Ultimate Guide to the Best Cruise

Ellie Perkins
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Ultimate Guide to the Best Cruise

Ellie Perkins
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About this trip

Cruising is one of the most customizable experiences, and it is thus the perfect holiday for either young people, elders, and families. When enjoying your time on a cruise ship, you can choose a different experience every day.

For example, you can sunbathe at the pool, or embark upon a real adventure at Komodo National park. Depending on the ship’s size, you can try several onboard activities and attractions. But what is the best way to enjoy your cruise and take any advantage of it? Let’s find out how to experience the best journey! 

Try Absolutely Everything

Depending on your trip, your cruise may include several commodities, such as complementary main dining rooms. These venues usually offer an unlimited choice of food, and you can sample more than one dish to taste delicious local food. Since the price you paid for your cruise already included these experiences, make sure to try all of them.

Try the Drink of the Day

Cruises offer perfect opportunities to taste new cocktails. If you have never dared order anything than a boring Mojito, your holidays on a ship will make you realize than a fruity colada can be even better.

Most importantly, you should try the drink of the day, available on the majority of the ships. You can only order and taste it within a 24-hour time frame, and it is usually available for a discounted price. Upgrade to a souvenir cup to show it to your friends when you get back home.

Did Anyone Say Shopping?

Maritime law is quite complicated. While we are not going to lecture you about this murky jurisdiction, what is essential to know is that you can grab discounted luxury items at your ship’s duty-free shops.

Here you will find not only souvenirs for your friends and family but also luxury bags, jewelers, designer stores and even art galleries. This could be the perfect time to buy that Tiffany’s necklace you have always been dreaming about.

Splurge at the Salon

Big cruises often include an onboard spa and salon. Here you can get any treatment you can think of, such as manicures, blowouts, and even hot shaves. As you can imagine, prices tend to be higher than your average salon, but the whole experience is undoubtedly worth the price.

You can book your treatment to get ready for a formal night. However, if this is your plan, you should book your appointment in advance. Remember that there is only one salon to take care of all the ship’s passengers!

Ready to Be the Soul of Every Party?

Grab your neon bracelet and get ready to dance on some house music under the stars. You cannot spend your time on a cruise ship without enjoying a party! Disco parties, 70s’ inspired parties, and, of course, costume parties: you can enjoy a different experience every night.

Even if you don’t usually have fun at parties, you will soon get caught up by the other passengers’ excitement. However, before you reach the dancefloor, check if a particular dress code is required. Besides, if you are traveling with children, you may need to confirm if all parties are suitable for them. Otherwise, you should wait until they fall asleep so that you can enjoy a little alfresco nightlife!

Meet the Captain

If you have the opportunity, you should book your place for a tour of the bridge, which is the captain’s control room. It must be noted that, usually, these tours are offered only to a few passengers, as a part of their loyalty program, and they may be expensive. However, this experience may be exciting and educational, especially for teens and children.

Watch the Sunset at the Sea

Even if you may have watched the sunset many times, enjoying it just before sinking into the sea is one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you don’t miss it: drink coffee to stay awake, ask your friends to join you, and forget to look at your phone’s screen for a while.

There is nothing more relaxing, peaceful, and romantic to watch the sunset at sea. You can do it from your balcony, or join the others on the ship’s neck to share this experience. For many travelers, this is often the only reason why they choose to spend their holiday cruising.

Book All the Shore Excursions

Although you may have everything you need already on board, you should always try to get off your ship and explore the surroundings. Many cruise lines offer the opportunity to spend some time ashore in different ports. You can either scout the area on your own, or book one of the ship-sponsored tours.

Even if those tours tend to be expensive, they include transportation, entrance to major attractions, guides, and a way to get back to the ship for lunch or dinner. 

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