantum Queen
  • Sacred Remembrance
  • Transportation
    during entire trip
  • Airfare
    Depart/Return - Juneau International Airport

Available Packages

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If you have a sister who wants in on the trip as well then please take advantage of our special rate when you sign up within 24 hours of one another! Book separately and mention your friend's name in booking notes  :)

Deposit: $500

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Work Your Wild
9 reviews
We believe that exploration invites the deepest, most exotic layers of our feminine richness to come to life. With new challenges amongst nature comes expansive conversation, self-clarity, & connection. Whether it be sunset soaking, waterfall hiking or ocean paddling we deeply believe that the best way to understand the world around us is to get all up in it - literally. This brings us to refresh our understanding of our own inward ecology and self-identity while harnessing a life packed full of wicked, wild experience.


This trip was full of healing and growth. AnnaMarie and Kalee were so accommodating and caring. I felt completely safe and comfortable the whole time. We ate delicious nourishing food which was such a delight while in the backcountry. I gained so much self-confidence in backpacking/wilderness skills as well as socially/emotionally. After this trip I feel more fulfilled, connected, confident, and full of love than ever before. I also made so many amazing friends as a result of this open and loving community. I’m so very grateful for this experience, and will hold all of it near to my heart forever. I will definitely be going on another Work Your Wild trip in the future, and I recommend these trips to all sisters, for they hold so much medicine. ❤️
By Katharine S for Escape and Elevate on 29 Jul, 2021
This experience with Work Your Wild brought me back to the freedom that exists for us in this life! Being with a group of women in an exploratory compassionate flow is so magical and expansive! The time we spent in nature together reminded me how we are meant to exist… Healing ourselves through the mirror of our sisters, and being honest and devoted to what’s alive on our hearts. We communed with our bodies and nourished all aspects of ourselves. I will always hold this precious experience close to my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
By Cassandra K for Frolic and Forage on 07 Jul, 2021
This trip is life-changing! I am so grateful to have met and be in the presence of such powerful, loving, and supportive women. There were so many moments of breakthroughs and revelations, and each conversation I had with my sisters was so deep and meaningful. This is the type of connection that I longed for! Chef Kaylee is also amazing at making delicious vegan food!
By Zhenni L for Frolic and Forage on 25 Jun, 2021
My experience on my Work Your Wild trip was waaay more amazing than I could have ever imagined! It is such a safe container of love, acceptance, and connection to other badass women. The food was amazing and the workshops were so powerful. I learned so much about myself and even shifted some of my views about the world after learning so many new things from the trips facilitators. Also, the lasting community of women that you join continues way after the trip is over. I’d recommend a work your wild trip to any and all women!
By Joli S for The Wild Leader Pathway Training on 10 Apr, 2021
It’s been hard for me to find the exact words to fully describe special this trip was for me. the women who facilitate WYW understand how to tie together just the right amount of adventure, self care, workshops, and play time to make you really feel like you’re getting the most out of your time together. we laughed, we played, we cried, we dance, we sang — we learned from each other while learning more about ourselves. i will be back for another trip without a doubt. thank you WYW for your wisdom and dedication to this truly special practice and integration of pure magic.
By kalee c for Work Your Wild - Raw & Radiant on 12 Dec, 2019
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