Trauma-Informed Masterclass: Safeguarding Psychedelic Sessions

      Live Zoom Workshop

      Atira Tan
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      Nov 9, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 200
      Trauma-Informed Masterclass: Safeguarding Psychedelic Sessions
      Live Zoom Workshop

      Atira Tan
      • Email address verified
      21 reviews

      Nov 9, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 200

      About this trip

      Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Masterclass: 90-minute Masterclass with Atira Tan and Trina Joy Lucas: Safeguarding Psychedelic Sessions

      DATE: 9th November 2023

      TIME: 4 pm EST/ 1 pm PST/ 10 pm CEST/ 6 am AEST 

      COST: $50 USD Full Price


      Our trauma-informed masterclass will share tips and tools on the pivotal role of 'spirit-centred' safeguards when it comes to facilitating Psychedelic Sessions. 

      In our lecture, Trina and Atira will share an essential understanding of a 'spirit-centred' framework, providing you with strategies and tools to create a safe and secure environment conducive to positive therapeutic outcomes, with a focus on protection for all involved.

      Joining Atira as a guest is Trina Lucas, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist, founder of The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary,  and a one-to-one spiritual healer and mentor. Trina is a passionate advocate of placing spirit at the centre of health and wellness and has spent over 26 years running her Spiritual Healing Practice in Melbourne, Australia.   

      Our 90-minute masterclass will include an hour of lecture and discussion and 30 minutes of Q&A with participants.

      Your purchase will include:

      1.  A LIVE Online 90-minute lecture with Atira & Trina (Including follow-up Q&A Session)

      2. A 90-minute video recording

      3. A 90-minute audio recording

      4. PDF Slides and Professional Worksheets




      Trauma-informed ‘Spirit Centred’  facilitation taps into an essential structure in your energy body called the "Source Connection Channel”.

      Activation of this channel ensures the practitioner of spirit medicine can adequately call their spirit to the forefront of their body in order to (1) meet in intimacy and safety with the spirit of the earth as it is expressed in the energetic properties of the medicinal plant, and (2) ensure the spirit of the client is called in service to meet and guide receptivity of the medicine.

      The pathway to deep and sustained personal transformation often requires challenging stubborn and powerful blocks of unseen lower vibrational energy to emerge for clearing. Such energies can inadvertently complicate the therapeutic process.

      Spirit is the most intelligent force available to us all when it comes to gracefully navigating these well-established patterns in need of transformational change.

      Safeguarding 'spirit centred' trauma-informed plant medicine is therefore essential for facilitation, and we will be covering the following topics in our masterclass:

      1. Spirit Connection: Discovering why and how to synergise and centre the spirit of the client, the earth, the plant medicine and the facilitator in practice.

      2. Protection of Client, Facilitator, and the Therapeutic Relationship: Emphasizing the importance of putting 'spirit first' to safeguard the therapeutic journey.

      3. Navigating the Spirit Realms: A framework for understanding the interconnectedness of spirit, soul, the universe, earth and humanity with an emphasis on the power of the client as a co-creator of their reality.

      4. Anatomy of the Source Connection Channel: Examining the structure, function, and importance of this channel in the practice of ‘spirit-centred’ medicine.

      5. Spiritual Hygiene Fundamentals: Introducing practices to maintain balance and integration between your spirit, soul, human, and earthly realities within you as the facilitator.

      6. A powerful activation of the Source Connection Channel that you can return to over and over.

      7. A simple tool for maintaining the health of your Source Connection Channel.

      8. How Spirit Heals: An essential yet simple understanding of what is consciousness and how human and spirit consciousness differ.

      9. Understanding and Dealing with Lower Vibrational Energies: Recognizing and addressing the challenges posed by these energies in the therapeutic process.

      By incorporating trauma-informed 'spirit centred' principles into facilitation, you will understand how you as a facilitator can work within a bigger picture framework of relationships between spirit, earth, humanity and the greater material universe.

      Our Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Masterclass will provide bite-sized tools and resources for facilitators to cultivate their trauma sensitivity and develop an awareness of 'spirit centred' principles of facilitation.

      * The recording and PDF slides will be available within 24 - 48 hours on our learning platform. 

      ** Inquiries contact Kasia at

      Your facilitators

       Learn more about Trina: 

      A passionate advocate of placing spirit at the centre of health and wellness, Trina has spent over 26 years running her Spiritual Healing Practice in Melbourne, Australia.   

      A Bachelor of Health Science with Honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine coupled with Trina's awakening psychic talents to communicate with a team of Healing Spirits has given Trina a deep understanding of the broader spiritual underpinnings of the human body and psyche.

      It is Trina’s mission to use her expertise to educate the world on the science of spiritual healing, bringing a truly holistic approach to medicine to focus on exceptional outcomes for clients. 

      Trina runs courses, a membership-based group, “The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary '', and offers one-to-one spiritual healing and mentor sessions online and in person. 

      Trina’s message is simple: “Your spirit is a powerful agent of change. Be the gift to self and others the world needs – body, mind and soul.”

      More info:

      Learn more about Atira:

      Atira Tan, a TEDx speaker, activist, somatic trauma specialist, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, and trauma-informed educator, is a powerful agent of transformation and change. She has touched the lives of thousands of women, men, and children around the world, supporting them through her 19 years of experience in various somatic and creative trauma recovery approaches. 


      Passionate about creating safer spaces for everybody, and bringing healing and awareness to the “shadowy” areas of life, Atira has worked as a trauma-informed integration specialist in retreat centers such as the Temple of the Way of Light and is currently the head of integration at AYA Healing Retreats. 

      Atira has mapped the trauma recovery of hundreds of PM participants in her private practice as an integration trauma specialist and co-facilitates trauma-informed and Somatic Experiencing Plant Medicine retreats and dietas in Peru with AYA Healing Retreats. 

      For more information, please visit 


      "Wow!! Thank you so much, Atira!!!!! I just want to say thank you for holding space for such an incredible informational experience in this Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Workshop. I feel that I have SO many resources now to draw upon now. 

      You are filled with experience and hold such beauty. vibrant energy that is powerful, but also open and level with the people you work with in such a way that it is easy to feel safe, and seen in your presence! True magic!"

      – Molly Moon, Grandmother Facilitator, Isreal.

      "This TIPM workshop’s deep dive into the realms of living impeccable service was nothing short of life-changing.

      I remembered so much about the nervous system, my life, my purpose, the bridges between paradigms, and the collective trauma on the Earth. I was deeply warmed, inspired, challenged, and excited by the entire experience.

      Atira transmits genuine, care, curiosity, understanding, and expertise. She is devoted to providing safe spaces for people to heal and her life’s work is a testimony to her wisdom and character.

      If you’re curious to learn about the nature of trauma and how to access and support its healing potential, this body of work is well worth opening your heart and mind to."

      – Melanie Gunn, Naturopath and Transpersonal Art Therapist, Australia

      "I’m super grateful for this unique program. Atira’s extensive knowledge on the subject of trauma and working within the PM context has been immensely beneficial. I’ve gained a deeper sense of how to hold the container of healing, which in turn, opens doors for journeyers to be met with more compassion, understanding, and safety to move through their process.

      This program is essential for anyone supporting or facilitating PM ceremonies and the process of preparation and integration."

      – Simone McKay, Somah Journeys Founder, Canada

      "I just came out of the 1st Trauma-informed Plant Medicine Facilitation online training with Atira Tan from Aya Healing Retreats and wow!!

      I cannot recommend this training enough for anyone working in the PM space – whether you are pouring medicine, a supporter/facilitator, a pre or post-ceremonial integration specialist, or even a student of the plants.

      In fact, I feel that this should be a basic foundational training (alongside 1st Aid) for all healers and support staff.

      As the medicine continues to gain momentum in its spread across the globe- we are beginning to see and hear more and more stories of harm from its unskilful use, the lack of quality screening and preparation beforehand, the lack of integration support afterward, and/or the limited understanding of trauma activation and re-traumatization during retreats and ceremonies.

      I feel that, in addition to traditional training, this community would benefit hugely from having facilitators and spaces rooted in a basic understanding of the nervous system and how to work skillfully with trauma survivors (and of course, how to work with our own trauma when it shows up in these spaces).

      I personally feel that Atira is an excellent bridge and guide into the intersectional realms of plant medicine and trauma therapy."

      – Skye Cielita Flor, Wilderness Therapist, South Africa

      "My mind and heart are in deep amazement and gratitude as I apply all that I learned in the Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine workshop. 

      Now more than ever, the world is in need of people who have the ability to listen and hold open space, as the entire human population is currently undergoing a traumatic event. This course is filled with gems on how to meet and support those who are intensely impacted by trauma at any stage of life. I highly recommend this course/workshop, not only to those who are interested in the relationship between trauma and plant medicine but to anyone who is curious about understanding human relational patterns to self and society.

      Atira shares in-depth knowledge and expertise in trauma studies while offering takeaways that are applicable for ceremonies, friendships, and even common conversations during the COVID time. Atira and Elio’s work is much needed in the world."

      – Betty Gottwald, Photographer & Kambo Facilitator, USA.

      "If you are ready to engage in serious trauma healing work, Atira is the practitioner to go for. Her own genuine humanness is consistently lived and embodied, and her outstandingly compassionate nature creates a strong and safe therapeutic container that cannot be surpassed. 

      After a search for decades for the right trauma therapist, all thumbs up for her, as the healing and transformation, I’ve been looking for has finally become real!"

      – Jessica Bertram, Eco-Tour Guide, Germany.

      "Learning from Atira is a reconnecting journey of the mind, heart, and soul. Her caring empathy, sensitivity, and guiding leadership are only shadowed by her multi-faceted and deep knowledge of the matter of trauma. 

      With her guidance as an experienced teacher, I felt truly grateful for discovering and learning about new perspectives which will make me not only a better teacher in the future, but a more understanding and loving human being towards anyone I encounter. And all of that in a welcoming community of like-minded, caring individuals. I wholeheartedly recommend Atira to anyone who desires to learn more about understanding and healing trauma, and the human experience as a whole."

      - Kai York, Photographer, Art Director, New York

      "Atira’s course is a valuable in-depth introduction to trauma and the various ways it can manifest in a ceremonial setting. 

      Since taking the course, I’ve changed the lens through which I review applications and screen potential journeyers. The course has taught me how to use trauma-informed language to empower people to make their own decisions. 

      Atira creates a beautiful, safe container for her students to dive into sensitive topics. I appreciate her making herself available for questions during the class and through additional one-on-one sessions and small group calls. 

      I highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to facilitate plant medicine sessions."

      —Leti Passemier, co-founder of Global Alliance of Psilocybin Practitioners, France

      What’s included

      • LIVE Online Lecture
        Attend LIVE 90-min. Online Lecture with Atira & Trina including follow-up Q&A Session
      • Free Recording
        The workshop will be recorded and available for download 48 hours after the workshop is completed.
      • PDF Slides
        You will be able to download our slides for the session and will be available within 48 hours of the session.

      Available Packages



      1. Access to our 90 mins Live Zoom Session.

      2. 1 year access to the video and audio recording.

      3. PDF slides for Masterclass.

      4. Additional intake and assessment resources. 

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      1. Access to our 90 mins Live Zoom Session.

      2. 1 year access to the video and audio recording.

      3. PDF slides for Masterclass.

      4. Additional intake and assessment resources. 


      Your Organizer

      Atira Tan
      21 reviews
      Atira (MA Art Therapy, SEP, E-RYT 500) has been teaching somatic trauma education for over a decade. She is the founder and CEO of Art to Healing, an Australian charity assisting sex-trafficked women and children globally. Over 19 years, Atira has delivered numerous yoga, mindfulness, art therapy, Somatic Experiencing, women’s health, and trauma-informed programs internationally. Atira is a TEDx speaker, yoga teacher, trauma specialist, #1 Best Selling author, art therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & group facilitator.


      Excellent and very informative lecture. Thank you to both speakers!
      By Tsoghig Marieann H for SOLD OUT: Trauma-Informed Masterclass: Working with Psilocybin on Jul 19, 2023
      Fantastic Psilocybin masterclass. Than you again!
      By Emily W for SOLD OUT: Trauma-Informed Masterclass: Working with Psilocybin on Jul 18, 2023
      This class was so informative and masterfully and lovingly presented for the benefit of all. Thank you Aitra for sharing your wisdom. -Erin
      By Erin F for SOLD OUT: Trauma-Informed Masterclass: Working with Psilocybin on Jul 18, 2023
      An incredible program, unique and highly valuable to anyone in the field of sacred ceremonial work. Professionally offered. Deep thanks.
      By Emily W for SOLD OUT: Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Program 2023 on Jun 26, 2023
      The TIPMT with Atira was an amazing training and experience. Atira and her team created an absolute safe and comforting space for us where we could learn with each others, waving beautiful connections between students and even tho its been an online training it felt very personal to me. Atira makes sure everyone is seen and heard. She is a fantastic teacher, sharing her immense knowledge in such a beautiful way and answering any questions that come up. I've been looking for a Trauma education course for a while and finally decided to go with this one - and it could not have been a better choice! The tools and techniques are so valuable to me and applying them in practice already shows me how worthy they are. I'm deeply grateful for the teachings and i would recommend this training to anyone working with PM and wanting to build a deeper skillset on traumacare and how to create a safer space for clients and facilitators. Again, thank you so much! Ahó!
      By josefine h for SOLD OUT: Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Program 2023 on Jun 04, 2023
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