Full Week Chalet Stay

      UAE Trekkers
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      Duration: 8 days
      Group size: 8 - 15
      Full Week Chalet Stay

      UAE Trekkers
      • Facebook verified

      Duration: 8 days
      Group size: 8 - 15

      About this trip

      Join us on a trip of a lifetime to visit the floating pearl of the Indian Ocean. 

      Experience an exotic place where nature and culture have long coexisted. 

      An island which has remained relatively untouched,  unlike any place on earth, with tourists reserved to only the most adventurous world travelers. 


      Until now those few tourists that were able to reach Socotra  were able to explore the beauty and incredible nature of the island only without any comforts of the modern world , a tour of Socotra as accepted for whatever was available without any expectation for more.  Tourists just accepted low expectations of a rugged and wild experience of camping with no toilets or comforts as the cost they had to pay for being able to experience the natural beauty of the island.

      We are  proud to be offer the world its first tour with an upgraded, comfortable safe, and exotic experience with services and options available only on our tours.

      So why is this tour so much more expensive? 

      The island is very small.  There are only a few places where camping is possible, and as a result, all of the budget tourists will be in the same noisy  and crowded campsites every night.  These public sites will have no toilets, using the quaint phrase 'wilderness toilets' to mean everyone that. visits will be damaging the delicate ecology of the island multiple times per day. 

      Others will camp every night in simple tents with crowded campsite and no proper sanitation, without running water or sanitary food and cars that have not been well maintained over the years, with at least 6 people per SUV.  

      This tour includes a hotel stay for all 7 nights of your stay, no camping and no crowds. 

        In addition, you can expect: 

      • SUV with a maximum of 4 per car (other companies will usually have 6) 
      • No fear of breakdowns (other companies are forced to manage with old cars) 
      • First Aid kids and AED Kit. (safety and first aid is a luxury for others, a necessity for us) 
      • Enjoy your SUV with a maximum of 4 tourists per car. (other companies: 6 using the 2nd back seats) 
      • Fresh food prepared with high safety standards.
      • Hotel Stay every night 

      As a further benefit, by raising the standards for tourists on the island we are also making it cleaner, safer, and preserving the ecology of the island for years to come.  

      Booking Terms and Conditions

      The 1050 USD is to purchase your plane tickets, visa and tour deposit

      The flight tickets to Socotra from Abu Dhabi are non refundable. They are changeable with a FEE of 300 USD Per leg.  However, in the event that the flight is delayed, there is no additional fee for changing the ticket.  Travel insurance is mandatory to cover any unexpected loss due to cancellation of the ticket. 

      Trip costs are changeable with a fee.  

      You can change your trip dates with a 400USD fee, providing that we are able to find you a seat on the new flight. 

      You can change your dates up to 1 year without incurring any penalty.

      Strictly NO FULL REFUNDS if you choose to cancel for any reason. 

      Covid or any other illness is not a valid reason for cancelling and you will need to apply your travel insurance policy in such a case. 

      Refund, Cancellation and Health Q's


      Have a look at our Waiver, cancellation policy and health questionairre.

      You will be asked to agree and sign this document.

      What’s included

      • 7 nights hotel stay
        Shared stay for the group in La Serina, the newest hotel on the island.
      • All meals on the island
        3 meals per day, plus plenty of fresh fruits and snacks to support your activity level
      • New SUV Transport
        Our SUV's are all new imported in the last year from UAE. They all have seatbelts, airbags and no broken windows and full recovery gear included. You will be safe in these cars.
      • Beach Tent Set up
        For all activities close to the water we will have our own set up with a portable toilet
      • Kayaks and boogie boards
        We have these availble on our beach days for everyone to use
      • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
        Beach day in Delish is complete with all of the toys to enjoy the day in the water with!
      • Jet Ski in Delish
        What a better way to see the costline than by jetski, as you race the dolphins and see the turtles below the surface.
      • Professional Guides
        Our guides speak English, Arabic, and other langauges
      • Professional Drivers
        Our drivers are trained in UAE to safety standards and off road skills
      • Portable Toilets
        We are not ever going to use wilderness toilets which destroy and degrade the ecology of the island. We will have a portable toilet set up with our beach based events.
      • FIRST AID: AED Machine
        Our guides are trained in first and and how to use the AED defibrillator, in case of emergencies. We are within 30 min drive of a hospital, but there are no ambulances.
      • Scuba Diving/Snorkel
        Gear rentals and guide are included for 1 dive or snorkel session
      • Tips
        it is recommended that you tip your service providers at the end of each trip
      • Concierge in Abu Dhabi
        Upon arrival to UAE we will pick you up and take you to your hotel
      • Gyrocopter Ride
        Choose your own adventure day, choose to fly with the birds eye view over the island on a 1 hour ride ride to the mountain
      • Camel Trek
        Choose your own Adventure Day - a 3 hour camel trek across Nuged

      Available options


      Arrival to Socotra
      Reach the island hike to Homhil Infiniti Pool

      After arrival to the airport, we will stop at the chalet to change and repack and have lunch.  Then we will drive around 45 min to reach Homhil where we will have to hike up the side of the mountain to reach the pool and the mountainside covered with dragon blood and bottle trees! Prepare for a short 30 minute hike to reach our destination. We will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama view over the Arabian Sea. After our afternoon in Homhil,  we will return to our Chalet on the beach for a sunset dinner. 

      Lunch:  Packed lunch at Homhil 

      Diner and Overnight:  Chalet Sirina 

      Your Organizer

      UAE Trekkers
      We are committed to raising the standards of tourism on the island