Top Places for visit, Attractions and Activities in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Malik Nauman
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Top Places for visit, Attractions and Activities in Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

Malik Nauman
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Lisbon is a vibrant and charismatic city and one of the most spectacular capitals in Europe. It is a city with a glorious climate, a fantastic nightlife, historical monuments and a variety of activities that will please visitors of all ages.

In Lisbon there is much to see and do, private tours in Lisbon we suggest you book at least three days to explore the city completely, and a week-long vacation allows you to visit the fascinating towns and beautiful beaches that are in the vicinity of Lisbon.

Bairro Alto Nightlife

Lisbon has a bustling night scene, sociable, tolerant and diverse. The best area to live a night in Lisbon is the district of Bairro Alto, a network of trendy bars, small clubs and live music venues from which you can hear escaping floating the overwhelming sound of Fado.

The Nightlife of Barrio Alto

During the weekends, night owls leave as a group to the surrounding streets, giving the whole district the feeling of being a big party. The attitude of Lisbon is progressive, and its nightlife is tolerant of all sexual preferences and ages (the legal drinking age is 18 years), although it must be taken into account that the nights start quite late and last until the exit of the Sun.

Without Forgetting the Beaches

Near Lisbon, there is a beautiful coastal line planted with sandy beaches. These beaches are suitable for a diversity of visitors: You can find “food and wine tour in Lisbon” both quiet and family-oriented beaches, as wild and rugged beaches for surfing.

Few of the newly arrived visitors to Lisbon realize that there are such magnificent beaches just a short train ride from the center of the capital, which means that an urban getaway to Lisbon can be combined with a holiday in the Beach. To access a guide on the beaches of the Lisbon region, visit

The impressive Viewpoints

These viewpoints allow you to glimpse different aspects of the city: The different tiled roofs of the Alfama district, the refreshing waters of the Tagus river or the neat and organized streets of Baixa. Many of these viewpoints are hidden between the side streets or on the top of steep hills, rewarding visitors who take their time to explore Lisbon.

Senhora do Monte Lisbon

Our favorite viewpoint is the Miradouro, which offers wonderful views of the castle and is the place where young lovers traditionally gather to watch the sunset, safe from prying eyes. Another amazing viewpoint is the Miradouro de Santa Catarina, overlooking the Tagus estuary and guarded by a curious statue of Adamastor, a mythological monster from one of Portugal's most famous poems.

A walk through Alfama

Alfama is the old district of Lisbon, formed by a maze of narrow streets that climb the hill from the Tagus estuary to the castle. Alfama was traditionally the poorest region of the capital, and was originally outside the city walls, developing as a depressed area in which sailors and workers lived in the most absolute misery.

Today, Alfama has been revitalized and is one of the most elegant and fashionable areas of Lisbon. Hidden between the maze of cobbled streets and old decrepit buildings, which are the essence of Alfama, you can find family cafes, shops and small bars. 

A glass of Ginjinha

There is no better reward after a long day of sightseeing than a glass of Ginjinha, a deliciously sweet alcoholic beverage. This cherries liqueur is revered by the Portuguese, and can be served with cherries to add intensity to the experience. There is no better place to try Ginjinha than in the traditional drink home, the “A Ginjinha” bar, which is just outside Rossio square.

The Castelo de Sao Jorge

The Castle of San Jorge stands majestically over the center of Lisbon and was an old seat of power for more than 400 years. From the high viewpoint over the battlements area you can enjoy wonderful views over the center of Lisbon, and the old fortified citadel is permeated with history and mystery.

The grandeur of Baixa

 The Baixa district was completely rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1755, being one of the first urban centers to be designed around a grid and block structure. The district is formed by magnificent avenues that connect imposing squares, celebrating the richness and importance of the Portuguese 18th century. The most impressive of these squares is Praça do Comércio, where historically, merchants sold products from the colonies, and bankers financed expeditions to unknown places. To access a guide on Baixa, click here. 

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