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Vinales, Cuba

About this trip

Cuba can be a complex and confusing place to get your head around. Be it your visa, trip itinerary, myth busting questions about local culture, helps with worries or concerns, specialized events or simply wanting a friendly (and knowledgeable) face to alleviate your travel planning stresses, we can help. 

We offer personalised travel planning to ensure you not only maximize your time and money, but also to give you the best inside-knowledge from those who know and have been in the business for many years. With a strong, familiar and close-knit team across the whole island, you will immediately be immersed into our island and looked after as family. We also always ensure that those who do the hard work are those who receive your money, which in a country like this is incredibly important. 

We often spend so many hours trip planning, stressing over the minor details, worrying about how local taxis work or which restaurant is eco-friendly, vegan and affordable. Wouldn't it be better to have someone who knows, do the hard work for you? We can ensure an ethical and responsible way of travel, promising quality and quantity of travel experiences. 


We offer a competitive planning package at just £250.00. If you later choose to book your Cuba trip with us, we will use 50% of this fee towards your travel costs. 

What is the Planning Package process?

We have created a simple 4 step process to help you make the most out of your time & money. 

1) Complete our questionnaire (upon request) to help us get to know you and your requirements and submit your payment

2) Schedule a call (WhatsApp call or messaging, Skype, Phone, FaceTime or a coffee if we're close!) to discuss your questionnaire and your trip in more detail

3) Allow us 2 working days to create your bespoke Cuba travel Planning Package, including everything listed below 

4) Once you've had time to revise our Planning Package, we can schedule another call/email session with any comments, questions, concerns or alterations. We will happily give you further advice and insider tips on anything you need. You can then choose to take our Package and continue your own trip planning, or you can opt to finalise your itinerary with us and we can make your bookings. This is no hard sell - if you choose to continue alone, that's absolutely fine with us and we'll continue offering support and guidance should you need it. 

Why trust me to plan you Cuba trip?

As enjoyable and exciting as travel can be, sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the actual planning part that comes first. It's exhausting, time consuming and stressful - and this is extremely prevalent with travel in Cuba. See this blog post!

So this is where I come in - I'm a Cuba travel expert. I design and create personalised trips, tailoring them to each person or group's budget, interests, travel style, and schedule. 

Read more about my expertise here.

What’s included

  • Suggested general plan
    Based on your questionnaire results of time and budget, we'll put a basic and general plan together
  • Suggested options
    Accommodations, restaurants, taxi services, excursions, authentic activities etc.
  • Cuba information pack
    Cultural etiquette, packing list, insider tips and tricks, currency information, language help etc
  • Spanish language pack
    We provide a beginners Spanish pack, providing you with the necessities that you'll need for your travels
  • Logistical support
    Guidance on flight booking, money conversion, and visa application
  • Proposed specific plan
    We offer a proposed itinerary, with all aspects covered, that you can choose to book should you wish, to alleviate any further planning stresses and have your personalised Cuban adventure planned.
  • Ongoing support
    Over email and in-country, bilingual (English and Spanish)

Your Organizer

The Viñales Experience
1 review
TheViñalesExperience was born from the friendship and dream of three Cubans and one English, as a way to not only share and promote our mutual love for Cuba (and Viñales in particular), but also to support the local people and to help improve their quality of life. As you can tell by our name, we are specialists in all things Viñales. We focus mainly on this region to be able to offer you the very best experiences you could have during your travels here, but we also offer great accommodation (a beautiful colonial mansion!) in Havana and some fantastic city tours. Our combined vision is to offer you an insight into the authentic life of the island and to get beneath the 'tourist trail'. You'll be supporting the local Cubans directly, as well as making great friends with them along the way!


Excellent trip to a great Cuba destination. Saw the real Cuba, and everything was good and went according to plan. We thoroughly recommend the Vinales Experience.
By David W for Sue & David - Western Havana on 27 Mar, 2019