Ultimate Havana Experience for Dancers, Musicians and Music Lovers

Havana, Cuba

Morningside Music Tours
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8 reviews
Apr 20 - 27, 2022
Group size: 5 - 15
Ultimate Havana Experience for Dancers, Musicians and Music Lovers
Havana, Cuba

Morningside Music Tours
  • Facebook verified
8 reviews

Apr 20 - 27, 2022
Group size: 5 - 15

About this trip

Take this once-in-a-lifetime, trip and explore  Cuba's rich heritage by meeting and working with some of the country's best musicians and dancers.  You have the option of studying either Cuban Salsa dancing styles or music. In addition to taking in incredible live music every evening,  you will be in for an intense musical experience by collaborating with Cuban musicians or dance instructors with daily private lessons, workshops, masterclasses, ensemble sessions and a final performance.  This trip is geared towards intermediate or advanced musicians.  No prior experience is needed to study dance. You can also join the trip as a non-musician as there will be other activities to do while the lessons are happening.  Our trip falls in the category of 'Support of the Cuban People' under OFAC/US Treasury guidelines.  We take thre support of our Cuban friends seriously by supporting musicians thru an independently owned music school, by bringing much-needed musical supplies to the local musicians, as well as many everyday items such as ibuprofen, toothpaste, and batteries.   We will also be supporting and interacting with the Cuban people in numerous other ways by visiting art galleries, markets, taking dance lessons, and getting historical tours from our local guides.  We will interact with incredible, dedicated Cuban musicians who love to share their knowledge. The whole week you will be learning about Cuba's fascinating history. 

Music styles to be explored: Latin jazz, cha cha, son, songo, timba

Dance styles: Cuban Salsa styles, mambo, cha cha, rueda de casino and other variations

Purchase of trip insurance will be required to join this tour. 

For the safety of all on this trip, we require all travelers to show proof of vaccination.

A word about COVID:

Covid cases are going down in Cuba due to the ongoing indoor mask mandate and high vaccination rates and have a lower infection rate and a higher Vax rate than the US.  Lessons, ensembles, and meals will all be in open-air venues.  The PCR tests needed to return to the US will be easy to attain the day prior to traveling back. 


The casa particulares (similar to AirBnbns) we stay in are privately owned and are excellent.  Everyone has their own private room and bathroom, AC, and breakfast is made for you each day. 


All lunches and dinners will be at privately owned, highly rated restaurants (paladares). Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions. 


You are responsible for your own air transportation but we will recommend flights so we can all arrive in Havana at similar times. 


Cuba is one of the safest places to travel.  Havana is a big city so the only thing to watch for is petty crimes, like people trying to sell you cigars. We ask that people just use common sense like keeping wallets in a front pocket, not putting your cell phone out on the table at a cafe, etc..

Medical Insurance:

Hold on to your boarding pass as that is what is needed to access the free health coverage during your stay. There is a separate hospital for tourists if needed.  You must purchase additional medical coverage in case you need to stay extra days in Havana or need to be airlifted out due to illness. 

What’s included

  • Music or Dance Lessons
    Daily lessons and ensembles with professional Cuban musicians or dance instructors
  • Lodging
    Lodging will be at casa particulares (like airbnbs, comparable to 4 star hotel)
  • Evening Entertainment
    Nightly excursions to jazz concerts or you have the option of going to dance clubs
  • Walking Tour
    Guided educational walking tour of Old Havana
  • Classic Car Tour
    Classic car city tour with educational stops at historic monuments
  • All meals
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner included each day
  • Ground Tansportation
    All ground transportation in air conditioned bus with bilingual guide
  • Other Activities
    options for spouses, friends and non-musicians include support of the Cuban people activities such as guided museum visits, history tours, dance classes, cooking classes, and private art galleries.
  • Art Gallery Tour
    We will visit Fusterlandia and other private art galleries and meet incredible local artists
  • Airfare
    Airfare not included
  • Visa
    puchased when you check in at airport - $50
  • Trip insurance
    purchase travel insurance here: https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/

Available Packages

Single Room
Available until March 25, 20229 left
Deposit: $500
Double Room


Day 1
Get settled in

After getting picked up from airport we will get checked into our lodgings and have a little time to relax before dinner. After dinner we will visit the famed jazz club La Zorra y El Cuevo. 

Your Organizer

Morningside Music Tours
8 reviews
Multi-instrumentalist Dan Fox started Morningside Music Studio in 2007 in Arlington, MA as a music school specializing in ensembles for adults. After bringing groups of students to summer workshops abroad in Genoa, Italy and Mallorca, Spain, it was clear that the combination of an immersive musical environment plus signature destinations made for a rich and fruitful creative experience! Morningside Music Tours provides the opportunity for musicians to learn new skills, perform in an exciting environment, and learn from the best.


All in all this was a great trip and an outstanding opportunity to learn Afro-Cuban songs and rhythms. I really enjoyed traveling with and playing music with the people on the trip, and our Cuban instructors and tour guides were incredible. In the evening we saw some wonderful music at jazz clubs, restaurants, and at the Havana Jazz Festival. It seemed like everywhere we went, in restaurants and on the street, there was music playing, and it was a blast being able to get up and play along with them, The afternoon activities were great also, including the trip to Vinales, the tour of Old Havana, and car ride in the antique cars. And I can't say enough good things about the food. On this trip we stayed with Cuban families. I enjoyed talking with our hosts and learning about their lives. I would also say that I really enjoyed the city of Havana.
By Eric S for Havana Jazz Festival for Musicians and Music Lovers on 29 Jan, 2020
Thanks for the review and I'm glad you were satisfied with the trip, Eric. It was great to have you along and get to know you better.
By Morningside Music Tours on 29 Jan, 2020
This was the emotional high point of any trip I’ve ever taken ~ built around music, with such warm, expressive, bright Cuban musicians leading our every move, and touring us around fabulous Cuba, dining on exquisite cuisine in lush, beautiful settings. I could never have imagined how fabulous Cuba could be, its beautiful, colorful architecture, magnificent flora everywhere, and so hope to return soon, especially with Dan, who has perfected this trip after five years of honing its details, and so well knowing how to handle the people aspects of a group traveling together. Our Casa particulares was lovely, my suite mates on the trip ideal and caring, and the women who cooked our breakfast and brought us every convenience ~ so thoughtful and responsive. Here’s to next year!
By Elsa S for Havana Jazz Festival for Musicians and Music Lovers on 27 Jan, 2020
Thank you Elsa, it was so great to meet you! You had such a positive attitude and you made sure you appreciated every moment. Thanks for the kind words and I hope you can make it next time as well.
By Morningside Music Tours on 27 Jan, 2020
This was the musical trip of a lifetime! Always wanted to travel to Cuba to soak in the music and the culture first-hand --and this was the way to do it. The planning, accommodations, meals, lessons and special events were handled extremely well. The highlight for me was getting the chance to hang out with Cuban people, whether making music together or simply riding in one of those cool taxi cabs. I'd make this trip again in a heartbeat!
By Rebecca C for Havana Jazz Festival for Musicians and Music Lovers on 27 Jan, 2020
It was great to meet you, Rebecca, and hear your wonderful flute playing! Thanks for the kind words and let's keep in touch for sure.
By Morningside Music Tours on 27 Jan, 2020
Highly recommend! We had an awesome time. Just the music lessons alone would have made the trip worth it -- getting to learn from and play with Cuban percussionists was out of this world! Throw in great company, beautiful weather, amazing food, live music everywhere and jazz shows every night ... could you ask for anything more? If you are thinking about going on this trip, you should stop thinking, and just go! I guarantee your future self will thank you.
By Alice L for Havana Jazz Festival for Musicians and Music Lovers on 26 Jan, 2020
Thanks for the kind words, Alice. It was great to meet’ Ziba and get to know you better. I look forward to hearing some of this new knowledge coming out in your drum set playing!
By Morningside Music Tours on 26 Jan, 2020
The Morningside trip to Cuba was a life-changing experience! Words to describe will simply not do it justice- the experience in itself was priceless! Met wonderful people all around- our fellow traveling companions and all our Cuban friends who were our guides, music instructors, and casa particulares hosts. We all felt right at home and well-fed. Wished we did a bit more walking to burn off the food! The trip was well-organized and exciting every day- immersed in crash courses of music lessons and Latin ensembles to captivating live music performances every evening! Should I mention the flan and mojitos were out of this world? Oh, and there were trips to experience the beautiful Cuban architecture and landscape from Havana to the Vinales Valley. Not often do you get to ride in colorful vintage cars daily! To sum it up- returned from Cuba with a burst of energy that will be surrounding me - the people, the music, and the scenery in vivid memory. The organizing team was brilliant and considerate to everyone's needs. Sign me up again, please!
By Padma N for Havana Jazz Festival for Musicians and Music Lovers on 25 Jan, 2020
Thanks and It was wonderful to have you along, Padma! I'm glad it lived up to your expectations and you will be the first to know about future trips!
By Morningside Music Tours on 25 Jan, 2020
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